10 tournaments using 1 bat. / Infinite tournaments? (Read 4934 times)

Started by Charles_2011, August 26, 2020, 05:02:42 AM
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10 tournaments using 1 bat. / Infinite tournaments?
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This is a way to have 10 ways to play a tournament using a "bat." archive. It´ll happen randomly.

1: Create a "Bat." archive. How? Here:

Put the Bat. archive inside your Mugen folder.

Edit the bat. archive like this:

Inside the bat you can copy this codes:

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Let me explain how it works:

Now, some tricks, for example a Game based in KOF:

And now, you can edit the System.def 1/2/3...with different music, Lifebar, Intro and everything:

Now, you can edit System2.def based in KOF96. Remember, you can edit everytihng, Logo, Intro, Screenpack, Screens, Music, Game over, chars, etc.

The same idea happens with the Fight.def. You can edit Fight1.def With Kof95 Announcer and Fight2.def with Kof96 announcer.

Are you tired to fight against the AI in watch mode using Ctrl+1? Ok, create a bat. and enter this code:

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Now you can fight against the AI without pressing Ctrl+1.

Let me show you more and other examples of what you can do: For example, create a bat. to have a tournament with 3 Fights, here:

Just in case, I have this code in the Tag.bat:

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And finally, you can edit the 3vs3.exe and 4vs4.ex to show something different, here:

Inside the System.def you can edit this:

Normal mode:

Now, play using these bats.

Please, forgive me for my poor english, I tried to explain this in the best way I could. Probably there are more tricks and codes to add.

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Don´t forget to give credit to "Lordrider" if you want to use this way to play your Mugen.

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