Hawt Dawg!! Lockjaw Pooch has been released!! (Read 584 times)

Started by Bad Mr. Basara, November 08, 2022, 11:56:21 PM
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Hawt Dawg!! Lockjaw Pooch has been released!!
#1  November 08, 2022, 11:56:21 PM
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Dr. Kiln's normal bull terrier dog that mutated with the clay meteor into a monstrosity with a big jaw and vicious attitude, as well the only Kiln creation that remains loyal to him (and maybe T-Hoppy who was brainwashed in Sculptor's Cut), a dangerous dog that is bad to the bone!!
Originally an edit of Xandegraf's Lockjaw, I prefer just to take the sprites from him and make my own version using my other ClayFighter chars as base. He has all his moves and even Claytalites from Sculptor's Cut with a big difference: I made the Combo System from 63 1/3, Insane Combos included, so now the dog is deadlier than in his game origin :gouki:

Spoiler: Screenshots (click to see content)
This is the last character I make for CF series in 2022 and the last addition to my Infinite Clayfare beta, my next move is to update Bad Mr. Frosty, Sumo Santa and High Five (the Arrange ver.)... and also a surprise char that will be included exclusively in the beta as well, so stay tuned in novemeber for more clay surprises ;)

Smells like an easy win!!
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