Incarnation Kirito (War of Underworld) - An edit of Sennou-Room's Kirito (Read 2326 times)

Started by xmark12, September 24, 2020, 08:59:23 AM
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Incarnation Kirito (War of Underworld) - An edit of Sennou-Room's Kirito
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I've been working on an edit of Sennou-Room's Kirito for a bit and decided to release it!

I introduce you all to Incarnation Kirito: an edit based on the latest episodes of Sword Art Online: War of Underworld. Using Incarnation, the power of mind and will, and the power of everyone's hopes and dreams, Kirito has been elevated to greater heights.

<----Changes, Additions, and Subtractions---->
*Kirito now has golden eyes and a golden aura around him.
*His normal attacks hit faster.
*He has a different animation for charging, akin to when he uses the Night Sky Sword's Release Recollection.
*His Custom Combo now lasts for 10 seconds rather than 3 (but now costs 3 bars to activate).
*His Starburst Stream now features a familiar figure in the background and is now 17 hits rather than 16.
*He now has the Blue Rose Sword's Enhance Armament and the Night Sky Sword's Enhance Armament.
*Replaced the Eclipse with a variant of Vorpal Strike that is unguardable and deals more damage.
*Removed all other palettes from being accessible, but it's still possible to bring them back.

Next update may add his wings, but that may take a while for me to figure out (unless anyone can help). For now, if there are any problems just let me know.

Credit where credit is due, especially to Sennou-Room for creating the character. More credits are in the file itself in the new Readme.

Download Link: