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Started by zvitor, September 20, 2010, 12:54:34 PM
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- ZVitor and Sei

- Agile

- Bad

- Roll         
- Wall Jump         
- Passive Healing Factor   
- Berserker Claw         
   D,DF,F + P      
- Deadly Run         
   D,DB,B + P      
- Wild Fang         
   D,DF,F + K      
- Talon Fury – Press P for one more hit         
   F,D,DF + P
- Berserker Claw X         
   D,DF,F + PP      
- Feral Rampage         
   D,DB,B + PP      
- Feral Rage – Incress attacks damage         
   D,DF,F + KK      
- Healing Factor – Life regeneration         
   D,DB,B + KK      


Stage: Rio Retreat by A New Challenger

Last video:

Download latest version Dec/2010:
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Sabretooth looks like he could use a diagonal slash uppercut, that when hitting would lead into a maiden masher kind of thing. He could even chomp down on the opponent while his back was turned to the screen.

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#3  September 20, 2010, 05:35:31 PM
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Copy and paste from other forum:

Sabretooth? Cool, Its one of my favorities.

Zé, can I give my opinion? I think that are some erros on some sprites:

- Stand: He has a brighter color on his chest that he doesn't has in any other sprite. Plus, the shading is wrong: look the light source on his legs and compare with the light source on his chest. It doesn't match.

- The slashing hyper at 1:01: The old torso spin problem. He makes many moves while his torso and legs doesn't move, something impossible.

- The yamazaki rip-off move (heheh): Its a great idea. But his right arm is on a weird position (needs to be a bit more foward) and have a TargetBound issue (Sabre is grabing the air, check at 2:50)

- TargetBound issue at 3:40, 3:41, 3:42. Wolvie is bound on a very freak way:

Overall, it will be a nice char. Just need some fixes here and there.

off topic: the bg is weird. Everything is clashing with everything.

Re: Sabretooth
#4  December 08, 2010, 12:54:20 PM
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First post updated with XM:SC infos.