5.1 SSJ Goku beta V1 released! (Read 2362 times)

Started by theroyalrabite, April 02, 2022, 02:23:24 AM
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5.1 SSJ Goku beta V1 released!
#1  April 02, 2022, 02:23:24 AM
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Hey everyone, keeping in with our latest line of beta tests, we've been working on something very special, on a character everyone is very familiar with; we did a rework of the character people seem to like the most! We had a bunch of complaints before about his kit so we took them very seriously in making this.
This version is closer to the anime, we focused a lot on the part of the anime that people like the most, Z, and we hope you find a lot of enjoyment with this new kit.
Considering the heavy re-work this is specially major to test and we hope to see a lot of feed back either on this thread, or on the soku channel in the HDBZ public discord.
And happy birthday, Balthazar.

(download below)

Main Coder: Brose

        -Teleport stocks cant be refilled if p2 is in block stun
        -Raw Teleports give less meter towards Emo level
    -Increased cost of teleports and Emo Smash attacks

    -Teleport Rework started:
        -Teleport meter under the life bar
        -Teleports are now kept in stocks that are depleted when used and refill after a while
        -Stocks cant be refilled while attacking
        -Smash attacks in Emo do not affect the stocks
    -SFX updates to intros
    -Fixes to change states from grounded attacks
    -Testing HP changes
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