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Started by Sean Altly, July 04, 2008, 03:48:33 AM
Purpose of this Forum
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What's up guys. I was encouraged to create a topic addressing the exact purpose of having our own section on the forum. Now, I am usually one of the nicer and more accommodating creators in the Mugen Community, meaning I take most suggestions to heart and will often change things to please people. Take a look at all the updates my Solid Snake has had for proof of that.

However, these characters and the vision that we have for our project are very near and dear to me. I created so many of these characters more than 6 years ago, and they have been designed, redesigned, fleshed out and re-fleshed out over and over again. So keep that in mind if I seem a little more stoic than usual when it comes to them.

We have several purposes for having our own section for the project.

#1. To get the message out there. Who cares about a full game like this if no one hears about it first? Sure, we could have just had a single WIP topic in the projects section, but this is more than just a collection of existing characters. The only thing not being made from scratch here are the stages, and trust me, if I could do it I'd make those too. Luckily we have DarkValentine and a few great creators who are willing to let us use their stages.

#2. Suggestions and feedback. We love to hear them as long as they're constructive, sensitive, and well-meaning. Don't just tell me that something looks terrible. Tell me why. Tell me what would look better, and above all, realize that we may not accept your suggestions. In fact, I expect we'll get so many that it's safe to say we will have to reject most suggestions. If we do like an idea, you'll receive credit.

#3. Organization. It's just convenient to have all this stuff in one place.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for the finished product. I've been wanting to do something significant with these characters for a while, and with the help of Zeckle, Syn, and Kamekazi, we should be able to create something special.

Please check out the character threads for backstories and gameplay descriptions. I may upload the most recent, non full-game versions of the characters to their threads, but I hope you won't just grab them and never check out the full game.


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