How Star Fox characters could be handled in mugen (Read 1796 times)

Started by karl_eichholtz_13, December 01, 2020, 04:09:07 PM
How Star Fox characters could be handled in mugen
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Hopefully with Capcom-like sprites, attacks involving her staff and Star Fox Assault weaponry, SFIII hit sounds, Star Fox Assault voices and Star Fox Adventures grunts

Capcom-like sprites, cat-like scratch attacks, Star Fox Zero voices, SFIII hit sounds

Capcom-like sprites, high-speed attacks, blasters, call in Wolfen support, SFIII hit sounds

General Scales:
Capcom-like sprites, Star Fox Adventures voices and unused voices possibly, attacks involving claw and sword, SharpClaw trooper support, JJBA slash sounds, and a raging demon-like super