Hallow's End -- Halloween Inspired Miniature Fullgame (Read 2186 times)

Started by 087-B, May 02, 2020, 01:33:19 AM
Hallow's End -- Halloween Inspired Miniature Fullgame
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Howdy ya'll, bit of an unorthodox post but, well, I had an idea I wanted to share a bit because I'm trying to brainstorm.

So I have a mini project in mind for this coming October. In honor of the Halloweeny time of year, I want to do a small full-game project that's all spoop-month based. It won't be anything too special, really, but I figured it would be a neat little thing.

So what is it?
The game has a tentative title, Hallow's End. It's a 1v1 six-button fighter with a roster of 10-16 characters (not all of which have been decided on), all relating to the Halloween season in some way. The roster will be comprised of existing characters from Capcom, SNK, or other companies, all with reworked movesets to make them more unique and relate to the Halloween season.

How does it play?
I'm going to go with a Marvel vs. Capcom style gameplay because it's my preferred gameplay style and the one I know best. I know it's a very common one that plenty of people use, but I don't care. I wouldn't have any fun making this if it was any other style. XP

Is there a story?
Not at the moment, I've only had this idea for a couple days now and the closest idea I have for a story is "[big bad final boss] is ruining Halloween so [whoever you choose to play as] must defeat them". All the story beats will come in the form of custom intros between each of the fighters. Not to mention every character will have an intro and an ending.

What should you all expect from this project?
Well, a few things. First, there will not be any new sprites. I'm not an artist, so if you're expecting me to, say, create Chun-Li in a witch's outfit, or Ryu in knight's armor, you're wrong. XD
I can't sprite at all, and I don't have the funds to commission anyone to draw them for me. I'm going to work with what I have on hand, and try and let the unqiue movesets makeup for the reused character sprites. I'll at least try and have different palettes so that the characters feel more at home in the atmosphere of the game.

The full character roster is still undecided, but so far, I can say I've picked out 8 characters so far I know will be on the roster, and I have an idea for the midboss and final boss.

I am open to suggestions though, I'm all ears for characters who I could possibly add to the game. However, I will make note of this:
- The roster is not primarily Darkstalkers characters, because that would be too easy and too lazy. In fact, so far I only have one Darkstalkers character definitely in the game (and it's not Morrigan).
- Characters like Ryu and Chun-Li will not be showing up. The roster will be made up of supporting fighting game characters instead of the big wigs. This also means Evil Ryu and Shadow Lady have very low chances of showing up in the game.
- Despite all characters having more unique movesets, they will still retain some aspects of their original selves, such as normals, or some special moves, but they may have differing properties. Most of it is still undecided, but we'll see what I come up with. :P

I want to keep most of my characters a secret for now, but I can confirm that Sakura Kasugano and Yuri Sakazaki will make up the "protagonist" duo of the game (meaning their endings can be considered the "canon" ones), and the Darkstalkers participant is actually Lilith. :P

I have no screenshots or anything to show yet, as, well, this is all just an idea. I'm ironing things out and I'm open to any suggestion, such as characters or story beats or maybe even features I could try to include -- but nothing is a guarantee. This project is meant to be very small, because I'm not ready for a huge fullgame yet. Consider this practice.

I'm excited to hear any thoughts, feedback, critiques, and/or questions regarding the whole thing. ^_^
I'm sorry if I didn't explain it all very well, it's still a very early-in-dev concept and I want to share what I have so far, to see if it garners interest.