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Title: Looking to pay $$$ for coding help
Post by: Neocide on July 20, 2020, 10:04:36 PM
As the title suggest, I'm looking for some help on coding, and I'm willing to actually pay (I just want to finish at this point) The coding won't be a full character, it's just basically specials and supers,and All stars (basically a stat booster or level 3 super) I can do win's and intro's myself. I just need help with the bigger stuff. If you're interested Let me know the character from the list below, we can work on the price and time, I'm very understandable on time there's no immediate rush,as long as I'm updated on the situation. As far as money we can discuss that, I'm willing to go up to $100+ usd (per character) depending on how much work is needed.

Character List -
Super Buu(+)

- Goku and vegeta are currently having revamps to their current sprites, but it doesn't change anything for them as far as coding. If you have any questions like what type of character so and so is, feel free to ask. Most of the work on people shouldn't be too difficult,(recoome is grapple heavy so they'll be a lot of custom states)

- There will be no need to add sounds or extra effects(like dust etc,) again all of the aesthetics and everything I can handle, this for the most part is bare code.  If you want to finish it off with the right aesthetics etc be my guest, there is a lot of effects in each character, but I will not pay extra for this, it's up to you to do it if you want.

- if you are interested, you can pm me the character(s) your interested in, We can go over the movesets (I have most of them done, I'll have to write
a bit more in them with more details on everything) Price and timetable.

- Characters with (*) next to them are more important and I'll pay a lil more for those to get done. 

- Characters with (+) don't need as much done to them as the others. (possibly supers and all star with one or two specials)

- I will be paying through Pay pal.

- as far as resume of what you've done, if you're someone I'm not familiar with you can just show me some of your work through a video or a link to your character. Again I don't think a lot of this is hard, I'm just one person and I'm losing motivation, and I really want to finish and move on.

also another side note, I'm always willing to listen to ideas on moves etc, so if you have some in mind for someone you choose and it works, feel free to add and I'll glady pay for it as well.