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Contributor * (none) 1269
CotM Winner
Winner of the Character of the Month contest. Wear it proudly!
* (none) 1
CotY Winner
You have beat the chances and against all odds got the star! Nice going!
* (none) 0
administrative tool, it prevents profiles from being edited.
(none) 6
InfinityCat (none) 0
MFG Network Member * (none) 27
News * (none) 0
No delete
cannot delete or move threads
* (none) 1
No edit no delete * (none) 6
NoReport (none) 1
Report Solver * (none) 0
Restricted Edit (none) 0
ShugenDo (none) 0
SotQ Winner
Winner of the Stage of the Quarter contest. Wear it proudly!
* (none) 0