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Title: Character: Black Mage
Post by: KingPepe2010 on October 11, 2021, 08:02:37 PM
Black Mage
Representative of: Square
First Game: Final Fantasy (December 18, 1987)
Progress: 80%
Playstyle: Poke-based rushdown character.

What's left?:
-Banishment Zap! and helpers need to be implemented.

-Solid pokes in his basics and even specials, one of which is super cancellable.
-Most of his special attacks have some form of invincibility to bypass projectiles as well as destroying them on contact.
-Solid anti-air options, including a (near) invincible DP.
-Gets a command grab as well as a super that can leave the opponent open for follow-up attacks.

-Reversals are finicky; lacks a move with full invincibility.
-Black Mage's general mobility is average at best while his ranged options are limited to supers and helpers.
-Basic attacks are weaker than average and lack general properties other characters have, requiring him to rely on his spells to pick up the slack.
-Low stamina, which can make incorrect guesses hurt much more.




EX Specials

Super Attacks

Fighter & White Mage (3 hits for Fighter, 2 for White Mage) :
Two characters in one helper! As long both are still alive, they will switch back and forth between each time you summon them.

Jack (3 hits):
For both summons, Jack emerges from the bottom of the screen and lands in front of Black Mage.

Toby & Basura (4 hits):

1 - Default
2 - White Mage
3 - Red Mage
4 - Black Magic Shopkeeper
5 - White Magic Shopkeeper
6 - Matoya

A Wizard...? - During Black Mage's supers, he'll obtain the robe from FF1's Black Wizard as well as the crescent from FF3's Magus. The Black Mage class could never cast those spells on its own which raises some questions...

Black & Blue Encounter (

Discussion thread for Black Mage. You can post whatever comes to mind about him here.

Dev Log #6: Progress on Black Mage:

(Only covers basic attacks and specials that were implemented at the time)
Title: Re: Character: Black Mage
Post by: Noside on October 11, 2021, 09:55:08 PM
Yesss!! my boy Black Mage looks fantastic! :yuno:
Title: Re: Character: Black Mage
Post by: KingPepe2010 on October 21, 2021, 07:24:40 PM
A sneak peak at Black Mage's supers can be seen here!