New Pikachu's update IKEMEN 2.0 release (03/20/2024) (Read 2282 times)

Started by DNZRX768, March 20, 2024, 01:57:54 pm
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New Pikachu's update IKEMEN 2.0 release (03/20/2024)
#1  March 20, 2024, 01:57:54 pm
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Good Evening. Today, I have a release to make: New Pikachu's IKEMEN 2.0 update will be released now.

----Changed from IKEMEN 1.1 to IKEMEN 2.0 (03/20/2024):

-Major graphics and coding overhaul for A Horde of Pikachu! (Renamed from Pikachus' Air Mail)
--Reworked coding to expand the number of sprites and animations that can be used with the move.
--Added new and better looking graphics to the move.
--Replaced a number of older graphics with new graphics.
--Utilized new functions exclusive to MUGEN 1.1 to non-destructively reside the graphics to desired sizes and proportions
---This have the side effect of rendering this version of New Pikachu, and all following versions, incompatible with MUGEN 1.0


File version: IKEMEN 2.0!ArqzVsYqx-eHphqkAJmnCBXPLjEN?e=kYQ0MY
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Re: New Pikachu's update IKEMEN 2.0 release (03/20/2024)
#2  April 03, 2024, 07:06:05 pm
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It's Pikachu v2.0 or Pikachu for IKEMEN 2.0?