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Started by JtheSaltyy, December 21, 2021, 07:02:58 AM
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Khan Source Accurate Edit
#1  December 21, 2021, 07:02:58 AM
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this is an edit of nimame's khan that makes him completely source accurate to HFTF. im a long time khan player so i felt like i knew what to do when editing this character to behave even closer to source than it did previously.


- Hitboxes completely overhauled to be source accurate. This was definitely the most time consuming process for me as
there is no hitbox ripping application for HFTF, so I had to go frame by frame for every hitbox change and use minute
references in the sprite compared to the hitbox placement and craft each hurtbox here. Luckily there is a fair amount
of reused hitboxes so I didn't have to do as much as you think.

- New AI patch made by me. It's tough AI, but it's Khan after all. He sucks so good characters can beat him.

- All of Khan's alternate palettes are now accurate to HFTF. There were some very noticeable color differences
that did not match Khan's actual HFTF colors but now they are fixed.

- Frame data changed to match the information on the SuperCombo Khan wiki. There wasn't any drastic discrepancies from
the source game however there was some notable differences like [4]6A/B being -14 on hit as opposed to 0 on hit.

- Added proper hitstop on all of the moves that have them. Nimame's JoJo characters have this feeling of not being 100%
HFTF, and a good reason for that is the lack of hitstop in certain attacks. There is 0 hitstop for whatever reason, and
I added them here for the moves that have hitstop so it gives off that HFTF feeling when you land an attack.

- Changed some damage values to accurate HFTF values. Nimame was actually surprisingly close to matching HFTF's damage
values, however there were some big ones that were not at all like HFTF like Khan's DP.

- Fixed 214AA to look like how it is in HFTF. Nimame had a weird looking Khan 214AA in his version, however I used my
experience with playing Khan and revised 214AA to look like how it should.

- Added channels for hit sounds. A small detail but HFTF has a single channel for hitsounds, so if you did two 2As the
hitsound would not overlap, so I added it here.

- New small portrait. It's just taken from the portraits folder and cropped with some of the blank area shaded in.

that is about it. this isn't really me returning to mugen as it is just making a short little project that took me no more than a week to undergo. im still out of making completely new characters for good. hope you enjoy the character.