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Title: General gameplay discussion
Post by: mr_bourrepalestick on May 08, 2017, 09:44:00 AM
For detailed info, please check the spoilers


A - Light Slash
B - Heavy SLash
C - Kick
X - Throw
Y - Parry
Z - Roll / Recovery
(Start - Taunt)

Common command normals
back + A  : Jab
fwd + B : Long heavy slash
df + C : Sweep
A + B : Overhead launcher

In addition, each character has 1 or 2 unique command normals in his moveset.


Fwd x 2 : Run
Spoiler: Run details (click to see content)

Back x 2 : Backdash
Spoiler: Backdash details (click to see content)

Up : Jump
Spoiler: Jump details (click to see content)


Y : Standing Parry  --> vulnerable to low attacks
cr. Y : Crouching Parry --> vulnerable to aerial & special attacks

Spoiler: Parry details (click to see content)


While in control of your character, and while he is on his feet (or gets up) :
Z : Roll forward
back + Z : Roll back

Spoiler: Roll details (click to see content)


When you've been sent into the air by your opponent, you can escape his juggles/OTG with "recovery" command. But it doesn't come for free ...

Z (near the ground) :  Fall tech
Spoiler: Fall Tech details (click to see content)

Z (falling, in mid-air) : Air recovery
Spoiler: Air Recovery details (click to see content)


Spoiler: Ground combos (click to see content)

Spoiler: Juggles & OTGs (click to see content)

Spoiler: Damage scaling (click to see content)


Every character has a 1000 point lifebar
Every character has a 3000 point "Special" gauge, divided into 3 meters of 1000 pts each

Spoiler: "Specials" meter use (click to see content)

Spoiler: Meter gain (click to see content)

Title: Re: General gameplay discussion
Post by: mr_bourrepalestick on May 08, 2017, 10:18:34 AM
Even most of the mechanics above seem to work pretty fine and make the game enjoyable as it is, I often got myself wondering about tweaking some of them. Here are the most recurrent question i ask myself :

Feel free to quote me on those and add your own suggestions. Every feedback is appreciated ! :)
Title: Re: General gameplay discussion
Post by: mr_bourrepalestick on August 15, 2017, 01:15:39 PM
Well, after few experimentations, I've implemented many of the tweaks I've mentionned before
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty
Backdashes are more nervous, rolls have better cross ability, Ground techs are invincible only at startup, and juggle points have been reevaluated (18 points). I find those tweaks very satisfying since they've brought some more possibilities, without breaking out all the rest.