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Started by robo119, May 06, 2021, 10:56:02 AM
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Ultimeto Greeshno(original) updated 02/04/2022
#1  May 06, 2021, 10:56:02 AM
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Name : Ultimeto Greeshno

Age : None (looks about 11 years old)
Gender : Male
Height : 147cm
Inseam 77.7cm
eye color : blue

Favorite thing to do Flying
Favorite drink Calpis, black tea with milk (no sugar), cocoa
Favorite sweets Cream puffs, chocolate chip cookies
I can sing well.

Son of Liiria, i.e. grandson of Pill
He has a straightforward personality despite his complicated family environment.

His name is a play on the word "ultimate," but it's not particularly strong.

The first person is "Ore", and I call Pill by his first name, his mother by her first name, and so on.
He's not bad-looking at all.


When Liiria was seven years old, she begged Pill's brother to have a baby.
He tossed a strand of Liiria's hair into his mouth and chewed it well.
The hair that kept getting chewed turned to mist in my mouth.
Pill's brother spat out the mist. Two boys emerged from it.
Liiria named her two children Ultimeto and Volk.

The ultimeto had inherited his father's divine powers.

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Re: Ultimeto Greeshno(original)
#2  May 10, 2021, 07:20:00 AM
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I have a random question that's kinda awkward, how is he much younger looking than Custy despite looking much more mature than him in build? And what is up with his Midnight Bliss? Haven't gotten around to playing with him so I apologize about no constructive feedback.
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#3  February 01, 2022, 05:22:12 PM
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Re: Ultimeto Greeshno(original) updated 02/04/2022
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02/04/2022 updated
Adjusted the time advantage when a normal move hits.
Re: Ultimeto Greeshno(original) updated 02/04/2022
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