Armageddon Tournament[CLIMAX] W.I.P. Help Needed. (Read 12549 times)

Started by Crimson Rot, August 01, 2016, 03:32:28 AM
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Armageddon Tournament[CLIMAX] W.I.P. Help Needed.
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                   The story takes place in a realm that doesn't exist to the human eye. It starts with a goddess who lives in this realm. She could create anything from thin air in the realm.She was living peacefully until one day she got struck down by a unknown power.This power caused her to split her personality's to split into two separate beings. Not only did it affect her,it's also caused a dimensional rift in space and time,causing different versions of worlds to all mash together in this single realm.The goddess got separated into a "light"Personality(One who cares about all things around her and uses her Powers for good. And a "Dark" Personality(One who knows that she has unlimited power and could destroy anyone if she wanted to) Along with the rift,summoned heroes from those dimensions. When they are summoned they are greeted by The light personality(Spera) And Mildred Avallone. Not only are they trying to find the source of the power and stop it,they are also trying to capture the dark personality  (Destrud) and make The two whole again.

Can someone teach me how to properly use this program?

Currently drawing lifebars.
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