Mugen crashes  (Read 2023 times)

Started by shotx, August 17, 2021, 12:42:30 AM
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Mugen crashes
#1  August 17, 2021, 12:42:30 AM
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After I start mugen doesn't matter which arcade or watch mode choosing means it crashes , below is log file funny thing is it was working fine on previous win 7 now I have win 10 and crashes pls help.

M.U.G.E.N ver 1.1.0 Beta 1 P1 (2013.08.11) status log
Parsing command line...
Command line: E:\mugen\TBM_1_1\TBM 1.1\TBM.exe
Parse command line OK
Allocating game variables
Reading configuration file...Setting language "en".
Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 10000000...OK
Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK
Initializing input engine...OK
Initializing sound...OK
Initializing BGM...  OK
Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1280x720...render mode 2_20...trying 1280x720x32 mode 0x0...success...OK
Setting callbacks...OK
Initializing font...OK
Initializing game variables...OK
Session RNG seed is 1629153367
Loading system fonts...OK
Loading options...
Initializing pads...failed
Reinitializing input engine...OK
Remapping keys...OK
Reinitializing input engine...OK
Options loaded OK
Loading system...
  Load system file system.def...OK
  Load system spr...OK
  Load system snd...OK
  Load system fonts...OK
  Load system anim...OK
  Load [Title Info]...OK
  Load [Option Info]...OK
  Load [Select Info]...OK
  Load [VS Screen]...OK
  Load [Victory Screen]...OK
  Load [Demo Mode]...OK
  Load [Continue Screen]...OK
  Load [Game Over Screen]...OK
  Load [Win Screen]...OK
  Load [Survival Results Screen]...OK
  Load [Default Ending]...OK
  Load [End Credits]...OK
  Load TitleBG...VersusBG...VictoryBG...SelectBG...OptionBG...OK
  Loading fight data
    Opening fight data file data/fight.def...OK
    Reading [Files]...OK
    Loading fonts...OK
    Load fight anim...OK
    Reading [Lifebar]...[Turns Lifebar]...[Simul Lifebar]...[Powerbar]...
    [Face]...[Simul Face]...[Turns Face]...
    [Name]...[Simul Name]...[Turns Name]...
    Allocating explods...OK
  Fight data loaded OK
Lua initing
Lua init complete
System loaded OK
Initialize OK
Set up graphics...timer...OK

Entering gameflow loop
Gameflow 0
Gameflow 1
Playing storyboard Misc/logo.def: scene
Unloading match assets
Freeing players
Game loop init
Game loop deinit
Finished playing storyboard Misc/logo.def: scene
Gameflow 2
Initializing character info...OK
Initializing select screen...finding characters...OK
Gameflow 3
Playing storyboard Misc/intro.def: scene
Unloading match assets
Freeing players
Game loop init
Game loop deinit
Finished playing storyboard Misc/intro.def: scene
Gameflow 4
Entering mode select.
Unloading match assets
Freeing players
Game loop init
Mode select init
End of mode select loop
Game loop deinit
Gameflow 6
Reset persist vars team 0
Reset persist vars team 1
Gameflow 7
Entering character select.
Unloading match assets
Freeing players
Game loop init
Unreserved all palettes
Charsel init
Re: Mugen crashes
#2  August 21, 2021, 05:18:51 PM
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Ok I found the issue but can't solve it, Issue was rendering option If choose openGl mugen crashes any other option is fine , How can I solve this?
Re: Mugen crashes
#3  September 07, 2021, 02:16:15 AM
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Re: Mugen crashes
#4  September 08, 2021, 01:36:00 PM
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Sometimes opengl is not possible choice if the pc does not have the hardware to support.
DirectX is option you must use if the pc does not have the video card that support opengl.
You can check it by right click my pc and post screenshot of pc hardware settings.
Re: Mugen crashes
#5  November 27, 2021, 05:30:23 AM
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Problem is your screenpack,to be precise you are running out of memory,is a normal problem with certain screenpacks.
Some people pointed out that problem is opengl so you have to change it but in reality any PC from the last 10 years can run mugen in opengl mode (you need opengl 1.3 which is technology from 2004 so no need to think your PC can't run it)
Just checking your log you ran out of ram before being able to play since poorly optimized screenpack that uses too many resources add to that the chars and stages and you will run out of memory sooner then later.
Try to test another screenpack and my advice that i always give,avoid using too many chars specially on modern mugen ,in case of 1.0 keep the chars to less then 100 and in case of 1.1 keep the chars to less then 50 in that way you won't run out of memory and your game won't crash.
For example winmugen despite the claim "no limits" it was mostly a way to say "what you want to do is possible and your imagination is the limit" but users started to make those screenpacks of thousand of  slots and fomented the myth but mugen has limits and are mostly on the ram.
>20 HR chars use around 300 to 500 MB of ram
>10 HD chars use up to 1 GB of ram
>40 lowres chars use around 500 MB of ram
add to that the stages and screenpacks to the math and you can notice the limit next time you make something,as an advice TBM screnpack uses around 900 MB of ram just the screenpack wihout chars.
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