Pdawgg’s Fighter Pass #1 Announcement (Read 1201 times)

Started by pdawgg, March 17, 2024, 12:34:23 am
Pdawgg’s Fighter Pass #1 Announcement
#1  March 17, 2024, 12:34:23 am
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Six long requested fighters join the brawl later this year, with my first ever expansion pack for MUGEN, complete with new stages and BGM.

BUTTON-CHAN [Windows XP Media Center Edition]

Microsoft’s mascot for the launch for the Media Center Edition of Windows XP, this fighter comes equipped with all-new voice lines, six button attacks, and help from Rover, Courtney, Petey, Clippy, and the rest of the gang.

JAY SHERMAN [The Critic]

Better known for his Simpsons crossover than his main series, Jay Sherman returns after nearly 25 years to inflict the near decades long torment he’s suffered on his movie review show, “Coming Attractions”. Six button fighter.


America’s favorite enigmatic manchild waltzes his way into the fight and makes a fool out of himself even more. Six Button Fighter.

FRASIER CRANE [Cheers/Frasier]

Fraiser at last joins MUGEN, and the shrink’s got a bone to pick with his rivals. Six button fighter.