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Title: Favorite gameplay styles in Mugen?
Post by: Cyborg Sun on June 29, 2018, 10:53:53 PM
Noticed a very recent thread about least favorite styles and I was like "Hey, I can do that too but more positive!"

You read the title, didn't you? Which types of characters do you love to play with in Mugen? Note that by "style," I'm mainly talking about a character's gameplay, not their visual style or even the franchise they came from. So I'm kind of hoping I don't see an answer like "I love Mario characters!" because "Mario" isn't a style of gameplay... not that I know of, anyways. Only exception to this case is if you name a specific fighting game, like CvS.

I suppose I'll start with a couple of my favorites:

P.O.T.S Style: ...Which is what I WOULD be saying if I wasn't a super cool dude who hates absolutely everything popular! Pots sucks!... Okay okay, but seriously though, these are probably some of the most stable characters I've ever used in the engine. I would definitely recommend the original P.O.T.S. characters be the first ones you download when trying out the engine for the first time.

Hyper DBZ/Z2 Style: I just love how flashy and fast paced they are.  It's always an exciting time when a new character is released. (Note that I've only played with the official Z2 stuff, I have no idea how good any of the Z2 inspired creations are)
Title: Re: Favorite gameplay styles in Mugen?
Post by: UFOGaming55 on June 29, 2018, 11:20:50 PM
Hyper DBZ/Z2 Style: Easily one of the most polished Mugen gameplay to date. It easy to pick up but hard to master and I absolutely love it for its pixel art, attention to detail, the crazy combo set ups, and Fan Service( you know the good SFW kind).

Z2i Style: Also known as Z2 Imitations these are not as polished as the original Z2 style but it still was created with lots of love for this style.

Amarimono/ASB Style: Gameplay base on a  popular manga game. Check. Characters well done by wonderful sprite artist. Check. Has so many Jojo References that I can't count them all. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! My only grip against this is that there not enough characters in this style.