N00BSaibot718 - Custom Noob Saibot WIP POLL UPDATE (Read 73610 times)

Started by Odb718, July 21, 2016, 12:51:24 PM
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Should N00B get a move like Akuma's Misogi?

Yes, make the double foot stomp one
Yes, make the sickle slice one
I'd have to see it first.
Re: N00BSaibot718 - Custom Noob Saibot WIP POLL UPDATE
#81  August 28, 2020, 05:23:21 PM
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There are a ton of reasons why these sprites were originally used. One of the main reasons is the total lack of sprites from the games you mentioned. The second main reason is creating new sprites. Sean Altly did a fantastic job, imho. But I like push blocks and 6 buttons for all my characters. Frankenspriting stuff out of OG MK sprites is waaaaaaay harder. I got like 6 more reasons but w/e.
And right now, Nub doesn't look his best because I need to see who's who. Crappy palettes make that a possibility. Maybe that's what you hate? I like the Ermac, Scorpion, and Sub Zero I edited.

As I'm working on the 2 Ultras, one thing is becoming apparent. The cross fire fireball kinda sucks. On top of that, how it's acting now, it'll be even worse if the fireballs cancel eachother out. With P2 dead center, both are hitting at the same time. Offset, the hit at different timings. I've made it so they'll actually push P2 around a bit. It helps a little. Just having a fireball hit P2 doesn't seem to be enough.

Should I try to add an effect to P2 around his body for each ghostball that hits? He has the effect from the regular ghost ball special. But I think something to bind P2 to the ground??

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Re: N00BSaibot718 - Custom Noob Saibot WIP POLL UPDATE
#82  August 28, 2020, 11:00:20 PM
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glad to see this still coming along 
Re: N00BSaibot718 - Custom Noob Saibot WIP POLL UPDATE
#83  September 06, 2020, 04:20:47 AM
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What your doing is great  Odb718, but those sprites are disgusting at best. With Palettes he will still look like a dumbass.  Even if you add the best FX he will still look a greater jackass.

I have the Ps3 version of MK9 but that probably wont help ripping sprites, i looked so far nothing. You would think there would be rips for that game by now. Theres a guy called BLEED that made some 3D HD sprites for Scorpion and SubZero,  so  you know those are professional quality. You can thank Bleed if you color change those into Noob Saibot
Re: N00BSaibot718 - Custom Noob Saibot WIP POLL UPDATE
#84  September 06, 2020, 05:31:06 AM
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The sprites are fine as they are BXR, quit being so pedantic. Besides, changing the sprites would require redoing the effects for the clones, which already required extra effort. The current sprites fit the gameplay style better too.