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Started by jrm1007, December 12, 2022, 12:08:14 AM
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DOS Default Lifebar - DXMode None Edit
#1  December 12, 2022, 12:08:14 AM
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Here's some context for this.
in WinMUGEN, there is a DXmode setting in WinMUGEN's mugen.cfg
by setting DXmode to None, all Reds, and Blues become reversed.

Meaning all Hitsparks, Super, and blood effects got their colors reversed, causing Light Blue hitsparks, and Blue Blood.
K.O, and FIGHT sprites became Blue+Light Blue.
Combo Fonts have reversed colors as well.

I thought this was really cool, and tried recreating it 1 to 1 outside of DXMode None.
Down to the fightfx and everything.

Here's DXMode None, in action. (Example Pictures)

Here's the recreation in Standard DX Mode.

Double KO

It works with all MUGENs, using the same localcoord of the 1.0, 1.1b version of the original lifebar, 320x240
Simply place the new files, in the same location as the original Fight files, and you're all good to go!
(Just be sure to change it to data/fightnone.def)

One funny thing to mention, if you use the Recreation within the actual DX None mode, it becomes the Normal Lifebar.
due to the Blues and Reds being reversed, a second time!

Just a guy who has a big passion for Racing Games, who happened to stumble upon MUGEN one year...
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