An edit of N64Mario84's Cursor. (Read 2401 times)

Started by SecondDeath777, June 08, 2016, 02:07:15 AM
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An edit of N64Mario84's Cursor.
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So, while playing Cursor, I realized that two moves would probably fit more if they straight up killed you. So now they do. But, they are hypers that cost 3000. But if you've ever played as Cursor, you'd notice how slowly he builds meter. So, you'll probably never get to use them, right? Wrong. You can use them for free if your foe is under 300 life. So, you can end the match very quickly on the off chance you fight a foe with so much health that you can get to that point, and by then, it's fair. So, what else is new about him? An Anti-Cheapie mode. It makes him virtually untouchable, virtually unkillable even if you can hit him, makes him hit 30 times as hard, and gives you straight access to his OHKOs. The mode is also active in palletes 6 & 12. Other than that, it works against:
Supreme Gogeta
Supreme Vegito
Marshall(violently broken Nanarman edit)
Omega Tiger Woods
Omega God Ryu
Omega God Ken
Light Yagami
Nanarman(dat A.I. tho)
Chuck Norris(not that it helps much, but hey)
Marvin the Martian
and Astranalent's 5th & 6th palletes.

I may add more if suggested, but for now, that's the list. Enjoy.
Previous version had a bug where there was no power loss on Hyper #1. May want to re-download.
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