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DoubleClash Thread
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Hi, my name is Vic2000, an average user from Italy. I have been watching a crap ton of Mugen videos ever since 2007, which i discovered by accident while i was browsing some Metal Slug content. With a heavy inspiration of Card Sagas Wars, i proposed an ambituous project that i have been writing for about a few days in the middle of the pandemic, called DoubleClash. It is a 2-on-2 tag-team fighting game that features some of the wildest selections of characters with a solid gameplay and transitioning stages ala Injustice. As with Marvel vs. Capcom (except Infinite), there's barely any story around it, just a bunch of your favorite characters duking out to each other while a huge threat is going to destroy the world, so they force themselves to partner up with one another and defeat this threat. I won't spoil who it is, but let's just say that is a fusion of 3 powerful foes.

The gameplay is what would you expect from Guilty Gear and Marvel vs. Capcom, but it has two additions: Tag Attack, which acts like the Tag Throw from Tekken Tag Tournament, but it requires your Super Combo gauge to be fully empty, dealing the same damage as a super combo, and Clash Strike, acting similar to that system seen in the old Samurai Shodown games, except that the player will strike the opponent if tapped at a succession. If the Super Combo gauge is full while doing the Clash Strike, it will transform into Double Strike, where your tag partner will assist you dealing 2x times the damage.

Like BlazBlue, the player can perform an Astral Heat-like finisher called Final Strike at the final round, which requires them to be at 35% of health, the tag partner must die and have a full Super Combo gauge, which transforms into a red timer as the player grows a crimson-like aura around them. The cutscene will be similar to Card Sagas Wars's Crisis Cards, ending with a unique win round.

Now, the planned roster of characters will be 45, but i'll reveal 10 of them for now, these are:

Mario (Super Mario) (All-Rounder)

64 Throw (R or L + LP and LK) (Grabs their legs and spins around three times before throwing)

Command Normals
Hammer Swing (Right + MP) (Swings his Hammer upwards, knocking the opponent forward)

Mario Drill (Air Down + MK) (Spins his body as he performs a downwards drill kick)

Sliding (Down Right + MK) (A baseball slide that knocks the opponent down)

Special Attacks

Fireball (QCF + Punch) (A basic projectile that bounces across the floor)

Mario Tornado (QCB + Kick) (A spinning move with his arms stretched out while moving forward. After it ends, a baby Luma will appear above his head. It can also be performed in the air)

Super Jump Punch (Z + Punch) (A jumping multi-hitting uppercut that sometimes spawns normal coins or New Donk City coins)

Ground Pound (QCB + Punch while in the air) (Slams his rear very quickly)

Cape Swing (QCB + Punch) (As the name implies, he swings his cape outward that reflects projectiles)

Cappy Throw (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Throws Cappy forward and comes back like a boomerang)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Twin Tornado (QCB x2 + Kick) (Mario calls Luigi and spin together like a whirlwind while moving left or right based on the directional pad)

Super Combo 2: Hammer Time! (HCF x2 + Punch) (Mario brings up his hammer and performs multiple smashes and swings for 12 hits before ending with a baseball bat-like swing)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Star Driver (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Mario swings his hammer upwards to knock the opponent in the air, then jumps off-screen faraway as he and Luigi rides on a gigantic star to ram directly against them)

Final Strike: Super Mario Star Finale (Mario starts by using a similar move to Super Jump Punch, then uses a Mega Mushroom on himself to turn giant and stomps the lying opponent once, uses Fire Flower to briefly turn into Fire Mario to shoot a barrage of fireballs, then summons his brother Luigi to briefly perform the Magic Window attack. He spin jumps in the air and uses every single powerup and the power of the Star Spirits to become the Super Star Mario state from Super Mario Bros. Z (while leaving a trail of afterimages due to the effect of the Double Cherry) to end with a bigger, blue-ish Mario Finale from Smash Bros. before returning to normal.)

Bloom (Winx Club) (Zoner)

Dragon Punch (Right + LP and LK) (A straight, flaming fist)

Ice Flame (Left + LP and LK) (Pushes her opponent behind and launches a sphere of both ice and fire to knock them away)

Piercing Wind (Air LP and LK) (Punches the opponent in the chest, knocking them out quickly by the cloud of smoke energy)

Command Normals
Dragon Kick (Right + HP) (A leaping forward kick while her leg is encased in fire aura)

Dragon Dive (Air Down + HK) (Performs her Dragon Kick diagonally down)

Flame Storm (Down Right + HP) (Launches a flare storm down with both hands)

Special Attacks

Blast Ball (QCF + Punch) (A flamethrower-like beam that deals 3 hits)

Sphere of Fire (QCB + Punch, hold that button to charge) (Creates a hemisphere-shaped shield that absorbs projectiles. If the button is held, she absorbs the shield she created and convert it into a slow moving large fireball shot from both hands)

Float (QCB + Kick) (It acts similar to the characters with that ability in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, except it lasts for 5 seconds, but it can be canceled)

Dragon Fury (QCF + Punch while in the air) (A fast fireball shot diagonally down)

Fire Wall (QCF + Kick) (Fires a flamethrower-like beam to the ground to create wall, acting similar to Dhalsim's Yoga Burner)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Dragon Energy (QCF x2 + Punch) (Turns into her Enchantix form and releases a flaming energy in the form of a dragon, dealing 6 hits)

Super Combo 2: Tidal Flame (QCB x2 + Punch, hold the button to delay) (Creates a miniature fireball from her idex finger and touches the ground, erupting a large pillar of fire and debris in front of her)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: We are Winx! (QCF x2 + Punch x2) (Turns into her Believix form and uses Supernova to create a giant fireball and throws forward at the opponent. If done, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna and Musa all come in and perform their projectile attacks in unison to create a rainbow explosion)

Final Strike: Shin Dragon's Flame (Bloom fires a grounded geyser in front of her. If done, she calls her friends (Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, Roxy and Musa) to do an all-out attack, then she performs a barrage of punches and flying kicks as the opponent is overwhelmed. She transforms into her Bloomix form and performs one final rushing punch as she is surrounded by a Shenron-like aura, engulfing the opponent by multiple hits before being destroyed)

Kiryu Coco (Hololive) (Rushdown)

Flare Nail (R or L + LP and LK) (Grabs the opponent's body by the tail and swings her flaming claw)

Command Normals
Roaring Fire (Left + HP) (Exhales some wind and spits out a short-ranged burst of fire. You can hold the button down to increase its range)

Special Attacks

Fang Rush (HCF + Punch) (Dashes towards the opponent with a big bite)

Tornado Drill (QCF + Kick , while in the air) (Basically Benimaru's Flying Drill, but faster and deals more hits)

Meteor Spin (HCB + Kick) (Command grab. Grabs the opponent by their back and performs a jumping izuna drop while spinning)

High Upon Claw (Z + Punch) (Dashes with a forward claw. If done, she will perform a jumping upward slash)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Bloody Fang Assault (HCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of Fang Rush where she will bite the opponent multiple times around their body before being slamming them in the head by her forward solmersault tail)

Super Combo 2: Deadly Claw (QCB x2 + Punch) (Rushes towards her opponent with her claw sticking out to stab them in the chest. If done, she will fly in the air and slam them into the ground)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Draconic Wall (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Performs a forward solmersault. If done, she do a smirk and breathes fire that obscure the entire screen with flames while the opponent gets hits by it for 49 hits before being knocked in the air by her horns)

Final Strike: Dragon's Claw Assault (Performs an upward claw that leaves a black trail, then performs multiple dive attacks in every direction as the opponent is overwhelmed by the slashes, finishing off with a cross slash as she laughs, slicing the opponent in pieces)

Frollo (Hunchback of Notredame) (Puppet/Glass Cannon)

Plunge into the Fiery Pit (Right + LP and LK) (Stabs the opponent in the chest with his sword, then swings it down)

Release your Sins! (Left + LP and LK) (Graps the opponent's throat with the chain repeatedly before tossing them backwards with a swing)

Command Normals
Catholic Fire (Air HK) (Releases a burst of flame from his body)

Pyro Upper (Close Right + PK) (A right handed fire uppercut)

Special Attacks

Dark Cape (HCF + Punch) (Swing his cape forward at a medium range to stun the opponent and pulls them directly, ala Scorpion's spear)

Guard Summon (QCB + Kick) (Summons one of his guards with a small flame. The player can control the guard with their own HP with their own options. Pressing Punch will take out his halberd and swing it forward (or downward for Heavy Punch), and pressing Kick will take out a bow and fires a slow arrow (or a quick arrow for Heavy Kick). The directional pad can be used to alter the trajectory of the guard's move, for example: pressing up will have the guard swing the halberd upward for Punch and fire the arrow upward for Kick, making it a bit similar to Carl's Nirvana)

The Victim's Sin (QCB + Punch) (A counterattack. Turns away and counters the opponent with a swing of his flaming right arm.

Crushing Popularity (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (Gaston appears sitting on his chair and Frollo toss him high in the air to crush down. If Punch is pressed after the crush will result in Lefou performing a forward headbutt, or if is a Kick, Gaston will thow his beer directly at the knocked opponent)

Divine Slash (Charge Back, then Punch, hold the button to charge) (Dissapears as he dashes forward, then reappears with an inward slash of his sword (or an upward slash with Heavy Punch). You can held the button down to deal more damage and hits)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Hell Dragger (Charge Back, Right, Back then Right + Punch) (A Psycho Crusher-like move where he will be surrounded in flames, dealing 7 hits while dragging the opponent forward)

Super Combo 2: Darkest Sin (QCF x2 + Kick) (A counterattack. Walks forward as he reads, similar to Dio's So You're Approaching Me? or Vice's Cannibal Corpse. If the opponents hits him, then Frollo will grab them by their face and expells dark energy from them while still reading, ending with a generating explosion)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Hellfire (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Summons two guards to grab the opponent's arms, then says "Taste the fires of hell!" and summons a huge flaming pillar that burns the opponent (and two guards) before shouting "You will burn!" as he creates a big explosion to finish off)

Final Strike: Will of God (Frollo summons the caped ghosts to stun the opponent, then calls Gaston to fire multiple projectiles (Frollo firing a barrage of fireballs while Gaston shoots with his Blunderbuss repeatedly), the latter rips his shirt that generate a flash wave of light before leaving. Frollo then transforms into his Super Saiyan form from The Frollo Show to finish off with one single powerful punch at high speed, tearing the opponent's legs off before exploding itself. It ends with both Frollo and Gaston doing a bros. pose like this: )

Iris (LoliRock) (All-Rounder/Stance)

Crystal Blow (Right + LP and LK) (A sweep kick, followed by a elbow blow)

Crystemonta (Left + LP and LK) (Encases her fist into crystal to perform an uppercut, then punches the floor to erupt a crystal pillar, sending the opponent backwards)

Command Normals
Crystal Spikus (Down Right + LP) (Shoots a crystal spike on the ground. The spike will last for 3 seconds before shattering itself)

Shiny Kick (Air Down + MK) (A dive kick with her feet incased in crystal)

Special Attacks
Crystal Offensio (QCF + Punch) (A fast crystal projectile  that can also be fired at a diagonal direction on both ground and air by using the directional pad)

Cystempactus (QCB + Punch) (A rushing punch attack with a crystal surrounding her fist. In the air, she will dive downwards)

Crystal Bullarum (HCF + Kick) (Summons a crystal spike that traps the opponent for a long period of time)

Crystemonta (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type Crystempactus that deals once single hit by flies very high)

Crystemsabrus (3 Punches) (Turns her scepter into a crystal sword, changing her moveset. In this state, Iris can automatically counter the attack if blocked, but she will revert to normal when hit by them 6 times, or press the button again)

Upper Calibur (Charge Down, then Up + Punch, while in Crystemsabrus) (A dual jumping, multi-hitting sword slash)

Princess Slash (Charge Back, the Right + Punch, while in Crystemsabrus) (Runs forward and does a turning inward slash)

Spinning Nova (Down x2 + Kick, hold the button to charge while in Crystemsabrus) (Places her sword behind herself, then spins around, drawing the opponent toward her to do multiple hits. By holding the button down, she will deal more hits and damage)

Ephedian Strike (Charge Down, then Up + Kick, while in Crystemsabrus) (Jumps off-screen and stabs the opponent down while falling)

Power Lance (Charge Back, the Right + Kick, hold the button to delay while in Crystemsabrus) (Performs a forward hop while doing a sword thrust. You can held the button down to delay the attack)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Crystal Scala (HCB x2 + Punch) (Summons three pillars of crystals, one by one to hit the opponent)

Super Combo 2: Helping My Friends (QCF x2 + Kick) (Grabs the opponent and does a flipkick, Talia comes in performing a 7-hit combo with her dual-edged scythe and Auriana wraps them with her whip and spins around above her head before slaming left and right three times)

Super Combo 3: Cysta Colidum (Charge Back, Right, Back, then Right + Punch, while in Crystemsabrus) (Performs her Power Lance like normal, but slams the opponent to a wall to stun them. She then jumps backward and summons multiple pink swords-like projectile to hit them)

Super Combo 4: Crystal Buster (Down x4 + Kick, while in Crystemsabrus) (Raises her sword in the air, channeling pink energy to turn into a bigger sword, before unleashing a 9-hit series of slashes)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Crystal Luxtra (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Iris begins the move by using Crystal Exitus, where she clenches her left fist and unleashes a huge beam straight (or upwards automatically against air opponents. If done, Talia and Auriana comes in and holds each others' hands alongside Iris as they shout the names of their homes, then grabs their respective weapons to summon a sphere from Ephedia's Castle before finally shooting a large beam of blue, pink and yellow against the opponent)

Final Strike: Crysta Quinta Shanila (Iris generates a pink aura wave that launches the opponent far away, then transforms into her Shanila form and performs multiple teleporting attacks (punches, kicks and crystal beams) before calling her friends (Talia, Auriana, Carissa and Lyna) to finish off with a Crysta Quinta attack using their combining powers to from a rainbow beam)

Pikachu (Pokémon) (Glass Cannon/Rushdown)

Nuzzle (Right + LP and LK) (Discharges electricity from its cheeks to knock its opponent away)

Submission (Left + LP and LK) (Rolls backward before launching the opponent with a tomoe nage)

Command Normals
Tail Whip (Air HK or Air Right + HK) (Spins itself in a circle using its tail)

Headbutt (Close LP) (Quickly headbutts forward)

Slam (Close Right + MP) (Spins its tail to slam down)

Charge (Down x2 + Hold Punch) (Charges up its cheeks with electricity. Much like Felicia's EX Charge, this allows the gauce to be refilled very slowly)

Special Attacks

Iron Tail (QCB + Kick) (Solmersault forward and strikes the opponent with its metallic tail)

Quick Attack (QCF + Punch) (Zips forward (or upward with Heavy Punch), ramming the opponent. Pikachu can perform the move a second time by pressing Punch again)

Skull Bash (Charge Back, then Right + Punch, hold the button to charge) (Charges up power before performing a forward ram. By holding the button, it will increase its power and speed)

Thunder Punch (Z + Punch) (Dashes forward and performs an electric uppercut, ala Wind God Fist)

Thunder Jolt (QCB + Punch, while in the air) (Fires a short ranged jolt projectile donwards as he jumps)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Wild Charge (Charge Back, Right, Back, then Right + Punch) (An advanced version of Skull Bash, covering him in electricity as he deals multiple hits, but he will lose 25% of HP upon hit)

Super Combo 2: Thunderbolt (QCF x2 + Punch) (Jumps forward and releases a bolt of electricity  from its body forward, shocking the opponent upon hit)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Volt Tackle (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Surrounds itself in electricity before dashing forward. If it hits, it will bounce across the stage as it hits the opponent for 14 hits in a ball of electricity, ending by releasing a powerful blast)

Final Strike: Max 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt (Pikachu performs a similar move to Skull Bash, then solmersaults them with its tail before zipping around the air to strike them to the ground with its tail for the second time. Pikachu equips Ash's cap and performs a Z-Pose to build up Z-Power. It then leaps and generates electricity from its body, now colored in rainbow, and performs a diagonally down dash attack as it is surrounded by it, colliding with the opponent's body so hard that its generate a gigantic electric explosion)

Metagross (Pokémon) (Big Body/Footsie)

Swift (Right or Left + LP and LK) (Fires a x-shaped projectile from its cross while holding the opponent)

Take Down (Air LP and LK) (Slams the opponent into the ground below them)

Command Normals
Metal Claw (Close Left + HP) (Slashes the opponent with its right, metallic claw)

Special Attacks

Meteor Mash (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A slow, moving punch that emits star particles upon hit while its fist is surrounded by a silhouette of a golden meteor)

Bullet Punch (HCF + Punch) (A series of thrusting palm attacks, ending with an uppercut. Tap the button to increase the hits and damage)

Magnet Rise (Charge Down, then Up + Kick) (Its body is surrounded in yellow as it performs a high leap before slamming into the ground while emmiting small sparks)

Psychic (QCB + Punch) (Projects a spiral-like pink ripple with short range that stuns the opponent multiple times)

Earthquake (HCB + Kick) (Slams its arms into the ground, causing a medium-ranged shockwave that trips the opponent)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Zen Headbutt (QCF x2 + Punch) (Project a ball made of psychic energy and headbutts it, causing small explosions if it hits the opponent)

Super Combo 2: Hammer Arm (HCB x2 + Punch) (One of its arms grows gigantic while covered in white energy and slams at hard force, causing the opponent to being knocked in the air)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Steel Beam (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Mega Evolves into Mega Metagross and charges up a metallic sphere with its hands, before firing a gigantic grey beam, dealing 15 hits)

Final Strike: Metallic Computer (Grabs the opponent and throws forward, then Mega Evolves into Mega Metagross to perfom the Corkscrew Crash move to turn into a drill and hit multiple times at full force, transitioning into a more stronger and aggressive Bullet Punch, knocking the opponent in the air. It then ends by using Max Steelspike, slamming the ground to create a series of gray spikes that progressivly extend forward to strike the opponent before a larger, taller one stabs them to finish off)

Morshu (Zelda CD-I) (Unorthodox/Zoner)

Shopkeeping Blow (Right + LP and LK) (Elbows the opponent and performs a flip kick to knock them away)

No Rupees? (Left + LP and LK) (Teleports behind his opponent and performs a thrust attack with his cupped hands to knock them back while in his brief SSJ1 form)

Command Normals
Cap-rang (Left + MP) (Throws his cap forward and comes back like a boomerang)

Flash Close (Close Right + MP) (A Flash-Chop-like move that doesn't turn the opponent around)

Spinning Rupee (Air HK) (A slow cartwheel attack while in the air)

Falcon Mmmhhhh (Hold HP) (Says "Falcon" and spits the literal "Mmmhhhh" word forward in a medium range. You can hold the button even longer to increase its size and damage)

Special Attacks

Lamp Oil (QCB + Kick) (Throws a lamp oil on the ground, creating a small puddle. It doesn't do anything aside from tripping the opponent, but if Bomb is used on the puddle, not only it will create a bigger explosion and dealing more damage, but also creates a wall of fire that deals medium knockback)

Rope (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Swings a rope like a lasso and throws it forward. If done, he will wrap them and swings it in a circle while jumping, slamming them into the ground)

Bomb (QCB + Punch) (Pulls ou a bomb out of his pocket and throws it in a forward arc, creating an explosion)

Rupee (HCF + Punch, hold the button to charge) (Spawns a rupee from his hand and tosses forward very quickly like a shuriken, dealing small damage. Holding the button down will spawn three or four rupees for more damage)

Explosive Console (Z + Kick) (Kicks a PS3 forward in an arc and lands, dissapearing. Knocks the opponent if it hits)

Super Combo 1: Shooting some Rupees (QCF x2 + Punch) (Dons a Rambo-like appearance and fires multiple rupees from his machine gun, usually 20 hits)

Super Combo 2: Explosive Child (HCB x2 + Kick) (Calls his son, Morshu Jr. and kicks him forward. As the child has two bombs on his pockets, it create a huge explosion upon hit, leaving him covered in black smoke before leaving)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: One Finger Burst (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Goes Kaioken x20 and performs a shoulder ram. If done, he turns into Super Saiyan 3 and creates a gigantic energy blast that grows very tiny, eventually shooting it forward towards the opponent, which the blast grows back to gigantic as it engulfs them, resulting in a huge explosion)

Final Strike: Rain of The Morshu Bombs (Gwonam flies by as he drops a Bob-omb with Morshu's face at the opponent, exploding. Morshu uses the Metal Cap on himself to turn into Metal Morshu, as he already rides in a big rocket and fires sticky bombs, then a huge beam of his Morshu Blaster, goes Kaioken x20 and uses Falcon Mmmhhhh at them before jumping out of the rocket to create a firework explosion. It doesn't end there as Morshu (in his Super Saiyan 3 form while still in his Metal form) summons a rain of atomic bombs before summoning an even larger one for one bigger explosion, but not before shouting "You want it? It's yours my friend" while giving them a dual middle finger. After it ended, he turns into his RTX form (while still in both SSJ3 and Metal forms) and begain to rap endlessly. During the rocket part, Weegee can be seen for a few brief frames. Morshu will hum the Final Strike's theme)

Matt McMuscles (Grappler/Rekka)

Skull Smash (Right + LP and LK) (A simple dropkick)

Suplex Cracker (Left + LP and LK) (A German Suplex)

Skeleton Press (Air LK and LP) (Descends belly-first with his opponent to crush them)

Command Normals
Hammer Knuckle (Down Right + MP) (A downward chop swing)

Flash Bang (Air Down + HK) (A double foot stomp)

Special Attacks

Skull Tackle (QCF + Punch, x3) (A shoulder tackle. Press the button two more times for additional tackles, the last one knocks the opponent out)

Wild Swing (360 + Punch) (Grabs the opponent and swings their body in a circle 4 times before jumping upwards and slam into the ground)

Catapulting Crush (HCF + Kick) (Dashes forward and grabs the opponent. If done, he will perform a jumping suplex in an arc, slamming them headfirst)

Burning Skeleton (Down x2 + Kick) (Performs the crab pose as he releases smoke from his entire body while briefly turning red. In this state, all of Matt's Special Moves will have its damage output increased, but he can only use one of them, as it will end once used)

Sinking Splash (HCB + Kick) (A powerful splash while falling, causing a shockwave)

One Skull (QCB + Punch) (A rushing elbow attack)

Two Skulls (QCB + Punch for the second time) (A lunging headbutt)

Three Skulls (QCB + Punch for the third time) (Backfists at either side of himself)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Over the Road Ram (HCF x2 + Punch) (Jumps back off-screen and drives a giant truck forward, knocking the opponent in the air. If the opponent gets KOed by it, the infamous "You're winner" title will appear, taken straight from Big Rigs)

Super Combo 2: Raging Tiger (HCB x2 + Kick) (Performs a dropkick to stun the opponent. If done, a trophy will be thrown on-screen and Matt catches it, swinging against the opponent like a baseball bat that causes a wallbounce, then end by grabbing them and perform a jumping Argentine backbreaker)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Wha Happun? (360 x2 + Punch) (Grabs the opponent performs a Spinning Piledriver that takes them to the Wha Happun set. The opponent doesn't know how to respond, so they shrug. This causes a bunch of cannons containing Sonic's broken parts to be shot at them in 4 directions before Matt ends by performing a powerful punch that sends the opponent back to the stage.

Final Strike: Let's Get Crazy! (Matt jumps forward to perform a Bulldog. If done, the opponent will be taken to a wrestling arena as they will be body slammed by Woolie, Max, Liam, Kenny, Benny and Matt as they scream before the latter does a slow Giant Swing to toss them into the air, then grabs a gigantic piece of the ground with his bare hands and throws towards them, ending the move)

Captain Falcon (F-Zero) (Rushdown)

Head Crush (Right + LP and LK) (Throws his opponent down)

Striking Throw (Left + LP and LK) (Kicks his opponent behind)

Command Normals

Knee Smash (Air Right + MK) (A knee strike. When hit closely, it deals extremely high damage with an electric effect, but its weak when far away)

Turbo Shoulder (Close Right + MP) (A shoulder block, which causes the opponent to get wallbounced)

Dual Edge (Down Left + HK) (A 540 kick, dealing two hits)

Special Attacks

Raptor Boost (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Dashes forward with a fire-infused fist and performs a flaming uppercut)

Raptor Overhand (QCB + Punch, while in the air) (Hops forward  and performs a flaming overhand punch)

Falcon Kick (HCF + Kick) (Propels himself forward with a flaming flying kick on the ground, or a flaming dive kick in the air)

Falcon Dive (Z + Punch) (Leaps upwards to grab the air opponent. If done, he will launch them away with an explosion and flips backward)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Falcon Punch (QCF x2 + Punch) (Winds up and throws his iconic flaming punch, yelling "Falcon... Punch!" while doing so)

Super Combo 2: Falcon Rise (Delta + Kick) (Performs multiple jumping kicks 6 times before ending with a Knee Smash)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Raptor Strike (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Dashes forward with a outward swing punch. If done, he will perform an automatic 17-hit combo, then flipkicks them, ending with the Falcon Punch that summons a giant afterimage of an actual falcon)

Final Strike: Final Falcon Punch (Falcon will summon the Blue Falcon as it crashes towards the opponent in front of him as he enters, taking the opponent to a race track as they are ran over several times by several vehicles, then Samurai Goroh jumps out of his Fire Stingray to perform a Cross Slash-like move before returning, while the Blue Falcon is approaching them. Falcon then jumps out of the vehicle and performs an electric-infused Falcon Punch to finish off while leaving his helmet behind, causing a galaxy-sized explosion)

The planned set of Stages will be 30, and like before, i'll reveal 5 for now:

*Mushroom Kingdom
*Big Blue
*Morshu's Shop
*The Cathedral

It will have Arcade (taking inspiration from Street Fighter Alpha 3), Versus, Options, Online, Training, Bios for every fighter, the usual stuff, with character sprites inspired by Project X Zone while having 3D backgrounds for stages.

There's one tiny little problem though. I have zero experience in just about everything, the coding, spriting, and many more. Also, i'm not good of an artist either, so i didn't come up with a mock-up nor a title logo. I need a ton of people with huge experience, and if it that happens, i'll take the role as a consultant, as i also have zero experience as a director.

I'll answer all of your questions regarding the project while i'm still developing.
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    • Italy
Allright, here are 4 characters i have written.

Meggy Spletzer (SMG4) (Zoner/Footsie)

Burst Stomp (Right + LP and LK) (Stomp the opponent's feet and fires her Blaster forwards, knocking them away)

An explosive Gift (Left + LP and LK) (Auri Bori grabs the opponent while Meggy dashes past them as she sends a Splat Bomb faraway, exploding)

Command Normals
Skip Strike (Close Right + HP) (An elbow smash)

Ink Trip (Down + MK) (Empties out a Slosher forward, turning the floor into a slip trap)

Special Attacks

Splattershot (QCF + Punch, hold the button to fire) (Rapidly fires an array of ink against the opponent, dealing minimal knockback and damage. You can held the button down to continously fire for 5 seconds)

Rolling Wheel (HCF+ Kick) (A Double Knee Press-like move that hits once)

Swinging Tool (HCB + Punch) (Swings her Inkbrush forward. The Heavy Punch version is the strongest, but also the slowest)

Ally Summon (QCB + Kick) (Summons one of three of her friends to either attack the opponent. LK has Fishy Boopkins, who pathetically throws his waifu pillow forward, MK has Tari, who performs a Burn Knuckle-like move with her cyborg arm, and HK has Saiko swinging her hammer multiple times while moving before slamming the opponent down if done)

Explosive Device (HCBF + Punch) (Throws a Splat Bomb, which explodes on contact, covering the opponent in ink. The damage and range increases based on the determined button)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Ink Slide (HCBQCF + Punch) (Equips her Roller and begins to slide forward, hitting the opponent multiple times (19 hits) before ending with a outward swing)

Super Combo 2: Ink Armor (QCB x2 + Kick) (Takes out a device and activates it, covering her in ink. In this state, Meggy's damage taken by opponents will be reduced at 25% and will be immuned from projectiles. It also powerups her Special Moves that involves ink for 10 seconds)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Fly Woomy Fly (QCBHCF + Kick x2) (Throws a Burst Bomb forward to blind the opponent. If done, she will cover the entire floor with ink and begins to attack them 5 times while riding in her Ink Boi 3000 before knocking them down with her Inkbrush. Is not done, as she will ride on the wall and jumps with her surfboard, there, she begins to do crazy manuverers, Jim Hawkins-style in Treasure Planet, while firing a rapid amount of ink with Splat Dualies on the knocked opponent, ending with a surfboard slam on their chest)

Final Strike: This is for Desti...  (Roll jumps forward and slams her Inkbrush down to knock the opponent faraway. If done, she calls Saiko and Tari to beat them up for a few seconds and Meggy progressively attacks them with her weapons while transitioning between her original Inkling and human forms. During this, an image of Desti looking behind with her angel wings is seen as Meggy finishes off with a Booyah Bomb, creating an explosion of ink that engulfs the opponent)

Bulk Bogan (Vinesauce Joel) (Footsie/Grappler)

CBT Kick (Right + LP and LK) (Kicks the opponent in the groin, making them crumple)

Sleepy Time (Left + LP and LK) (Grabs the opponent in a chokehold behind and suffocates them, putting them lay to the floor as makes a small backstep)

Death from Above (Air LP and LK) (Plants his foot on the opponent and makes a backflip to jump high before plunging down to the ground with his knife)

Death by Booty (Down Right + LP and LK) (Jumps forward to crush the opponent with his rear in the face. He learned this move from Dio Brando in Meme House)

Revenge Best Served (Down + LP and LK) (Jumps forward to stab the opponent in the chest with his knife repeatedly)

Command Normals
Paint me like Hasselhoff (Air Down + HP) (Makes a lying sexy pose  as he brings the opponent down)

Madeline Slash (Close Down + MP) (Slashes inwards with his knife)

Special Attacks

Kenka Rush (HCF + Punch) (Tackles the opponent to the ground. If done, he will punch them in the face four times)

Groin Stomping (QCB + Kick) (Grabs the opponent and does a pildriver, then stomps on their groin three times)

Mooskle Drop (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (Performs a large, jumping splash)

Pump Up! (Down x2 + Punch) (Draws a Dumbbell and began to pump it up. It doesn't do anything at first, but if you press the button right at the rhythm, his damage output will be increased at 2x for 4 seconds. It also works as a counter, as he will swing his Dumbbel inward, knocking the opponent forward)

Chest Flashing (Charge Back, the Right + Kick) (Slide forwards with both arms at the back of his head while showing off his beautiful chest. If he is at low health, it will began to flash white, increasing its hitbox and dealing more damage)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Maxinum Swole (QCB x2 + Punch) (Performs a lariat to knock the opponent, then brings a Barbell and lifts multiple times with one arm while the opponent is dizzy, then drops it down and performs a powerful uppercut)

Super Combo 2: Bogan Cutter (HCF x2 + Kick) (Spin jumps forward and performs a Frakensteiner, then brings up a crowbar and brutally smacks them in the chest before grabbing them by their head and headbutts them)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Extreme CBT (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Bogan does a side kick to stun the opponent. If done, he will slowly walk towards them and performs a rapid-fire of punches on their groin, before ending with a baseball swing of his ancestor's large golden cross)

Final Strike: Trying to Make a Little Brighter (A demon will slowly walk forward to try to bite the opponent. If done, Bulk run towards the latter and slams their face into the ground while pushing the demon away. After that, Garfield comes in and tries to cook some Mac and Cheese, but instead, creates a wall of fire that burns the lying opponent, until Dio uses Za Warudo and quickly clean everything, but not before drinking their "plasma" for hunger. As time resumed, the dizzying opponent will look at Bogan, holding a gun in front of them and shoots them in the head, ending with the main trio doing random Fortnite dances while the Grim Reaper with Joel's face shows up to steal the dead's soul)

Scrooge McDuck (Disney) (Footsie/Glass Cannon)

Money Smack (Right + LP and LK) (Swings his moneybag forward to hit the opponent)

After You (Left + LP and LK) (Leaps over the opponent and delivers a kick to their upper back)

Command Normals
Ancient Artifact (Close Right + MP) (Briefly shows a golden artifact while in his sunglasses, stunning the opponent a bit)

Diamond Catcher (Air Down + MP) (Tosses a big diamond down, knocking the opponent in the air)

Object Pull (Left + MP) (A random large canister appears and Scrooge pulls it forward with his cane, knocking the opponent down behind the canister)

Duck Head (Right + LP) (Makes a small forward hop to headbutt his opponent)

Special Attacks

Pogo Drop (Z + Punch) (Performs a forward jump and sticks his cane like a pogo stick. If the cane hits the opponent, he will bounce off and hit them again, then for the third time)

Millionare Swing (QCF + Kick) (Swings his cane like a golf club. Knocks the opponent if close, and reflects projectiles as soon as Scrooge swings)

Spinning Duck (HCB + Punch) (Spins around with his cane sticking out. A sort of command grab, where he will drag the opponent by his weapon and toss them forward. In the air, he wil slow his fall)

One/Two/Three Wishes (QCF + Punch) (Takes out a lamp and rub it, summoning Gene the Genie, who snaps his finger to fire magic based on the determined button. LP fires a quick lighting bolt straight forward, MP summons a flaming geyser from the ground, and HP fires a white projectile with short range that traps the opponent inside a bubble for a few seconds as they take damage)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: GizmoBlast (QCF x2 + Punch) (GizmoDuck appears and transforms himself into a rocket, blasting forward against the opponent with an explosion)

Super Combo 2: Coloring Roll (HCF x2 + Kick) (A bunch of Terra-Fermies appear rolling towards the opponent to hit them, followed by a younger one to end)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo:  Beaglemania (HCBQCF + Punch x2) (Charges up his cane to perform a swing, but SQUACK!! The Beagle Boys and Ma Beagle appear riding on their car to ram the opponent three times, right, left and back to right before leaving off-screen, all while Scrooge crouches down)

Final Strike: Everything into Gold (Brings out a Golden Goose and turns the opponent into gold. If done, the goose will undergo a second transformation, while Launchpad catches Scrooge in time in his airplane as the Golden Death spreads the entire stage. In the airplane, Bubba falls down and bonks the opponent's head with a dual overhand, GizmoDuck will fire a laser beam while flying with the copter on his helmet, and Launchpad (as always) crash his airplane into the opponent. It ends with Scrooge crouching, as Magica De Spell comes in and fires a spell against him, but she unknowingly turns the golden opponent into a crow)

Abobo (Double Dragon) (Rushdown/Big Body)

Giant Bomb (Right + LP and LK) (A powerbomb)

Head Crusher (Left + LP and LK) (A brainbuster)

Flying Abobo (Air LP and LK) (An upside down argentine backbreaker)

Command Normals
Have a Seat (Close Right + MP) (Takes out a chair and swings it down, dealin two-hits)

Maldito Punetazo (Close Left + MP) (Launches a right handed uppercut while having a rose on his mouth)

Tounge Attack (Down Right + MP) (Shoots his tongue forward like Yoshi's. This allows him to swallow a projectile, but other than that, that's all about it)

Sword Blow ( Right + HP) (Stabs his sword forward, shooting a projectile. If he is hit, he will lose the projectile ability)

Special Attacks

Hammer Punch (QCF + Punch) (A rushing hammerfist that channels a sword-like energy from his fists)

Grand Smash (QCF + Kick) (Slams both fists into the ground, creating a shockwave close to his opponent, tripping the latter)

Loud Slap (HCB + Punch) (A two handed slap)

Abobo Missile (QCF + Punch, while in the air) (Dives diagonally downwards, headfirst)

Atomic Throw (HCBR + Punch) (Grabs the opponent by their left leg and toss it upwards, then uses Screw Upper, a multi-hitting uppercut)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Pressure Bomb (HCF x2 + Punch) (Grabs the opponent and holds them in the air, briefly turning into his mutated form from the movie and slam them into the ground at huge force)

Super Combo 2: Abobo Shock (QCB x2 + Kick) (Makes a leap and hammerfists into the ground, creating a large, multihitting electric projectile that rolls along the ground)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Abobo Meteor (360 + Punch x2) (Dashes against his opponent. If done, he goes behind and grabs them by their back, then makes a leap so high that they have traveled into space, then goes upside down while falling like a meteor, slamming the opponent headfirst that creates a big explosion)

Final Strike: The Greatest Uppercut in Boxing History (Summons Burnov as he tackles against the opponent. If done, Abobo summons his human/mermaid hybrid sons as a shield while he performs a big leap, which rains multiple big boulders to hit the opponent. He then spins himself, becoming a big whirlwind to engulf them, taking them a boxing ring. Utilizing the Power Glove as his boxing glove, he performs various mach jabs with it, ending with a slow-mo uppercut. This decapitates the opponent and their head flies so high that it lands on the Mushroom Kingdom's flag)

Then there's 2 stages, Apocalyptic City (for Abobo) and Duckberg (for Scrooge).
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Re: DoubleClash Thread
#3  December 04, 2021, 05:56:10 pm
    • Italy
Oh wait, i forgot two of them!

X (Mega Man X) (Zoner)

Buster Blow (Right + LP and LK) (Jams his X-Buster in the opponent's chest and fires a burst, knocking the opponent away)

Aiming Laser (Left + LP and LK) (Lifts the opponent backwards and rapidly fires at them with a semicircle laser)

Command Normals
Strike Chain (Right + MP) (Fires a chain hook and pulls the opponent towards him, while still doing damage)

Rolling Shield Charge (Air MK) (Briefly surrounds himself in a spherical energy)

Fire Wave (Air Down + MP) (Shoots a stream of fire downwards)

Twin Slasher (Air Right + HK) (Shoots two energy blades diagonally up and down)

Wing Spiral (Close Down Right + MK) (A hopping uppercut that releases a rising small tornado)

Ray Arrow (Air HK) (Fires a beam forward that falls down. If it hits a wall, it turns 90 degree and goes up)

Explosion (Left + HK) (Fires a slow energy blast forward)

Crystal Wall (Down + HK) (Sends out a large crystal from the ground, sending the opponent in the air)

Ray Claw (Close Left + HP) (Creates an energy blade forward)

Special Attacks

X-Buster (Hold and release Heavy Punch when faraway) (A basic projectile with mid-range. By holding the button down, he will charge up some power and release it to shoot a more powerful Charge Shot. He can still walk and jump while firing, which is the same for all of his Special Moves)

Frost Shield (QCF + Punch, Hold the button) (A slow moving icicle-like missile that forms into a three-pronged ice spike when ricochet off the wall or an opponent. If held, it turns into a spiked ice mass that is formed on X's arm cannon, which also blocks projectiles as long as you hold the button down)

Rising Fire (Z + Punch, Hold the button) (Raises his arm in the air and shoots a fireball straight upwards. Good as an anti-air move. If held, it turns into a Shoryuken-type attack that deals 4-hits)

Ray Splasher (HCF + Kick, Hold the button) (A quick volley of energy bullets in a spread formation. If held, he fires a glass container forwards, which shoots 23 randomly bullets in various directions)

Shadow Runner (QCB + Kick, Hold the button) (A shadowly boomerang that homes in on the opponent. If held, he fires one on the five boomerangs at a time)

Melt Creeper (HCB + Punch, Hold the button) (Sends a mid-ranged fire wave on the ground. If held, the wave will get bigger and have more range)

Spin Wheel (Charge Back, then Right + Punch, Hold the button) (Sends a delayed buzzsaw blade that crawls on walls. If held, he will instead fire eight energy bolts in all 8 directions)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Spike Ball Charge (HCF x2 + Punch) (Shoots a purple spiked ball that ricochets across the screen four times before leaving)

Super Combo 2: Frost Tower Charge (QCB x2 + Kick) (Summons four waves of giant ice shards that fall down to the equal of the number)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Armor of Light (Kick x2 + Punch x2) (Summons his first armor from the original Mega Man X. In this state, X's movement speed, jump height and damage output are increased at 35%. It will also change the X-Buster's Charge Shot into a Double Charge Shot)

Super Combo Armor 1: Soul Body Charge (HCBF + Punch) (Summons an array of his rainbow clones of himself in three various directions)

Super Combo Armor 2: Storm Tornado Charge (QCBHCF + Kick) (Surrounds himself into a gigantic tornado, which vaccums his opponent to deal multiple hits before it dissapears. By pressing both Kick and Punch while doing so causes the tornado to move forward at a light speed as X points his buster in front of his opponent)

Super Combo Armor 3: Hadoken (QCF + Taunt) (Despite its pathetic range, it can instantly defeat the opponent, but it results in X returning to his unarmored form)

Final Strike: Unlimited Potential (Fires his Squeeze Bomb that traps the opponent inside of it. If done, he dons his Icarus Armor Armor and performs his Giga Crush attack, then quickly switch into Falcon Armor to fly towards them as he switches to Ultimate Armor to perform the Nova Strike, then lands and dons the Command Mission version of the same armor to fire a barrage of shots. X goes back to his unarmored self and activates "unlimited potential" (indicated by the glowing blue hands and red gem on his helmet), performing several punches, then an uppercut, ending with a MvC version of Shinku Hadoken)

Sigma (Mega Man X) (Big Body/Zoner)

Wallow in Despair and Hopelessness! (Right + LP and LK) (Grabs the opponent by the face and generates an explosive burst. Loosely based on his Mirage Claw attack from Mega Man X8)

Cold Sleep (Left + LP and LK) (Briefly goes invisible and stabs the opponent behind with his sword, making the opponent crumple)

Command Normals
Sigma Strike (Close Right + HP) (A three-hit hopping sword uppercut)

Claw Slash (Left + MP) (Swings his left claw foward)

Neon Geyser (Down + HP) (Stabs his sword to the ground, generating a small laser pillar in front of him)

Wall Jump (Hold Left, then press Right) (Sigma will perform a big forward leap while leaving a trail of afterimages of himself)

Special Attacks

Eye Spark (QCF + Kick) (Fires a small red beam from his forhead diagonally down. Its buttons determines the length of the beam. LK travels short, MK travels a little bit, and HK travels the farthest)

Arc Divide (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Begins to hold his saber before rushing forward and swings straight at the opponent. Heavy Punch has him travel diagonally up)

Iron Slash (Z + Punch) (Dissapears and reappears in the air, slamming his lightsaber into the ground. If the opponent is close to him, they will be stunned before Sigma does the move)

Sigma Wave (Right, HCF + Punch, Hold the button) (Charges up his hand's power before firing a large projectile at his opponent. Varies depending on the charging. Non-charged is two sparking balls that goes on a wave-shaped path at the same time, half-charged is a purple energy wave with a brief delay before moving, and fully charged is a larger blue energy wave that keeps moving)

Shock Spheres (QCB + Kick) (Summons one, two or three energy balls from his back that homes on the opponent)

Shield Boomerang (HCB + Punch, Hold the button) (Sends out his shield at a faster travel and comes back like a boomerang. If the move is held down, he will actually use it to block off projectiles)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Doom Buster (QCF x2 + Kick) (Makes a brief leap and fires his red beam at the, creating a floor of explosions. In the air, he will create a wall of fire instead)

Super Combo 2:  Annihilator Slash (QCB x2 + Punch) (Brings up his Scythe and slices the opponent at high speed, while releasing five homing boomerangs from his shoulders)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Maverick Illusion (HCBQCF + Punch x2) (Fires three neon spinning rings from his palm, which traps the opponent. He then dissapears, as illusions of 8 Mavericks will appear using their respective attacks (Chill Penguin, Magna Centipede, Neon Tiger, Magma Dragoon, Crescent Grizzly, Metal Shark Player, Vanishing Gungaroo and Bamboo Pandamonium) before Sigma appears above the opponent, ending a large wave slash projectile.

Final Strike: Final Sigma (Turns invisible and dashes to grab the opponent by the face. If done, he takes them inside his mind, where the opponent will be attacked by the Sigma Virus, who transforms into 6 final forms from past X games one by one, then morphs and splits into four hologramms of Sigma, slashing the oponent in unison before merging and morphing into a giant Sigma Head by firing a big bang laser beam, erasing them outside into smokes)

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Re: DoubleClash Thread
#4  December 06, 2021, 10:19:21 am
    • Italy
Much like MvC, Dengeki Bunko and Card Sagas Wars, the player can summon an assist via a unique gauge that needed to be build. Like the characters, they have their own unique colors to choose, albeit limited to just 4. The planned amount of will be 60, but i'll reveal 10, just like my initial post:

Princess Peach (Super Mario)

(Support Button 1: Poundbrella) (Rams against the opponent using Perry)

(Support Button 2: Mushroom Spore) (Counter. If the opponent attacks her, she will bring Toad and squeezes him, firing multiple spores at a spread formation)

Consome Panchi (Consome Panchi)

(Support Button 1: Let's Eat Some Chips, Buddy!) (Offers the opponent a chip, restoring 10% of health)

(Support Button 2: Find You're Strength! Don't Give Up!) (Makes those bizarre dances while his tune plays, powering up the fighter for twice the damage. His dances are always randomized)

Amelia Watson (Hololive)

(Support Button 1: Detective Work) (Wanders around, trying find a clue before gasping at the opponent, saying that she has founded the corporate and smacks them with her magnifying glass. It acts similar to Marco's Common Fixture, where Watson will either instantly attack, or just wait for a few seconds or so)

(Support Button 2: Drunken Rage) (A flails of punches as she hics uncontrollably)

Mephisto and Praxina (LoliRock)

(Support Button 1: Ateruina) (Both twins fires two bright beams at the opponent)

(Support Button 2: Telanoc) (Both twins summons random big crystals waves rising from the ground to attack the opponent)

Eevee (Pokémon)

(Support Button 1: Take Down) (A basic tackle)

(Support Button 2: Extreme Evoboost) (Calls upon its evolutions to give their powers to the player, boosting their attack, speed and jumping mobility for a short period of time)

Cyclops (X-Men)

(Support Button 1: Mega Optic Blast) (Blasts a huge beam at the opponent, covering a good amount of area)

(Support Button 2: Super Optic Blast) (Similar to Mega Optic Blast, but its much narrower and the trajectory of the beam can be controlled)

Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

(Support Button 1: Seeker Mine) (Sets a magical trap that homes on the opponent if close)

(Support Button 2: Time Splicer) (Freezes the closest opponent with Stopga and performs multiple teleporting strikes with her Kayblade 6 times)


(Support Button 1: Sankon Tesso) (Performs a double claw swipe, leaving a trail of slashes of each hand)

(Support Button 2: Kaze no Kizu) (Slashes his Tessaiga down, creating a wave of energy that rolls along the ground and deals multiple hits)

Bad Mr.Frosty (ClayFighter)

(Support Button 1: Ice Breath) (An icy projectile that freezes the opponent)

(Support Button 2: Frozen Fist) (A rushing ice punch)

Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

(Support Button 1: Tenshokyaku) (Multiple jumping kicks)

(Support Button 2: Hoyokusen) (Steps forward and delivers a side kick, then performs 35-hits of her Hyakuretsukyaku with her other leg, ending with a Tenkukyaku)
Re: DoubleClash Thread
#5  December 07, 2021, 06:24:07 pm
    • Italy
Here comes 10 more assists!

Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

(Support Attack 1: Dark Firaga) (Fires a dark, homing fireball from his hand)

(Support Attack 2: Keyblade Combo) (A three-hit combo using Way of the Dawn)

Josuke Higashikata (Diamond is Unbreakable)

(Support Attack 1: DORARARARARARARA!) (Crazy Diamond unleashes a barrage of punches at an upward angle, dealing 9 hits)

(Support Attack 2: What did you say about my hair!?) (Counter. If the opponent attacks him, Crazy Diamond performs an uppercut. Josuke then swaggers over them and Crazy Diamond performs the DORARARARARARARA! move, dealing 20 hits)

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

(Support Attack 1: Quick Bow) (Takes out her bow and fires a flaming arrow)

(Support Attack 2: Riding Bullet) (Solmersaults forward and fires the air opponent with her dual pistols as she crouches)

Hank (Madness Combat)

(Support Attack 1: Madness Combo) (A punch-punch swing-jumping uppercut combo)

(Support Attack 2: Frag Grenade) (Throws a frag grenade that explodes on contact)

Diogenes (Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy)

(Support Attack 1: Hammer Throw) (Uses his Yosemite hammer to hurl himself a short distance forward)

(Support Attack 2: Squash) (Jumps on-screen and slams towards the opponent before leaving)

Blodia (Cyberbots)

(Support Attack 1: Blodia Punch) (Performs a powerful punch that covers the entire length)

(Support Attack 2: Blodia Vulcan) (Blodia fires against the opponent repeatedly with the machine gun)

Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat)

(Support Attack 1: Flying Kick) (Flies across the screen and connects with a kick)

(Support Attack 2: Dragon Fire) (Sends a fireball in the shape of a dragon forward)

Kim Possible

(Support Attack 1: Foot Slap) (Peforms a rising kick, before doing two of them, then a downward kick)

(Support Attack 2: Hookshot) (Brings her grappling hook and fires to her opponent. If hit, she will bring herself to them and finishes with an uppercut)

Icy (Winx Club)

(Support Attack 1: Ice Beam) (Flies on-screen and fires a dual blue-ish beam from both hands that freezes the opponent)

(Support Attack 2: Tundra Slam) (Dashes against the opponent with a grab, then flies to the opposite direction and slams them into the ground, creating a large icicle above)

Dante Vale (Huntik: Secrets & Seekers)

Note: Due to the Synchronization, Caliban will mimic Dante's movement

(Support Attack 1: Breaking Charge) (Caliban dashes towards the enemy with a sword slash)

(Support Attack 2: Rayflector) (Caliban goes in a defensive stance and reflects the opponent's projectile with his sword)
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Re: DoubleClash Thread
#6  December 07, 2021, 09:27:47 pm
    • Italy
The next post will be the biggest out of all of it, because 21 main fighters will be revealed, but is gonna take a long time to do so. In fact, i'm going to write it tommorrow. Be prepared.
Re: DoubleClash Thread
#7  December 10, 2021, 09:49:33 am
    • Italy
Finally, i have finished in writing 23 movelists for the fighters. Wait a minute, did i say 23? It turns out, i have wrote an extra movelist for the two new fighters due to the extra time i have. Get ready folks, this post is going to be a large, large wall of text detailing their moves.

Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2) (Zoner/Big Body)

Shotgun (QCF + Punch) (A basic quick spread projectile at large range)

Crossing Guard (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Brings a slightly weathered railroad crossing sign from his hands and swings it down)

Apoco-Fists (Right, Back, Right + Punch) (A clockwise, array of mach punches before ending with an uppercut)

Huo-Long Heater (HCF + Kick) (This move has two variants. If he is faraway, he shoots a flamethrower that leaves a burning effect for the opponent for 3 seconds. If he is close, he'll release a ring of fire around his feet.)

Warrior's Spirit (QCB + Punch) (If the enemy attacks Heavy, he will counter with two claw swipes)

Super Combo 1: Sasha Barrage (HCF x2 + Punch) (Brings out his beloved Minigun as he fires 30 quick projetiles. He can also move the direction of the attack with the directional pad)

Super Combo 2: Sandvich (QCB x2 + Kick) (Brings up a Sandvich from his pocket and eats, restoring his health at 25%. There's a rare chance that he'll bring up a Robo Sandvich, which restores half of his health)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Ubercharge (Kick x2 + Punch x2) (Medic comes in and ubercharges Heavy, turning him red. For 10 seconds, he will be immuned from projectiles, deals twice the damage and gives him Super Armor)

Final Strike: Meet the Team (Equipps the Saxxy and tosses it towards the opponent, turning it into a gold statue. If done, the entire cast of TF2 will come in to perform an all-out attack in a fixed order: Scout with his Sandman, Demoman with Sticky Bombs, Engineer with his three level three Sentry Guns, Pyro with his Flame Thrower, Sniper with his Sniper Rifle, Medic with the Bonesaw, Soldier (using a halo on his head) with the Rocket Launcher and Spy with his Backstab move while in his Disguise Kit. Heavy fires his Assault Cannon at full force, breaking the opponent in half, then a certain blue Engineer with a guitar, black glove and a white cowboy hat finishes off by sending them into a black hole from the sky before giving a thumbs up to the team and ascending to heaven with his wings)

Tracer (Overwatch) (Glass Cannon/Footsie)

Pulse Pistols (QCF + Punch, tap the button) (Fires two quick projectiles from dual pistols. Tap the button to repeatedly fire)

Blink (HCF + Kick) (Dissapears and teleports forward, which varies depending on the determined button and the directional pad. LP travels at a short distance, MP at a larger distance and HP travels diagonally up as she jumps. Pressing right will teleport behind the opponent, left to teleport faraway, down to quickly land while in the air and up to quickly jump)

Pulse Bomb (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Throws a bomb that sticks to either the opponent or the ground, with its distance varies depending on the button. After a short delay, the bomb explodes.)

Zap Attack (Right, Back, Right + Kick) (A rushing side kick. If done, she will perform a barrage of teleporting kicks before ending with a roundhouse)

Recall (QCB + Kick) (If the enemy attacks her, she counter by slowing down time for a few frames and reappears with a spinning heel kick behind them, while regaining health she lost from the current attack or a combo)

Super Combo 1: Quick Illusion (HCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of Zap Attack, where she alternates between her kicks and Pulse Pistols before ending with a solmersault)

Super Combo 2: Special Delivery (QCB x2 + Kick) (Throws five Pulse Bombs while time is slowed down, which explodes one by one)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Time Colony (Kick x2 + Punch x2) (Surrounds herself in blue energy while leaving 4 afterimages of herself that mimics her movement. For 10 seconds, her speed and jumping mobility are increased while slowly regenerates health)

Final Strike: Heroes Never Die! (Hanzo appears and fires an arrow really quickly. If done, the opponent will be quickly bombared by the attacks of the entire cast in a fixed order (D.Va, Cassidy, Bastion, Ashe, Sombra, Echo, Doomfist, Wrecking Ball, Mei, Genji, Junkrat, Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Lucio, Mercy, Sigma, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Zarya, Tobjorn, Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Orisa, Zenyatta and Moira). After that, Tracer performs a speedy ram and leaps backwards while firing her Pulse Pistols, then uses her "rewind" ability to travel all the way back to when it started, except she finishes off by firing the opponent's head off, with both pistols close to their face)

Gawr Gura (Hololive) (Rushdown)

Neptune's Pitchfork (QCF + Punch, hold the button) (A basic rushing stab attack. If held, not only its power will increase, but also deals high block damage)

Spinning Shark (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A rushing corkscrew thrurst. In the air, she will thrust diagonally down)

Watery Sky (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (Briefly dashes with her trident forward before making a leap while spinning)

Ariel's Tail (HCB + Kick) (Solmersaults forward, using her tail fin to attack. Heavy Punch makes her end with a flip attack, still using her tail fin)

Super Combo 1: Spiral Wave (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch) (An advanced version of Spinning Shark that makes her surround in water, before ending with a fin tail flip)

Super Combo 2: Call of the Shrimps (QCF x2 + Kick) (Summons a watery pillar that engulfs the opponent. After that, an array of shrimps will appear from the pillar and starts to bite them repeatedly before leaving)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Tsunami Wave (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Jumps in the air and moonsaults twice to slam her trident into the ground, summoning a large tsunami that engulfs the opponent)

Final Strike: The Gathering of the Aqua Animals (Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid crashes down towards the opponent. If done, the water will engulf the entire stage, while Gura calls her sea friends (Tidal Whale, Ariel, Bruce from Finding Nemo with Anchor and Chum on his side, Rikuo, Ranamon, that shrimp from Shark Tale, Gyarados and Princess Shirahoshi) to do a rush attack, one by one while sitting on Crush from Finding Nemo, surrounded by his children. Then she leaps and performs the Spiral Wave attack, knocking the opponent to a big rock. That big rock has an activated atomic bomb in front of them, with all the sea creatures swim away while Gura rests. While the bomb counts, Sebastian appears out of nowhere and sings "Bend over and grab your ankles!", then the bomb makes a huge, bubbly explosion, ending the move. Gura watches it while wearing her sunglasses like a badass)

Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter) (Footsie/Rekka)

Mouko Kouhazan (QCF + Punch) (A basic palm fist)

Byakko Soushouda (QCF + Heavy Punch) (A double palm strike that causes a wallbounce)

Renkantai (Z + Kick) (Performs a jumping kick with the right leg, then again with his left leg)

Shura Haoh Koukazan (QCB + Punch x3) (It starts from Saiten, then press again for Rimon Chouchu, then the third time to end with Tetsuzankou)

Tetsuzankou (Charge Back, then Right + Kick) (An unblockable shoulder strike)

Super Combo 1: Yuki-ryu Hakkyoku-ken Hiden ・ Hozan (HCF x2 + Punch) (Rushes towards the opponent. If done, he performs Kaiko then Utankyaku, followed by a rapid fire Chusui juggle combo, ending with a Byakko Soushouda)

Super Combo 2: Youhou (QCB x2 + Punch) (Counter move. If the opponent attacks him, he will counter with a fist launcher, launching the opponent in the air at the cost of minimal damage)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch x2) (Sidesteps in with Houken. If done, he will go behind the opponent to do a Tetsuzankou and ending with a stronger Byakko Soushouda)

Final Strike: Virtua Team Up (Performs the Tenzankou move (A side step shoulder strike) in front of the opponent. If done, they will be transported to the beach arena. Kagemaru appears from the smokes and monkey flips them, then does a series of kicks in the face while jumping, transitioning into Pai-Chan perfoming multiple juggling kicks. She then uses Kousen to launch them forward so that Kage can do the Rairyu Hishoukyaku. Akira reappears with Youshi Saiken, ending with the Dengeki Bunko version of Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou, where the last part fires a ki-like beam from his palms)

Panty (Zoner/Rekka) and Stocking (Rushdown/Footsie)


Special Attacks

Backlance (QCF + Punch) (Fires 3 projectile with both guns. During the move, Panty has the ability to change based on what direction the player inputted. If is right, she will roll forward and shoot, if is left, she will backflip while firing, and is up, she will do a solmersault while shooting. If used in the air while pressing down, she will spin in midair while firing downwards, pressing right or left makes her shoot diagonally down, as she will shoot striaght if no input is done, and pressing up will make her do a cartwheel as she fires in all over the directions)

Cosmos Pole (QCB + Punch) (Kicks a stripper pole forwards, hitting the opponent with big damage. It can reflect projectiles during the move)

Shootin' though the Heavens (HCF + Kick) (Performs a sliding kick. If done, she will flip them upwards with her foot and fires multiple times with her guns)

Though Spank (Right, Back, Right + Kick) (Kicks the opponent in the genitals, bringing them down. She then spank their butt with both guns on their back before firing)

Ditchin' (Down x2 + Kick or Punch) (Jumps into the foreground and switches out with Stocking)

Super Combo 1: Wild Bang (HCF x2 + Punch) (Rushes towards the opponent with both hands. If done, she slams them into the couch and fires at their face with her Backlance 12 times. She then twirls both guns and shoots for the last time)

Super Combo 2: Angelic Shot (QCB x2 + Punch) (Fires a gigantic sphere from her Backlance that hits once)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Do Not Disturb (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Blows a heart forward. If stunned, she dash towards them and brings both to the couch. While its happening, a curtain will quickly close as Panty is "banging" the opponent repeatedly while leaving her clothes off before the latter was sent forward)


Special Attacks

Stripes Tornado (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Combines both swords and spins like a cyclone, dealing multiple hits. During the move, the player can move her left or right.)

Hammer Slash (Right, Back, Right + Kick) (Flips forward and slashes down with one of her katanas, or both if Heavy Punch is used, knocking the opponent down.)

Stripecopter (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (Hops diagonally upwards as she uses both katanas like a helicopter to ascend, having a vaccuum effect that deals multiple hits.)

See Through a Crash (Charge Back, then Right + Kick) (Jumps as she rides on See Through, crashing straight forward to hit their opponent)

Dessert Deserve (Down x2 + Kick or Punch) (Jumps into the foreground and switches out with Panty)

Super Combo 1: Crossing the Line (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch) (Dashes forward as she performs a high speed slash that leaves 10 trail proejectiles behind)

Super Combo 2: Tornado Copter (Charge Down Back, Delta + Kick) (An advanced version of Stripecopter that uses the Stripes Tornado animation, dealing 12 hits in total)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: 666 Slashes (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch x2) (Stabs the opponent to their head, then performs 666 slashes, the last one makes a wallbounce. If the opponent has low health, it will turn into small cubes before being blown away by the winds.)


Final Strike: FLY AWAY (Panty combines both guns into a shotgun and fire straight forward. If Stocking is used, she will impale with both katanas before slashing out and inwards at the same time. If done, both sisters transform into her angel forms and takes out their underwear and socks, turning them into their appropriate weapons. They then perform a barrage of shots and slashes, before Panty fires three bullets to make holes and Stocking performing multiple slashes to leave marks, making the opponent explode realistically, in typical P&S fashion)

Marisa Kirisame (Touhou) (Zoner)

Meteonic Debris (HCF + Punch, hold the button) (Fires 5 multicolored stars in a spread direction. Holding the button down will fire 9 of them)

Narrow Spark (QCB + Punch) (A laser beam from both hands that covers the entire range.)

Bosky Sweeper (Z + Punch) (Rides on her broom upwards, while the broomstick emmits a blast to rocket)

Witch Heyline (Charge Back, then Right + Kick) (Rides on her broom, ramming forward against the opponent)

Green Spread (QCB + Kick) (Fires a large green sphere that collide and explode, releasing a circle of stars)

Super Combo 1: Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie" (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch) (An advanced version of Bosky Sweeper that bounces across the screen 7 times while hitting the opponent)

Super Combo 2: Star Sign "Gravity Beat" (HCB x2 + Kick) (Spins her broom horizontally that fires a big blue projectile straight up into the air. After a short while, the bullet comes crashing down and explodes, launching the opponent into the air)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Love Sign "Master Spark" (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Fires her signature rainbow beam. Hits 20 times and deals absurd damage, probably one of the strongest Lvl. 3 Super Combos in the game)

Final Strike: Perversion "Sure-Fire Master Spark" (Marisa leaps off the screen and rockets forward. If hit, she will continue to drag the opponent until she stops. There, Reimu will appear and fires 7 needles in four waves and throws a big yin-yang orb at them, Alice will trap the opponent with four of her dolls, as a gigantic one appears an slashes twice. The opponent will be crushed by a giant Suika Ibuki using her foot and blasted by Utsuho's Hell's Artificial Sun after Cirno freeze them by the Frozen Technique. After the "sun" explodes, Marisa begins to charge up her attack and fires a even gigantic rainbow beam than Love Sign "Master Spark", blasting the opponent into pieces)

Agumon (Glass-Cannon/All-Rounder) and Greymon (Big Body/All-Rounder) (Digimon)


Baby Flame (QCF + Punch) (A basic fireball projectile shot from his mouth. He'll fire diagonally down in the air)

Cross Fight (QCB + Kick) (Leaps forward and performs a vicious bite)

Claw Uppercut (Z + Punch) (A jumping uppercut comparable to Ryu's Shoryuken, except a bit higher)

Mach Jab (HCB + Punch) (Rapidly jabs the opponent similar to Ryo's Zanretsuken before ending with a slash)

Dynamite Kick (QCB + Kick, while in the air) (A series of diving kicks while falling)

Super Combo 1: Baby Burner (HCF x2 + Punch) (A large flamthrower attack. It can be moved upwards)

Super Combo 2: Aerial Mach Jab (QCB x2 + Kick) (Performs his Claw Uppercut, followed by a aerial Mach Jab, ending with a diving kick)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Digivolution (Kick x2 + Punch x2) (Digievolves into Greymon for the rest of the match)


Mega Flame (QCF + Punch) (Greymon's fireball is much larger and deals more damage)

Great Antler (QCB + Kick) (A dashing horn attack)

Fire Horn (Z + Punch) (A jumping horn strike while it is covered in fire)

Fire Wall (HCB + Punch) (Shoots a pillar of fire that rolls along the ground in a short range)

Super Combo 1: Bit Fire (HCF x2 + Punch) (Shoots three Mega Flames in a rapid succession)

Super Combo 2: Horn Impulse (QCB x2 + Kick) (An advanced version of Great Antler, dealing multiple hits while the horn in covered in flames)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Wargreymon (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Performs a flip kick that leaves a trail of fire. If done, he digievolves into MetalGreymon, then into WarGreymon and performs a drilling rush with Great Tornado. He then jumps and uses Terra Force to create a gigantic fireball from both hands, throwing against the downed opponent before Digidevolves back to Agumon)


Final Strike: Last Evolution tri. (Warp Digievolves into WarGreymon (or digievolves into MetalGreymon, then WarGreymon if you're Greymon) and performs three slashes. If done, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, Patamon and Gatomon perform their respective attacks very quickly, while Gabumon Warp Digievolves into MetalGarurumon and fuse with Wargreymon to become Omnimon, who uses the Grey Sword to slash forward, then again, before firing a Supreme Cannon to freeze the opponent. All of his friends will Warp Digievolve and fuse with him to become Omnimon Merciful Mode. He performs quick slashes with the Fearsome Blade and ends with a Graceful Cannon that "deletes" the frozen opponent)

Mulan & Mushu (Mulan) (Rushdown/Stance)


Viper Slam (HCF + Punch) (Leaps forward and strikes down to the ground with her sword)

Mantis Claw (QCB + Punch) (A rushing metal swipe while running)

Mushu Fire (QCB + Kick) (Mushu jumps in and shoots a flaming projectile to the opponent. Heavy Kick shoots him diagonally upward. Its range is really weak)

Crane Kick (Z + Kick) (A Shoryuken-type sword slash with no horizontal movement)

Disguise (Kick x3) (Disguises herself as Ping. In this stance, she cannot jump and only walks slowly while in her defensive pose and if you get hit it will knock you out of the stance, but in exchange of performing a jumping arc kick as a suprise attack, but she will leave her armor behind)

Super Combo 1: Flametounge (HCF x2 + Kick) (Runs towards the opponent while surrounded by fire summoned by Mushu. She can also perform in the air)

Super Combo 2: Striking Wind (Charge Back Down, Delta + Punch) (An advanced version of Crane Kick that is basically Shinryuken, while produces a wind tornado that vaccuums the opponent)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Red Meteor (QCB x2 + Kick x2) (Mushu spits a barrage of large fireballs upwards, which rains down all over the screen)

Final Strike: Festival of Fireworks (Grabs Mushu's tail and use him as a whip to wrap her opponent. If done, she will spin them and perform a flurry of slashes while running before knocking them away. This led to renact a scene in the movie where she uses Mushu as a lighter to lit up a rocket and fires at a mountain while Mushu wrongfully ride, triggering an avalanche that engulfs the opponent. After that, Mushu (covered in smoke) ends the move by firing a rocket lit up by Cri-Kee that slams the opponent directly to a tower full of fireworks, causing a large explosion similar to Shan Yu's death at the end)


Monkey Dash (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A forward ram with her sword pointed forward)

Drunken Wheel (Right x2 + Kick) (A forward solmersault that transitions into a lying down pose. Pressing Down + Kick will do a windmill kick before getting up)

Way of the Tiger (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (An overhead arcing slash. Heavy Punch makes her jump diagonally)

Discharged (Kick x3) (Returns back to Mulan)

Ryu (Street Fighter) (All-Rounder)

Hadoken (QCF + Punch) (Fires his iconic projectile)

Shakunetsu Hadoken (HCF + Punch) (Fires a red, multihitting Hadoken)

Shoryuken (Z + Punch) (A jumping uppercut)

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (QCB + Kick) (A spinning, crescent kick. In the air, he will fall down quickly)

Focus Attack (Down + Kick x3) (Assumes a focused stance while emitting a black ink-like aura, and then throws a short straight-punch. Crumples opponents for Level 2 and 3. The Focus Attack Dash Cancel technique can be used to cancel the animation by stepping forward)

Joudan Sokutogeri (HCF + Kick) (A forward-stepping side kick. Heavy Kick makes a wallbounce)

Mind's Eye (MK + MP) (Ryu can parry low, medium and high attacks and recover faster than his opponent)

Super Combo 1: Shinku Hadoken (QCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of Hadoken, where it becomes larger and deals 5 hits)

Super Combo 2: Shinku Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (QCB x2 + Kick) (An advanced version of Tatsumaki, where he will stay still and deal 13 hits while vaccuming the opponent)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Shin Shoryuken (QCF x2 + Punch x2) (Swings his right fist for an uppercut on the opponent's midscetion. He then performs another one with left fist above their chin, before finishes with a powerful Shoryuken while leaving a trail of afterimages. Deals 4 hits. If missed, it became a 6-hit Shoryuken called Forbidden Shoryuken)

Final Strike: Double Hadoken (Begins with the Street Fighter Alpha version of Metsu Shoryuken. If done, he briefly goes Denjin Renki to do a fully charged Denjin Hadoken to stun them and calls Ken to assist. They began with a Jumping Heavy Punch for Ryu and Ryusenkyaku for Ken, transitioning into a punch and kick combo simultaneously at the center, before backstepping away. They then fire their Hadokens three times, switch sides with their Tatsumaki and launch their twin Shoryukens. After that, they begin to charge up their respective Hadoken to more power, then fire simultaneously, and both projectiles become one to devastate the opponent, exploding as a result of too much chi in their body from Ryu's Power of Nothingness)

Morrigan (Darkstalkers) (All-Rounder/Zoner)

Soul Fist (QCF + Punch) (Fires a bat-shaped projectile from her arm. In the air, she fires diagonally down)

Shadow Blade (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type uppercut with a rising wing blade)

Vector Drain (HCB + Punch) (Grabs her opponent and flies upwards with her wings (turned into a jetpack-like). She will then spin upside down and piledrive them into the ground)

Merry Turn (QCB + Kick) (A spinning, crescent blade while leaping forward)

Vertical Dash (Down and Up or Down and Diagonally Right or Down and Diagonally Left) (Flies in a inputed direction)

Super Combo 1: Finishing Shower (QCF x2 + Punch) (Fires a hail of missiles at the opponent from her wings, which can be moved)

Super Combo 2: Valkyrie Turn (QCB x2 + Kick) (Flies forward off-screen, then reappears with a diving drill behind her, dealing multiple hits. Tap Punch or Kick for repeated hits and more damage)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Darkness Illusion (LP x2, Right, LK and HP) (Dashes forward to hit them. If done, Lilith appears on the opponent's opposite side and perform a series of hits and kicks alongside Morrigan, both ground and then in air, finishing off with their Deep Crescendo, smashing the opponent to the ground)

Final Strike: ES Midnight Festival (Begins with Cryptic Needle, where she turns her arm into long, distorted claw that shocks the opponent repeatedly. If done, she will perform ES versions of Soul Fist and Shadow Blade, transitioning into Shadow Servant, where she sends three shadows to slash the opponent. Demitri comes in with Demon Blaster and grabs them to perform Midnight Pleasure, Lilith dashes quickly to do Luminous Illusion, sending the opponent directly to the air, with the dark night and moon in the background. It ends with three characters doing Shadow Blade, Demon Cradle and Shining Blade at the same time, multihits included)

Kazuya (Tekken) (Rekka/Stance)

Flash Punch Combo (LP x2 and MP)

Demon Slayer (LP and MP x2)

Twin Fang Double Kick (LP, MP, LK and MK)

Demon's Wrath (Back + LK, MP, MK and LP)

Reign of Terror (Back + LK, MP, MK and LK)

Soul Thrust (Hold Right + Punch) (A straight, dashing punch. Knocks the opponent away)

Glorious Demon God Fist (Hold Right + Hold Punch) (lunges forward to throw a straight punch, causing the opponent to crumple)

Oni Stomp (Down + Heavy Kick while the opponent is down) (A strong stomp that emits electricity)

Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick (HCF + Kick x4) (Does a high roundhouse kick, followed by three spinning kicks, with the last kick striking at a high angle. Press the Kick button three times to continue)

Demon Scissors (HCB + Kick) (A forward solmersault with his legs)

Mist Step (Z) (A dash while crouching. The crouching part allows him to dodge projectile attacks)

Wind God Fist (Tap Punch during Mist Step) (A dashing uppercut)

Electric Wind God Fist (Tap Heavy Punch during Mist Step) (A dashing, electric uppercut)

Dragon Uppercut (Hold Punch during Mist Step) (A jumping, electric uppercut while rushing)

Spinning Demon to Left Hook (LK, then LP during Mist Step) (A sweep kick, followed by a hook from his left hand)

Spinning Demon (LK x2 during Mist Step) (Two sweep kicks)

Hell Lancer (Heavy Kick during Mist Step) (A leaping flying kick)

Gates of Hell (Hold Kick during Mist Step) (Command grab. Bends the opponent's back, then kicks them away)

Devil Transformation (Down + Punch and Kick) (Transforms into Devil for a limited amount of time. While he gains access to additional moves, he will absorb damage from mid and high attacks thanks to Super Armor, allowing him to continue to attack)

Inferno (QCF + Punch, while as Devil) (Unleashes an energy beam from his forehead. Varies depending on the determined button: LP fires downwards, MP fire fowards, and HP fires upwards. In the air, he only fires down)

Devil Fist (Charge Back, then Right + Punch, while as Devil) (A straight lunge punch that travels through the opponent, making the latter crumple)

Heaven's Door (Z, during Mist Step and hold Punch, while as Devil) (Grabs the opponent's face after Dragon Uppercut and slams them into the ground)

Twin Pistons (QCB + Punch x2, while as Devil) (Two small dashing uppercuts, with his left hand followed by his right hand. Press the Punch button again for the second hit)

Super Combo 1: Lightning Uppercut (HCB x2 + Punch) (Performs a spin while crouching before delivering a bursting uppercut. If the move is held, it will become Lightning Screw Uppercut, which, while deals more damage, it adds a second spin)

Super Combo 2: 10 Hit Combo (QCF x2 + Punch, LP, MP, MP, LK, MK, MK, LK, MP, and HP) (Performs a dashing left hand punch. If done, he throws another one, a right-hand punch, a backhand strike, a left up kick, a right axe kick, a right low sweeping kick, a left low kick, a right electric punch that crumples, and a bursting uppercut. Like Deadly Rave, the player must perform a series of buttons 9 times)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Rage Art (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Performs his Glorious Demon God Fist , then into an Electric Wind God Fist. If the second one hits the opponent, he will briefly transform into his devil form and fires his multihitting Inferno)

Final Strike: Final Baster (Turns into Devil Kazuya uses his Inferno move to fire. If done, he wil transition into his Rage Drive version of Heaven's Door and stun them with his Devil Fist before launching them with an uppercut. Kazuya looks up and flies towards them to crash. As the opponent falls down, Kazuya zooms towards them and hit them into the ground before throwing away. He then turns into his new Devil form and shoots out multiple lasers from his chest and wings at the downed opponent, resulting in a white explosion before flying away. The stage he takes them during the Final Strike resembles a volcanic landscape, used as the set for Kazuya vs. Heihachi in Tekken 7's Story Mode)

Terry (Fatal Fury) (All-Rounder/Footsie)

Power Wave (QCF + Punch) (Punches the floor to release a energy wave towards the opponent)

Round Wave (HCF + Punch) (A shorter, more bigger version of Power Wave)

Burn Knuckle (QCB + Punch) (A lunging, energy-infused cross)

Rising Tackle (Charge Down, then Up + Kick) (Jumps and performs an upward corkscrew flying kick while extending his arms)

Crack Shoot (QCB + Kick) (A spinning heel kick)

Power Dunk (Z + Punch) (A jumping knee strike, followed by a descending downward angled, energy-infused cross)

Power Charge (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Charges towards his opponent and hits them with a shoulder block)

Fire Kick (HCF + Kick) (Dashes forward with a sweep and gets up with a high kick)

Super Combo 1: Power Geyser (QCB, Down Back and Right + Punch) (Punches the ground to erupt a big geyser of energy)

Super Combo 2: Buster Wolf (QCF x2 + Punch) (Charges towards his opponent with a energy-charged punch; if it connects, Terry lands another one that releases a tremendous explosion.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Triple Wolf (QCB, Down Back and Right + Punch x2) (Performs Triple Geyser, where he punches three Power Geysers, one by one. If the last geyser hits the opponent, he will transition into his Max Dunk move from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, before ending with a Max Buster Wolf that deals 12 hits)

Final Strike: The Legend of The Hungry Wolf (Begins with Star Dunk Volcano, his Climax from KOF XIV. If done, he will do Rising Beat, with the last hit transitioning into Rising Force. Rock comes in to aid him as Terry grabs the opponent and does a Buster Throw, cancelling into Trinity Geyser. Rock then grabs the opponent and does the Shinkuunage to wallbounce them so he can perform his Raging Storm. Terry then does the Power Stream attack to send the opponent into the air, finally finishing off with Senpuuken by spinning around with his arms outstretched, creating a tornado around him that engulfs the opponent and shred them into nothing)

Tricky the Clown (Madness Combat) (Footsie/Grappler)

Note: His appearance will be based on his human appearance seen in this keyart:

Maniac Attack (HCF + Punch) (Swings his stop sign inward, which reflects projectiles)

Head Blow (HCB + Punch, hold to charge) (Swings his stop sign downwards, hitting the opponent in the head.. You can hold the button down to increase its power)

Hell to Fist (HCF + Kick) (Command grab. Grabs the opponent by the head and slams his stop sign to the ground behind him, creating a hole. He then toss them to the hole, where a shadowly fist emerges to punch them before the hole dissapears)

Black Smoke (Z or reverse Z + Punch or Kick) (Dissapears in a shadowly smoke and reappears to a different location depending on the directional pad and determined punch or kick)

Hole to the Blow (Charge Back, then Right + Kick) (Leaps forward to perform a heel kick. If done, he will grab and toss the opponent in the air and swings his stop sign like a golf club, hitting them)

Super Combo 1: Clown Rage (HCF x2 + Punch) (A series of swings and blows before headbutting them and performs the last hit of Hole to the Blow. Deals 10 hits)

Super Combo 2: Bloody Sky (HCB x2 + Kick) (Counter. Assumes a defensive stance using his stop sign. If the opponent attacks him, he will do a 13-hit Shoryuken-type move that leaves a blood effect)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Demonic Victory (HCB + Punch x2) (Leaps forward and bonks the opponent by the head. If done, he transforms into his demon form and performs a lunging left fist, then a right one above them, before shooting a white-colored flamethrower)

Final Strike: CLOWN CANNOT BE KILLED! YOU MADE BIG MISTAKE! (Runs towards the opponent with his stop sign outward. If done, he will drag them into the Nevada desert and toss them into the roof of the train. After Tricky jumped into, he smacks the opponent repeatedly, which spews blood, then jumps out of the train and goes inside the ground. There, he transforms into a demonic skeleton form and lifts the train into the air after he grabbed the opponent. Then he drags them into hell while repeatedly punching them in the face, before he toss them into the fiery abyss, killing the opponent. During the move, various janky words spoken by Tricky will briefly appear every once in a while)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) (Zoner/Rushdown)

Note: His appearance will be based on his appearance from KH3

Keyblade Strike (Right + LP and LK) (Swings his Keyblade downwards, bouncing the opponent in front of him)

Blow-Off (Left + LP and LK) (Spins around the opponent,ì, then flings backwards)

Command Normals

Keyblade Combo (LP x3) (A lunging downward strike, followed by a forward thrust, followed by a spinning outward strike)

Lunge 'n' Launch (LP x2, HP) (Hops back and thrust his Keyblade forward, launching the opponent a small bit. Done after the first two hits of his Keyblade Combo)

Explosion (Down x2 + HP) (Generates three spheres of light that move in a circle while dealing multiple hits. Done after Lunge 'n' Launch)

Flash Step (Left + MP) (Slides forward and performs an upward light-effect strike)

Slapshot (Close Right + LP x3) (An upward strike, followed by a forward thrust and a lunging downward strike)

Aerial Combo (Air LP x3) (A downward strike, followed by a upward strike and a spinning outward strike)

Air Spiral (Air LP x2, MP) (A spinning forward solmersault strike. Done during the first two hits of his Aerial Combo))

Aerial Finish (Air LP x2, HP) (Four circular slashes with light effect. Done during the first two hits of his Aerial Combo)

Magnet Burst (Air LP x2, Down + MP) (Vaccums the air opponent by surrounding himself in a magnetic orb before exploding. Done during the first two hits of his Aerial Combo))

Finishing Leap (Down Right + HP) (Leaps upwards and stabs the ground to create a blast of energy, launching the opponent in the air)

Sliding Dash (Down Right + MK) (A baseball slide)

Hurricane Blast (Air Down + MP) (Moonsaults down multiple times with is Keyblade before landing)

Special Attacks

Command Deck (QCF + Punch) (Casts a magic spell depending on the determined button:
*LP (Firaga): A homing fireball.
*MP (Blizzaga): A stream of short-ranged ice crystals that freezes the opponent.
*HP (Thundaga): Generates a descending thunderbolt in front of Sora.
*LP and MP (Magnega): A vortex of magnetic energy that vaccums the opponent.
*MP and HP (Graviga): A miniature event-horizon sphere that is generated forward, crushing the opponent into the ground.
*Punch x3 (Waterga): A bubble that absorbs the opponent's damage, protecting Sora. Pressing the button again will result in the bubble becoming a water beam)

Sonic Blade (Charge Back, then Right (ground), QCB (air) + Punch x3) (Thrusts forward with his Keyblade pointed at the opponent. Pressing the Punch button two times will result in doing it again. In the air, he will dive diagonally)

Strike Raid (HCB + Kick) (Throws the Keyblade forward. Once it reaches a set distance, it stops in place and spins before it boomerangs back to him)

Aerial Sweep (Z + Punch) (Jumps as he performs a series of spinning, inward slashes with no horizontal movement)

Counterattack (QCB + Punch) (Shifts his Keyblade into a defensive stance. If the opponent attacks him, they will be stunned by a flash and striked by Sora's upward slash. He can also counter projectiles and reflect them back)

Last Charge (HCF + Kick) (Leaps forward and slams his Keyblade on the ground, generating a magic column that sends the opponent into the air)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: Ars Arcanum (HCF x2 + Punch) (Rushes forward and performs a flurry of slashes while his Keyblade glows golden aura. Repeatedly tap the button for more damage)

Super Combo 2: Ragnarok (QCB x2 + Kick) (Charges up energy into a sphere from the tip of the Keyblade before firing several beams forward)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Trinity Limit (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Swings his Keyblade forward before doing an uppercut swing. If done, a magic circle will spawn as Donald and Goofy comes around and raise their weapons to create a huge orb of light alongside Sora, creating an explosion that engulfs the opponent)

Final Strike: Re:Connect (Casts Stopga at the closest opponent. If done, Donald comes in to team up with Sora with Unison Fire, Flare Force and Donald Meteor. Then Goofy rockets uncontrollably with Fusion Rocket as Sora helps him, transitioning into Goofy Bombardier. Kairi comes in and perform an Ars Arcanum unison with Sora, who traps them with Magnega, and they both use One Heart. As Kairi leaves, Sora spawns a Door to Darkness that sucks up the opponent behind and close itself, before Sora fires a beam that locks the keyhole)

Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) (Footsie/Puppet)

This incredible power...! (Right or Left + LP and LK) (Star Platinum the opponent by the leg, before spinning and slamming the opponent into the ground)

Command Normals

Back off (Down Right + HP) (Jotaro steps forward to deliver a kick)

ORAA! (Right + HP) (Star Platinum swings his punch downwards)

Special Attacks

(Stand Off)

Blazing Fists (QCF + Punch) (Star Platinum comes out and performs a barrage of punches in front of Jotaro while yelling its signature "Ora Ora!". Jotaro can freely move around during the attack)

Rocket Blows (QCF + Kick) (Star Platinum performs Blazing Fists upwards)

Blazing Strike (QCB + Punch) (Star Platinum rushes forward and performs a single powerful blow)

My Stand: The Judge (HCB + Kick) (Grabs the opponent and Star Platinum punches them in the face repeatedly before uppercuting then)

(Stand On)

Ora, Ora! (QCF + Punch) (Star Platinum performs Blazing Fists while moving forward. Press QCF + Punch again to finish off with a lunging fist)

Star Finger (Z + Punch) (Star Platinum moves its arm behind Jotaro and rapidly extends his finger to pierece the opponent)

Fresh Beat (HCB + Kick) (Star Platinum inhales at great strength to pull Jotaro's opponent in, allowing Jotaro to attack first)


Stand On/Off (Down + Punch and Kick) (Summon or recall Star Platinum)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: ORA ORA ORA ORA! (QCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of both Blazing Fists and Ora, Ora! that deals 24 hits before ending with an uppercut)

Super Combo 2: Star Breaker (QCB x2 + Punch, hold the button to charge) (Star Platinum moves its arm back and charges up for a powerful flashy strike. Hold the button to increase damage and hitbox)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Tandem Attack (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Points his finger as the "Super Flashy" animation begins. For 10 seconds, you can input a button combination for Star Platinum to execute in tandem with its summoner)

Final Strike: You pissed me off... (Star Platinum flies at the opponent with a powerful dash punch. If done, they're knocked off feet as Joseph comes in to shock them with Hermit Purple, Kakyoin perfoming the 20-meter-radius Emerald Splash while in the foreground, Silver Chariot shredding its armor and barrages them in multiple directions before the opponent's feet was caught by The Fool as Iggy perfoms a lunging bite to their face before flying off-screen by his stand. Jotaro stops time while walking towards the opponent, then his daughter Jolyne arrives and both perform their barrage of punches using their stands in unison before one final hook. Jotaro says that they pissed him off, then time resumes as the opponent violently explodes in a burst of blood similar to DIO's demise)

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) (Rushdown/Zoner)

Spear (QCF + Punch) (Takes out his spear throws straight forward as a projectile. Hitting the opponent with it will cause Scoprion to pull them in while shouting his iconic "Get Over Here!" line)

Flame Ball (QCB + Punch) (Throws a fire ball in an arc in front of him. Its distance differs based on the determined button: LP is thrown upwards, MP is throwned forward and HP is throwned down that bounces once)

Hellfire Punch (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Quickly dissapears in flames and reappears behind his opponent with a striking punch)

Demon Slam (QCF + Kick, while in the air) (Throws the opponent into the ground while in the air, then stabs them with his sword)

Flaming Kick (Z + Kick) (A backflip kick that leaves a trail of fire, knocking the opponent in the air)

Super Combo 1: Get Over Here (HCF x2 + Punch) (Slashes the opponent three times with his katana. If the third slash hits them, he will plunge his spears in their chest, then kicks them away and pulls them back to deliver a kick before ending the move by slaming their head into the spear)

Super Combo 2: Death Spin (QCB x2 + Kick) (Spins his spear around with the burning tip, hitting the opponent 6 times before ending with a final strike)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Toasty! (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Takes out his mask to reveal his flaming skull, then breathes a flamethrower towards the opponent, dealing huge damae. If the opponent has low health, they will be turned into a burning skeleton, KOing them)

Final Strike: Hellish Demise (Scorpion uses Hand from Hell to drag the opponent into the Netherrealm, then jumps into the hole to follow them. If done, Scorpion will perform a barrage of sword slashes and teleporting punches and kicks, then lifts them forward to a stone pillar and spears them, both taking back to the main stage by the rising fire pillar, then the ground starts to shake violently and both where teleported to Scorpion's Lair. The ghosts of the Shirai Ryu clan members rise from their gravestones and enters inside the opponent, exploding them into a pool of blood (or oil blood if is X or Sigma) as Scorpion raises his arm in victory while in his burning skeleton form as he laughs)

Melony (SMG4) (Footsie)

Sword Beam (Right + LP and LK) (Tosses the opponent upward and swings her sword to fire a beam forward)

Melon Swing (Left + LP and LK) (Swings her sword three times while dragging her opponent with it before throwing backward)

Command Normals

Melon Bump (Right + HP) (A forward bump with her body)

Jump Punch (Close Right + HP) (A hopping uppercut while doing the Mario Jump pose)

Melon Peach (Left + MK) (Hops forward to attack the opponent with her rear)

Fruit Hoodie (Close Light + MP) (A headbutt with her hoodie on briefly)

Melony Tornado (Air Down + MK) (Spins once, with her arms stretched out. Deals 2 hits)

Special Attacks

Melon Push (QCF + Punch) (It does exactly what it is, its a forward moving push with both hands, knocking the opponent away. Heavy Punch gives the move wallbounce properties)

Melon Trip (HCF + Kick) (Performs a brief "Naruto run" before delivering a swing kick, launching the opponent in the air. Heavy Punch makes her fall to the ground, like she was tripped by a banana peel)

Fruity Wings (Z + Punch) (Performs a horizontal jump as she flaps her arms like wings multiple times, dealing multiple hits depending on the button. Heavy Punch gives her more vertical range)

Master Hack (HCB + Punch) (Command grab. Grabs her opponent with one arm. If done, she will wrap them with wires and gets into her laptop to hack the system, then presses the enter keyboard to make the wires explode.)

Melon Spin (QCB + Kick) (Spins forward with her leg stretched out. Heavy Punch deals 4 hits. Melony has two followups:  If Punch is pressed, she will do Belly Slide, which exactly what it does, she slides along the ground with her whole body. If Kick is pressed, she does the Melon-Fu Kick, which is an upward jumping kick)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: Rest (QCB x2 + Kick) (Melony falls asleep, restoring her health at 35%. Before that, the opponent will be instantly hit, indicating by a ping sound, knocking them super high in the air before crashing down, waking Melony up)

Super Combo 2: Sword Blow (QCF x2 + Punch) (Picks up her sword and performs an upward sword slash, then does it again, this time by jumping. The latter deals 9-hits.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Melon Slash (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch x2) (Picks up her Fierce Deity sword and began to run towards the opponent using a battō technique to deliver a high speed slash, making the opponent crumble after a blood effect is spawn. If the opponent has low health, it will result them being sliced in half, Samurai Shodown-style)

Final Strike: Keep her going! You will root for her! (Picks up her Fierce Deity sword and swings forward to launch a a Sword Beam. If that projectile hits the opponent, she will rapidly swing to shoot five projectiles, triggering the cutscene. As the opponent is knocked down, Melony dashes and overwhelms them with slashes while the ghostly illusion of Axol appears besides her. With the last slash, the Fierce Deity mask briefly took over her and does a strike in a x-formation, then it switches to a First Person view by the opponent's perspective as Fierce Deity Melony makes a final slow-motion slash, briefly covering the screen in white. The last attack recreates Axol's final moments in War Of The Fat Italians 2021)

CD-I Link (Zelda CD-I) (Rushdown/Footsie)

Sword Strike (HCF + Punch) (Slashes inward while dashing. Light Punch slashes at a low angle)

Wind Cutter (HCB + Kick) (Leaps backwards as he sends a pink Sword Beam from his sword)

Friendly Octorok (HCB + Punch) (Command grab. Grabs the opponent and a friendly Octorok appears on his shoulder, repeatedly firing projectiles before he uppercuts them)

Elf Stomp (QCF + Kick) (Leaps in the air and falls down with repeated kicks shile shouting "Muda muda" repeatedly. In the air, he will use the last part)

Super Combo 1: I'll grab some Stuff! (QCB x2 + Punch) (Throws a bunch of random stuff straight forward, dealing 10 hits)

Super Combo 2: Dimension Slash (HCF x2 + Punch) (Dash slash past his opponent. If connected, time will stop as he leaves a trail of slashes before reappearing in front of them. Time will resume and the opponent will be affected by the slashes)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Death Race (Charge Back, Right, Back, Right + Punch x2) (Jumps inside the Toyota Hybrid as the King rides upon. If hit, the opponent will be dragged by the ram while CD-I Link plays his Game Boy, not caring what's happening and the King continues to drive, until Link from the 80's Zelda cartoon arrived in his Ice Cream Truck and tries to gun down, only to ram into a massive tree. The King will then stop and the opponent will be falling into a cliff, catapulting them back to the stage by the unseen explosion. If the opponent is at half health, The King and CD-Link perform a freeze frame pose as the 80s Toyota jingle plays)

Final Strike: Full-Powered Nukem (Leaps in the air and summon a rain of swords towards the opponent. if done, he dons his Link Nukem persona and starts to slash multiple times while transforming between Triforced and Fierce Deity forms with Twin Dancing Blades, then removes hit hat to slam them with his massive afro before putting it back, then goes to his Ascended form and creates a gigantic shield station to end with a fully charged beam, killing the opponent)

Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI) (Glass-Cannon/Zoner)

Unique Trait: If Shantotto's health drops at 25%, all of her Elemental Special Attacks will be altered to be stronger.

Fire / Fira (QCF + Punch) (Casts a circle of four fireballs that moves on a medium range)

Blizzard / Blizzara (HCF + Kick) (Casts an icicle that slams down the opponent)

Thunder / Thundara (QCB + Punch) (Casts a lighting bolt that hits multiple times)

Retribution (HCB + Kick) (Throws her staff forward and comes back like a boomerang)

Bind (HCF + Kick, while in the air) (Traps the closest opponent with a dark sphere for a few seconds)

Air / Tornado (Z + Punch) (Created a tornado wind that progressivly move forward as she floats above it)

Super Combo 1: Vidohunir (HCB x2 + Punch) (Casts a light orb in front of her that vaccums the opponent and explodes)

Super Combo 2: Tri-Disaster (HCF x2 + Punch) (Casts a large fire wave (Firaga) then freeze them in a chunk of ice (Blizzaga) and ends by summoning a bigger lightning bolt that leaves small sparks (Thundaga))

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Divine Malison (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Casts a rain of orbs that deals intense damage above the opponent)

Final Strike: EX Play-Rough (Casts Quake, causing pillars of rocks to erupt below the opponent. If done, she will grew in size herself and unleashes a large wave of energy from her hand, then summons multiple scythes to persue them with Salvation Scythe. Shantotto will return to her original size and use Heavy Swing and Howling Fist, then attacking with a Magic Burst before turning as she laughs while the move is executed: Flare, Flood, Burst, Quake, Tornado, and Freeze. After that, she delivers the final blow by casting a rainbow-coated burst of energy that consumes the opponent)

Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) (All-Rounder/Puppet)

Special Attacks

Egg Firing (QCF + Punch) (Banjo gets down on all fours while Kazooie spits out an egg. The egg will bounce off the ground onec beforwe breaking)

Pack Jump (QCB + Kick) (Banjo swings his backpack forward as he jumps)

Wing Whack (Z + Punch) (Kazooie flies upwards and spins her wings vertically while spinning herself)

Rear Egg (HCB + Kick) (Banjo goes behind and bends over, with Kazooie laying a Grenade Egg that is launched in an arc to explode)

Beak Bomb (HCB + Kick, while in the air) ( Banjo and Kazooie pull themselves back and then quickly dives down like a missile)

Rat-a-Tat Rap (Tap Kick) (Kazooie comes out of Banjo's backup and pecks repeatedly)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Wonderwing (HCB x2 + Punch) (Kazooie covers Banjo with her magic-infused wings while he charges forward at high speed, dealing one hit)

Super Combo 2: Breegull Blaster (HCF x2 + Punch) (Banjo takes Kazooie out of his backpack and uses her like a hend-held gun to fire quick. multiple eggs from her mouth, dealing 20 hits)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Duo Destruction (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Performs a shoulder block. If it connets, the opponent will be staggered and Kazooie leaves out of Banjo's backpack to perform a duo combo for 19, ending with both performing their flip kicks)

Final Strike: The Mighty Jinjonator (Gruntilda will fly towards the duo, who they jump. If she hits the opponent, the duo will use their Wonderwings 5 times before running out of golden feather, the last one knocks the opponent in the air. They then use the Shock Spring Jump to jump high below the opponent and to allow Kazooie to perform the Beak Buster before they backstep. The statue of the Mighty Jinjonator rises from the ground and activate itself, then strikes the opponent multiple times and knocks them out of the stage, with the opponent crashing into the ground, then a large boulder falls on the same spot, trapping them)

Hades (Disney's Hercules) (Zoner/Footsie)

Dodge this! (HCF + Punch) (Throws a slow-moving fireball from his hand)

That's it! (QCB + Punch) (Fires a small bullet in  medium range from his finger)

Insolent weakling... (QCB + Kick) (Sends a dark wave that turns the opponent into an insect. For 5 seconds, the opponent will be unable to attack and delt twice the damage. The different type of bugs determs based on their playstyle: Tall characters becomes a beetle, normal-sized characters becomes a spider, and small characters becomes a cricket)

How about a handshake? (HCF + Kick) (Counter. Sticks out a hand in front of him. If the opponent attack him, he will rab their hand and grasps it tightly, as magical blue light streams from their joined hands. For 10 seconds, the attacks dealt by the opponent will be reduced at 50%)

Better all you got? (Z or reverse Z + Punch or Kick) (Snaps his finger as he dissapers and reappears in a puff of smoke based on the determined input)

Super Combo 1: Don't mess with me! (QCB x2 + Kick) (Becomes red and fires two columms from his hands, straight and up)

Super Combo 2: I require some assistance... (HCF x2 + Punch) (Snaps his finger to summons Cerberus, who repeatedly bites the opponent one by one, then slams both legs to create a shockwave)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Have fun with my favorite beast! (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Points his finger as both hands of the dead souls grab the opponent's feet. If done, the Hydra will come in as Hades dissapears, the beast makes no hesitant in tripping them with its tail and makes 6 heads to appear. One of the heads grabs the opponent and lifts them upwards as the heads does a unison lunge before slamming them to the ground, one by one before leaving)

Final Strike: You're free, my Titans! (Gets into his chariot and rams the opponent. If done, he frees the titans and asks them to destroy the weakling, in which they do so. The Rock Titan will slam both arms to create a shockwave, tripping the opponent, the Tornado Titan engulfs them inside and shoot directly to the pool of magma made by the Lava Titan before being freezed to death by the Ice Titan's cold breath, transforming the magma into a solidifield stone. We see the opponent's soul getting dragged into the River Styx by the souls of the dead, ending the attack)

Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) (Rushdown/Footsie)

Hokuto Ryu Geki Ko (QCB + Punch) (Cups his hands straight while standing. If the opponent attack him, he deliver a powerful straight punch, knocking the out. It also works as a projectile reflect)

Touki (QCF + Punch) (Fires a ki-like projectile forward from his hand)

Hokuto Hiei Ken (Z + Kick) (A forward flying kick that causes wallbounce when Heavy Kick is pressed)

Hokuto Ujo Mosho Ha (Right, Back, Right + Punch) (Performs a series of rapid punches diagonally upwards, then ends with an uppercut)

Hokuto Shichishi Kihei Zan (QCB + Punch, while in the air) (A diagonally down flying punch)

Super Combo 1: Tenha Kassatsu (QCF x2 + Punch) (Waves his hands in a motion circle and fires a ki-like beam)

Super Combo 2: Muso Tensei (QCB x2 + Kick) (Summons 7 afterimages of himself and fuse with them. Kenshiro can automatically dodge attacks 7 times while moving or crouching)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Hokuto Zankai Ken (HCF x2 + Kick x2) (Dashes against the opponent and impales their head with both thumbs. A timer will appear after landing the move, which makes the opponent suffer intense damage after 10 seconds have passed)

Final Strike: Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken (Rei comes in with Gekisei Kakubu (a forward swipe), then Kenshiro does a side kick at the opponent. If done, Rei will continue to perform several swipes in any direction, culminanting into doing Hishō Hakurei (A solmersault, followed by a impale with both hands), then stun them with Komen Yu (a simple karate chop). After that, Kenshiro rips his top and performs his infamous attack, a barrage of 99 punches, followed by a kick, making the opponent violently explode into blood after he says "お前はもう死んでいる" (Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru, "You're already dead").

TMNT (Rushdown)

Note: Uniquely, you can select one of the four turtles via a color swap or using a specific special move that come with their own unique moveset (Leo as the default, Donnie for color 2, Mickey for color 3 and Ralph for color 4), so this technically counts as 3 extra fighters, doubling it to 48)


Shining Cutter (HCF + Punch) (Moonsaults multiple times while dashing forward with his katanas)

Endless Screw (Punch x3 or Kick x3) (Spins around with both katanas like Zangief. The Kick version is much faster and deals more damage)

Ninja Flip (QCB + Kick) (Backflips as he jumps. Press Kick again will have him do a dive kick)

Rising Katana (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (A jumping solmersault slash)

Super Combo 1: Millennium Wave (HCF x2 + Punch) (Throws a barrage of punches, ending with a dual slice)

Super Combo 2: Screw Tornado (Charge Back Down, Delta + Punch) (Performs his Endless Screw while rising up, dealing 12 hits)


Dancing Turtle (Charge Back, then Right + Kick) (Turns upside down and performs a series of helicopter-like spinning kicks while sliding with his head)

Skull Cracker (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A somersaulting strike of his staff)

Stick Tower (Charge Down, then Up + Kick) (Jump kicks in the air, then falls down by stabbing his staff)

Super Combo 1: Smart Strike (Charge Back, then Right, Back, Right + Punch) (Does his Skull Cracker move, followed by a standing still Dancing Turtle, ending with Stick Tower)

Super Combo 2: Slamdown (HCF x2 + Punch) (Extends his staff forward to hit the opponent. If done, he i'll drag the, into the tip and slams them left and right 6 times before ending with a forward thrust)


Wild Swing (Tap Punch) (Vertically twirls his nunchuck repeatedly)

Up Chuck (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type uppercut with the nunchuck)

Party Dude (HCB + Kick) (Spins around by using his shell on the ground as he slides)

Super Combo 1: Dance of Fury (HCF x2 + Punch) (Wraps the opponent with his Grappling Hook and pulls in, then perform a 9 hit combo, ending with a 3-hit Up Chuck)

Super Combo 2: Radical Ride (HCB x2 + Kick) (Rides forward on his skateboard, knocking the opponent in the air, then does it 2 more times before finishing off with a jumping slam of his nunchuck below them)


Power Drill (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A Psycho Crusher-like move with both Sais)

Jab Quake (Z + Punch) (Command grab. Leaps forward and tries to stab the opponent with both Sais. If done, he performs a jumping slam)

Suprising Blow (QCF + Kick) (A dashing backjab with his left arm)

Super Combo 1: The Nightwatcher (QCF x2 + Punch) (A rapid seies of stabs while moving forward before smacking them with his shell)

Super Combo 2: Energy Fire (HCB x2 + Kick) (Leaps in the air and shoots a flamethrower diagonally down with one of his Sai's)

(All of them)

Coming out of the Shadows (Down x2 + Punch and Kick) (Switches with another turtle by falling into the sewer hole below. What's unique about this is that it determines on which turtle you're currently use. For example, Leonardo will be your default turtle, while the others need to be switched with the determined button, LP and LK for Donnie, MP and MK for Mikey, and HP and HK for Ralph)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Shell Shock (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (No matter which turtle you choose, Leonardo will always attack first. Leo jump slashes forward. If done, Mikey smacks the opponent with his nunchucks while riding past them before throwing his skateboard at the. Ralph follows up by kicking their back and dual slice them and Donnie does a overhead bo strike, launching the opponent into the air. The turtles end by smashing their shells at onto the opponent at the same time)

Final Strike: It's Turtle Time! (No matter which turtle you choose, Leonardo will always attack first. Leo makes a defensive stance. If attacked, he will counter with a series of slashes, then sends them with Rising Katana. The opponent will be taken to the New York Street as the Turtle Van runs past them. Mikey throws his Grappling Hook to bring them into the roof, leading to the opponent be overwhelmed by the attacks of the turtles as April took control of the van, who activates the side door cannons to bring them down. It ends with the van ramming forward and firing roof lasers repeatedly until the opponent falls down to the sewers, erupting a geyser)

Here the new stages:

*King's Row
*Sigma Palace
*Daten Church
*The Emperor's Palace
*Suzaku Castle
*Brimstone & Fire
*Destiny Islands
*Shaoh Kahn's Coliseum
*The Underworld
*Egyptian Bridge
*The Sewers
*Central Park
*Dive to the Heart

And 2 Assists:

Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

(Support Attack 1: Healing Help) (Throws healing food directly to her summoner)

(Support Attack 2: Compiling these Tasks) (Runs forward with paper sheets on her hands before she trips to knock the opponent, making the sheets fall. Isabelle recovers all of them before continues to run again while hitting the opponent the second time)

Casey Jones (TMNT)

(Support Attack 1: Did someone served a knuckle sandwich?) (A running forward punch as he skates, then delivers it two more times before leaving)

(Support Attack 2: Let's play a game of Hot Potato!) (Throws an explosive mine with a swing of his hockey bat)
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Here are the last remaining stages i show, finally realizing the total number of 30.

*Meme House
*Battle Arena (LoliRock)
*Club M (Madness Combat)
*Maverick Hunters Base
*Training Room
*Last Destination

And more Assists:

Freddie Freaker

Note: He is the only character with one function

(Support Attack: The Freak Dance) (Freddie just stands there, making a limited dance while The Freak Phone song plays. It is only used to troll you and your opponent)

Po (Kung Fu Panda)

(Support Attack 1: The Panda Kick of Awesomeness) (A flying kick that performed on-screen)

(Support Attack 2: Belly Trap) (If the opponent attacks Po, he counters with a belly strike, causing a wallbounce)

Pan Pizza (RebelTaxi)

(Support Attack 1: I can skate better than Tony Hawk!) (Skates forward while holding a chicken to his arm)

(Support Attack 2: Fantasization) (Fantasizes a goth girl on his thoughts. It doesn't do anything at first, but when the opponent attacks Pan, the goth girl will just punch them)

Johnny Zest (The Sims 4)

(Support Attack 1: Crouching Rampage) (Performs a repeated amount of kicks in the groin)

(Support Attack 2: J-Johnny, what are you doing?) (Gets out his spiked baseball bat and swings forward. The range is pathetic, but when hit, it causes a instant stun)

Super Demon Cop (Meme Hosue)

(Support Attack 1: Demonic Reflection) (Reflect the opponent's projectile wusing his body, doubling the damage)

(Support Attack 2: Get to Hell Jail) (Punches the opponent and handcuffs them in the back, then flies away while holding the helicopter's ladder tail before the helicopter suddenly crash into the ground, making an explosion that deals huge damage)

Y'shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)

(Support Attack 1: Virus) (Conjures a poisonous orb of magic that slowly move forward. If hit, the opponent's health will slowly decrease for 8 seconds)

(Support Attack 2: Stonera) (Sets up a stone trap that explodes when the opponent gets close by)

Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)

(Support Attack 1: Adventurous Sword) (Finn leaps with his sword up while screaming, slaming the weapon to the ground)

(Support Attack 2: Morph Punch) (Jake performs an inflated left punch, then right before leaving)

Ken Izumi (Chargeman Ken)

(Support Attack 1: Alpha Beam) (Fires a rainbow beam from his Alpha Gun, shocking the opponent)

(Support Attack 2: Vizum Tornado) (Spins for a few frames and sends a tornado forward, knocking the opponent in the air)

Saya (Namco x Capcom)

(Support Attack 1: Shunka Shuto (Blows a kiss that paralyzes the closeset opponent. If done, she fires a gun, attacks with three elemental katanas (ice, fire and electric), then ends by impaling them in the chest with her hand)

(Support Attack 2: Hyakki Yako) (Blows a kiss that summons a small spark projectile. If hit, the opponent will be trapped into a red electric orb and Saya performs a high speed slash, then throws her jacket upwards as the opponent gets slashed)

Sky (Winx Club)

(Support Attack 1: Long Strike) (A lunging, thrust sword)

(Support Attack 2: Cloud Slash) (Comes down to the opponent on-screen and slashes them)

Ness (Earthbound)

(Support Attack 1: PK Fire) (Shoots a small bolt that ignites fire if it hits the opponent)

(Support Attack 2: PK Thunder) (Generates an electric sphere and hits himself with it, becoming a human missile to hit the opponent)

Lucy Loud (The Loud House)

(Support Attack 1: Death is Coming) (Swings her large scythe forward, knocking the opponent inside the coffin that explodes shortly after)

(Support Attack 2: Bat Swarm) (Summons multiple bats to aid her summoner. The player can press Punch to let a bat fly in a homing way 3 times)

Blue Mary (Fatal Fury)

(Support Attack 1: Straight Slicer to Crab Clutch) (A baseball slide, then grabs and snaps the opponent's leg)

(Support Attack 2: M. Dynamite Swing) (Performs a jumping knee and piledrives them down, then grabs their legs and perform a Giant Swing, causing a wallbounce)

Jin Kazama (Tekken)

(Support Attack 1: Median Line Destruction) (A repeated amount of blows to the opponent's chest before punching them away)

(Support Attack 2: Avenger) (Charges up and delivers a strong, straight punch, causing a wallbounce and electric damage)

Felicia (Darkstalkers)

(Support Attack 1: Rolling Buckler) (Quickly rolls towards her opponent. It is follow-up by a uppercut slash)

(Support Attack 2: Sand Splash) (Crouches down and kicks ki-enhanced sand at her opponent three times)

He-Man (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

(Support Attack 1: I have the Power!) (Adam transforms into He-Man by the power of Greyskull, then performs three slow swings before leaving)

(Support Attack 2: Battle Claw) (Battle Cat grabs the opponent by his claw and toss them to wallbounce before pouncing forward while He-Man rides on him)

Lupin the 3rd

(Support Attack 1: A gunning Help) (Fires against the opponent to stun. If done, he is aided by Jigen and they both shoot at them repeatedly)

(Support Attack 2: Wave of the Samurai) (Falls down with a stomp while holding his hookshot. If done, Goemon performs multiple high speed slashes before sheathing it)

Optimus Prime (Transformers)

(Support Attack 1: Roll Out!) (Transforms into a truck and rams against the opponent)

(Support Attack 2: Explosive Blast) (Fires a blast projectile downwards, creating a pink explosion)

Agent P (Phineas and Ferb)

(Support Attack 1: Platy Kick) (Spin jumps forward to deliver a kick. If hit, he will bounce back and lands)

(Support Attack 2: Secret Indentity) (Takes off his hat and acts like a regular platypus. For 5 seconds, he acts as a human shield for the summoner, since he will automatically jump if is a projectile or a high and medium attack and doesn't suffer knockback when attacking him)

Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kazooie)

(Support Attack 1: Magic Blast) (Fires a magical projectile, transforming the opponent into a Washing Machine with googly eyes. In this 5 second form, the opponent's strength is reduced and can only walk by making small leaps as they cannot jump)

(Support Attack 2: Mumbo Bonk) (Bonks the opponent's head repeatedly if close)

Raoh (Fist of the North Star)

(Support Attack 1: Hokuto Tensho Raigeki) (A powerful leaping chop)

(Support Attack 2: Tensho Honretsu) (Rotates his hands in a circle before firing a energy wave beam)

Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)

(Support Attack 1: Assisting Song) (Sings a Vocaloid rendition of a existing song to summon one of the four assists at random: Koi no Mikuru Densetsu summons Mikuru to deliver the Mikuru Beam, Air Man Ga Taosenai summons 8-bit renditions of both Mega Man and Air Man fighting each other while hurting the opponent, Donald McDonald jingle summons the Japanese Ronald McDonald to throw multiple hamburgers on the ground before delivering an uppercut, then both him and Miku do the "Ran Ran Ru" pose and says "I love it!" before flying away. Miku will mimic his voice during the entirety of the move. And finally, Eternal Blaze summons Nanoha Takamachi, who charges up her Divine Buster beforing firing it)

(Support Attack 2: Leek Smash) (Summons a gigantic leek form her holding hands before slamming it to the ground)

Duckworth (Ducktales)

(Support Attack 1: The tea, sir) (Servers his summoner a tea, restoring 25% of health)

(Support Attack 2: I serve to protect my summoner) (Makes himself a human shield for his summoner, similar to Agent P's Secret Identity, except that it takes 5 attack to beat him down)

Black Cat (Spider-Man)

(Support Attack 1: Savaging Claw) (Two dashing claws)

(Support Attack 2: Night Slash) (Makes a cartwheel kick, followed by overwhelming the aired opponent with slashes)
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I'm finally going to reveal all of the assists and characters, and i'm finally done with it at last!


Geese Howard (Fatal Fury) (Rushdown/Grappler)

Reppuken (QCF + Punch) (Throws a tall, grounded projectile forward)

Double Reppuken (QCF + Heavy Punch) (Creates circle of energy in front of him before firing a stronger projectile ahead of himself)

Shippuken (QCB + Punch, while in the air) (Fires a diagonally down projectile while in the air)

Jai Ei Ken (HCB + Punch) (Lunges forward with a powerful punch. If he hits an opponent, he unleashes more hits that knocks them forward)

Shinkuunage (HCBR + Punch) (Lifts his opponent into the air and throws them to the end of the other side)

Raime Gōha Nage (DR + Punch, while the opponent is down) (Grabs them by their neck, lift them up and slam them down, emmiting a lighting bolt effect)

Jyoudan Atemi Nage (HCB + Light Kick) (Counter. If the air opponent attacks him, he will grab their head and slams them down to the floor)

Gedan Atemi Nage (HCB + Medium Kick) (Counter. If the crouching opponent attacks him, performs a powerful palm strike, launching the opponent into the air)

Chudan Atemi Nage (HCB + Heavy Kick) (Counter. If the opponent attacks him, he performs a similar move to Raime Goha Nage, except it doesn't emit electricity)

Super Combo 1: Raging Storm (Down Back, HCB, Down Right + Punch) (Channels his power and slams his hands onto the ground, creating channels of strong wind gusts on both sides of him.)

Super Combo 2: Oni Hanmon (QCF, HCB + Kick) (Takes a bold counter stance. If he is attacked, he grabs his opponent and slams the opponent intensely onto the ground)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Deadly Rave (QCF, HCB + Punch x2, LP x2, LK x2, MP, LP, HP, HK, QCB + HP) (Lunges towards the opponent. If it hits, he performs a quick-but-strong 8-hit combo before finishing with an explosive blast of energy, making a 9-hit combo. During this, the player must peform a rapid combination of buttons to execute)

Final Strike: Rashomon (Geese will charge up a projectile from his hand before lauching a Raigo Reppuken, dealing multiple times. If it hits, he will create multiple circles to make his Reppuken into a gigantic size while in his topless form before shooting a Aerial Violent Reppuken while the opponent slowly gets up before being blasted. Geese walks slowly and grabs them to do Raime Goha Nage two times, before throwing them into the air. He then slowly sways his arms in a circle as he charges up energy before finally knocking them away with a powerful blast from both hands, making his opponent falling from his building)

Spider-Man (Marvel) (Rushdown/Glass-Cannon)

Web Shot (QCF + Punch) (Fires a web projectile that traps the opponent)

Web Swing (HCF + Kick) (Shots a web in the air and swings forward to kick his opponent)

Web Throw (HCB + Punch) (Command grab. Shoots out his web to the closest opponent. If done, he will swing it repeatedly before throwing forward)

Wall Cling (Charge Down, then Up + Kick) (Jumps backwards to a wall and cling on in. Spider-Man can either move to another wall with the directional pad or a homing dive kick with the Kick button)

One for J.J. (360 + Punch) (Command grab. Grabs the opponent and punches them in the face before slamming them into the ground and does a selfie with them)

My Spider-Senses are tingling! (HCB + Kick) (Yellow trails will appear as Spider-Man makes a looking stance. If the opponent attacks him, he will automatically dodge with a backflip)

Spider Sting (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type attack with his right arm. Press Punch to slam the opponent with a swing punch)

Super Combo 1: Clawer Assault (QCF x2 + Punch) (Dshes forward and unleashes a flurry of berserker punches and flips before kicking them away)

Super Combo 2: Ultimate Web Throw (HCB x2 + Punch) (Leaps in the air backwards and shoots out a giant triangular web. If the web connects, it ensnares his opponent and he swings them around in overhead circles several times before finally slamming his opponent into the ground.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Maximum Spider (QCB, HCF + Punch x2) (Leaps to a wall and perform a forwward diving kick. If connected, he performs several flying kicks all over the directions, ensnaring them in a series of webs. Then finishes off with a foot stomp)

Final Strike: Into The Spider-Verse (A portal will appear and Miles comes out with a flying kick. If done, the opponent will be sent inside the portal spawned behind them as multiple Spider-Men appear one by one to punch and kick them. The order are: Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham, Spider-Noir, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl, Leopardon's fist from Takuya Yamashiro, SP//dr: and Peni Parker, Zombie Spider-Man, Insomniac Spider-Man and MCU Spider-Man. Finally, both Peter and Miles traps them in a large web to perform a flurry combo before ending with all of the Spider-Men punching them at the same time, causing a white explosion that sends Peter back to his main universe)

Liquid Bulk (Vinesauce Joel/Meme House) (Zoner/Puppet)

Gunshot (QCF + Punch, hold the button) (Brings his pistol from his pocket and fires at the opponent. Hold the button to keep shooting up to 4 times)

Pasta la Vista! (HCF + Kick) (Lasagna Ocelot comes in and fires a missile from his rocket launcher)

Beef Russian Bag (HCB + Punch) (Command grab. Summons Big Papanya Mafioznik, who crashes down on the closest opponent and grabs them with one arm , only toss them forward, causing a wallbounce)

Groin Shooting (QCB + Kick) (A variation of Bulk's Groin Stomping where instead of stomping, he fires at their groin three times)

Elmo Drop (Z + Punch) (A variation of Bulk's Mooskle Drop, but performs a jumping down elbow instead of his Splash move)

Celebrity Status (Down x2 + Punch) (A variation of Bulk's Pump Up! where he does a selfie on himself, increasing his attack speed and jumping mobility at 2x for 4 seconds. Unlike Bulk's, it doesn't have a counter)

Super Combo 1: Suka Blyat Barrage (HCF x2 + Punch) (Mid-ranged command grab. Calls the russian mafia, who glomps against the opponent. If successful, the opponent will be relentlessly and comically pounded by them, kicking up dust along the way. It ends with Big Papanya Mafioznik standing besides the opponent ala Andre and Hulk's begin intro before knocking them forward with a straight punch)

Super Combo 2: Liquid Cutter (HCF x2 + Kick) (A variation of Bulk's Bogan Cutter where instead of the crowbar and the headbutt, he grabs the opponent' face and slam them multiple times before kicking them in the air.

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Do you defy your lord and savior!? (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Calls Jim Pickens and explains his plan to him. Jim then takes out his Book of Chaos and blows a kiss to spawn a heart. Hitting the opponent with the heart causes them to get burned and Jim freezes them in a block of ice, then ends with a electric handshake that makes the opponent crumple before leaving)

Final Strike: The Phantom Bolgan (Gets out a baselball bat from behind and swings it against the opponent. If done, he calls Lasagna Ocelot to unleash an army of Bulk Bogans to overhelm his opponent which they do so. As Liquid Bulk leaves, Lasagna Ocelot (inside the Metal Gear Garfield) shoots a barrage of shots, then crush them with a giant lasagna, ending with a huge, red explosion caused by the arrival of Bonzi Buddy's ghost, who wonders why he is in this before leaving. If you're wondering where Liquid Bulk is, he is just chilling out with women on both sides as he sits in his couch, drinking as he watches the match on TV)

Pichu (Pokémon) (Glass-Cannon/Shoto)

Rollout (QCB + Kick) (Solmersault forward and curls into a ball for a brief moment)

Agility (Z or reverse Z + Punch or Kick) (Zips to a specific location based on the determined input)

Headbutt (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (A forward ram while running)

Nuzzle (QCB + Punch) (Command grab. Grabs the opponent and goes on their shoulders, then nuzzles its cheeks to shock them)

Thunder Wave (QCB + Punch, while in the air) (Fires an electric ripple that "freezes" the opponent. Deals minimal damage)

Super Combo 1: Skull Bash (Charge Back, Right, Back, then Right + Punch, Hold the button to charge) (It pretty much acts identical to Pikachu's, except with more highpower)

Super Combo 2: Electric Terrain (HCB x2 + Punch) (Leaps in the air and generates a yellow background. For 10 seconds, all of Pichu's Special Moves and speed are raised at 2x)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Volt Tackle (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Pretty munch identical to Pikachu's, except it deals high recoil damage to Pichu)

Final Strike: Baby Group Unite (Pichu releases its Thunderbolt to shock the opponent. If done, it will call all of the baby Pokémons and attack them one by one: Tyrogue with Focus Energy, then Mega Punch and Mega Kick, Smoochum with Draining Kiss, Cleffa does the same attack as Smoochum via Copycat, Elekid and Magby using Thunder Punch and Fire Punch together at both sides, both Mime Jr. and Chingling uses Teeter Dance to put them down so that Munchlax can do Body Slam on them while holding Bonsly, Budew using Grass Knot to trap them, Toxel using Belch to poison the opponent after eating a berry, Togepi using Metronome to use Rollout to knock them forward and get bounced by Wynaut, followed by Igglybuff carrying Mantyke carrying Azurill and both slam the opponent, and finally, Riolu uses Rock Smash to punch them in the gut at full force. After Happiny used Soft-Boiled to heal Pichu, the latter finally ends with Zap Cannon by charging up energy and firing the large, sparkly projetile that causes an electric explosion)

Scanty and Kneesocks (Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt) (Rushdown/Puppet)

Double Gold Shots (QCF + Punch, hold the button to delay) (Scanty brings her dual revolvers and fire two quick projectiles. By holding the button, Scanty can either roll and shoot up when pressing right, or shoot as she leaps backwards when pressing left)

Golden Tornado (QCB + Kick) (Kneesocks spins like a tornado with both dual scythes. You can move her left or right with the d-pad)

Ruru! (HCB + Punch) (Scanty or Kneesocks attacks the closest opponent with the "Rurus". This move disables one of the opponent's Special Moves they used for a few seconds, and that's for Scanty's (Light and Medium Punches). For Kneesocks', her "Rurus" traps the opponent while it dealt a small percentage of damage, also for the same seconds (Heavy Punch))

Golden Shield (QCF + Kick) (Kneesocks spins both her scythes around, reflecting the opponent's projectile, and vaccum them)

Golden Rain (Charge Down, then Up + Punch) (Scanty leaps in the air and spirals while firing both revolvers downward)

Super Combo 1: Million Bullets (HCF x2 + Punch) (Scanty fires 29 bullets with both revolvers before firing a large, combined spiral shot)

Super Combo 2: Scythecopter (Charge Back Down, Delta + Kick) (A variation of Stocking's Stripecopter where Kneesocks uses both scythes as copters, though she rises much higher and deals more hits)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Double Ruru! (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Both sistas attacks with both "Rurus". If the opponent gets stunned by it, they will call a cloud of ghosts to trap and beat them up while both sistas relax. The ghosts leaves with the opponent downed to the ground)

Final Strike: I WANT YOU (Scanty combines both revolves into a sniper rifle and fires a long shot at the opponent. If done, both sistas transform into their demon forms and takes out their thongs and kneesocks, turning them into their appropriate weapons. The sistas overwhelms the opponent with slashes and shots all over the directions, until their farther Corset comes in his final form and grabs them by their head to throw in the air. Kneesocks aids Scanty, who uses the sniper rifle to lock on them before firing a golden shot, resulting in the opponent exploding in a rain of blood)

Akuma / Gouki (Street Fighter) (Shoto/Glass-Cannon)

GoHadoken (QCF + Punch) (Fires a purple projectile. If used in the air, he uses Zanku Hadoken, which he fires at a downward angle)

Shakunetsu Hadoken (HCF + Punch) (Fires a red, multihitting Hadoken, after a brief stance of course)

GoShoryuken (Z + Punch) (A jumping uppercut that deals 3 hits for Heavy Punch)

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (QCB + Kick) (A spinning, crescent kick that deals multiple hits. In the air, he will fall down quickly. Heavy Punch produces an electricity effect)

Hyakkishu (Z + Kick) (Leaps forward and does a sliding kick)

Hyakki Gosho (Punch, during Hyakkishu) (A flying palmstrike)

Hyakki Gojin (Kick, during Hyakkishu) (A downward kick similar to Tenmakujinkyaku)

Hyakki Gosai (LP and LK, during Hyakkishu) (Grabs them by the shoulders and flip them over)

Hyakki Goho (QCF + Punch, during Hyakkishu) (Fires a Zanku Hadoken after the front flip)

Hyakki Gorasen (QCB + Kick, during Hyakkishu) (A spinning mid-air kick similar to EX Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku)

Ashura Senkuu (Z or reverse Z + Punch x2 or Kick x2) (Widens his stance and "glides" along the ground to another location with his eyes aglow)

Zenten (HCF + Kick) (Takes a slight hop before rolling forward. It is used to dodge the opponent's attack)

Super Combo 1: Messatsu GoHado (QCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of GoHadoken, where it becomes larger and deals 8 hits. In the air, it becomes Tenma Gozanku, similar to Zanku Hadoken but deals 6 hits)

Super Combo 2: Messatsu GoShoryu (QCB x2 + Punch) (Performs three GoShoryukens that deals 3 hits, the last one rises very high)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Shun Goku Satsu (LP x2, Right, LK, HP) (Glides towards the opponent and grabs them. Suddenly, the screen blacks out as the target is relentlessly beaten, as showcased by a series of 15 flashes. If the opponent is defeated by the move, the large kanji will appear in the foreground)

Final Strike: Chaos of the Raging Demon (Begins with Sekia Kuretsuha, his Critical Art from SFV. If the opponent gets caught by it, the game briefly slows down as Akuma makes a quick leap to perform the SFxT version of Misogi (with the shock waves of Kongou Kokuretsuzan tacted in), then leaps back to fire the MVC version of Tenma Gonzanku. As the opponent gets up, Akuma ends with a fusion of both Wrath of the Raging Demon and the SFV version of Raging Demon)


Yao, Ling and Chien Po (Mulan)

(Support Attack 1: From small to big) (The trio performs a shoulder attack, one by one. The order are, Yao, Ling and Chien Po)

(Support Attack 2: Watch out for him!) (Yao and Ling throws Chien Po to crush the opponent)

Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long)

(Support Attack 1: Fire Breath) (Breaths fire in a long range while in his dragon form)

(Support Attack 2: Grappling Dragon) (Grabs the opponent while flying forward, then turns around and slams into the ground)

Loona (Helluva Boss)

(Support Attack 1: Over The Moon) (A jumping upward kick with aura effect. If she hits the opponent with that move, she will transition into a two-hit solmersault kick, symbolizing the moon)

(Support Attack 2: Bleeding Back) (Lunges forward with her claw. If that claw hits the opponent in the chest, she will toss backwards in a swing)

Shovel Knight

(Support Attack 1: Shovel Drop) (Performs his famous pogo stick attack. If the attacks hits, he will bounce a little and hit it two times)

(Support Attack 2: Trench Blade) (Digs the ground using his shovel, pulling up 8 gems worth approximately 300gp each in an arc, hitting the closest opponent multiple times. Can also bury them if close)

Scott Pilgrim

(Support Attack 1: Power of Love) (Pulls out his sword from his chest and performs a dashing slash, dealing huge damage. When faraway, he sends a energy wave)

(Support Attack 2: Power of Rock Band) (Calls the Sex Bob-omb band and they play a short version of We Are Sex Bob-omb, emmiting large ripple waves that constantly shocks the opponent)

Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

(Support Attack 1: Life, spring forth!) (Sprouts a tree under his feet, protecting his summoner for 4 seconds. Unlike other assists, Giorno will perform a dive kick if the opponent attacked the tree many times)

(Support Attack 2: MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!) (Golden Experience performs a barrage of punches as Giorno walks forward, ending with a straight punch. There's a rare chance that Giorno use the Arrow to evolve his stand into Golden Experience Requiem and still perform the move, except it deals larger damage than before)

Johnny Turbo

(Support Attack 1: FEKA Invasion) (A bunch of trenchcoat men grabs the opponent out of nowhere, then Johnny Turbo comes in by driving the spaceship from Gates of Thunder, firing aagainst not just the trenchcoat men, but the opponent too)

(Support Attack 2: Experience the Turbo) (A quick punch and kick combo while dashing, ending with a swing punch)

Saxton Hale (Team Fortress 2)

(Support Attack 1: Crocodile Driver) (A powerful piledriver that burries the opponent when they are on low health)

(Support Attack 2: Sydney Punch) (A quick uppercut that sends the opponent into the air before crashing down)

Solid Snake (Metal Gear)

(Support Attack 1: C4) (Plants a C4 either on the ground or the closest opponent. He then roll backwards and presses the remote button, triggering the explosion)

(Support Attack 2: Hand Grenade) (Chucks a grenade forward that explodes after 2 seconds have passed)

Garterbelt (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

(Support Attack 1: Afro Gun) (Pulls a machine gun from his afro and fires small, repeated shots forward. He can also fire diagonally up)

(Support Attack 2: Garterbelt Bomber) (Throws his own rear forward while in his BDSM gear)

Veemon (Digimon)

(Support Attack 1: Boom Boom Punch) (Performs two swinging punches, one left and one right)

(Support Attack 2: Repeated Stomping Attack) (Leaps in the air and repeatedly stomps their head)

Gardevoir (Pokemon)

(Support Attack 1: Moonblast) (Cups its hands and charges a white sphere delivered from the sparkles of the moon before firing it forward)

(Support Attack 2: Magical Leaf) (Summons multiple rainbow leafs from her body as they move forward, one by one)

Hal Monitor (SMG4)

(Support Attack 1: Illegal Bump) (Rams forward while in his Police Car form)

(Support Attack 2: STAHP RIGHT THERE!!!) (He justs stands there with a happy face. If the opponent attacks him, he makes an angry expression and repeatedly attacks them with a Baton)

CD-I Ganon (Zelda CD-I)

(Support Attack 1: Die Thunder) (Summons a thunderbolt from the sky, shocking the opponent at a large range)

(Support Attack 2: You Must Die!) (Fires blue thunderbolts from his fingers twice. It has a very short range, but it will deal large amount of damage)

Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project)

(Support Attack 1: Dancing Star Sword) (Summons an aura of knives that she launches forward)

(Support Attack 2: Watch "Luna Dial") (Pulls out a stopwatch and toss it forward. If the item hits the opponent, time will be freezed for 4 seconds)
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That's it, folks. That's all about the character movelists, stages and assists. Let's recap:

45 Fighters:

Kiryu Coco
Matt McMuscles
Captain Falcon
Meggy Spletzer
Bulk Bogan
Scrooge McDuck
Gawr Gura
Akira Yuki
Panty & Stocking
Marisa Kirisame
Mulan & Mushu
Tricky the Clown
Jotaro Kujo
CD-I Link
Banjo & Kazooie
TMNT (Leo, Donnie, Mikey and Ralph)
Geese Howard
Liquid Bulk
Scanty and Kneesocks

30 Stages:

Mushroom Kingdom
Big Blue
Morshu's Shop
The Cathedral
Apocalyptic City
King's Row
Sigma Palace
Daten Church
The Emperor's Palace
Suzaku Castle
Brimstone & Fire
Destiny Islands
Shaoh Kahn's Coliseum
The Underworld
Egyptian Bridge
The Sewers
Central Park
Dive to the Heart
Meme House
Battle Arena (LoliRock)
Club M
Maverick Hunters Base
Last Destination

60 Assists:

Consome Panchi
Amelia Watson
Mephisto and Praxina
Bad Mr. Frosty
Josuke Higashikata
Lara Croft
Liu Kang
Kim Possible
Dante Vale
Casey Jones
Pan Pizza
Johnny Zest
Super Demon Cop
Finn and Jake
Chargeman Ken
Saya (Namco x Capcom)
Ness (Earthbound)
Lucy Loud
Blue Mary
Jin Kazama
Freddie Freaker
Optimus Prime
Lupin the 3rd
Agent P
Mumbo Jumbo
Hatsune Miku
Duckworth (Ducktales)
Black Cat
Yao, Ling and Chien Po
Jake Long
Shovel Knight
Scott Pilgrim
Giorno Giovanna
Johnny Turbo
Saxton Hale
Solid Snake
Hal Monitor
CD-I Ganon
Sakuya Izayoi

Phew, that was alot of writing work to do. Like i said in my first post, i did not have knowledge or experience with coding stuff, but i guess nobody cares about it, so this thread is going to be dead.
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Hey, I applaud your wide imagination. The feasibility of this project, unless you are willing to do it yourself, is very low. There's not gonna be any interest in helping you with all these elaborate characters and their movesets unless you are willing to pay for sprite work and coding. Considering the sheer breadth of ideas you've posted, the manpower needed would probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for art assets alone. I don't know if you ever intend to learn coding at all, but that also will take a lot of time (and money if you can't do it yourself.) This is the reality behind game development. I think its cool if you had fun brainstorming all of this,  and I hope you can channel that imagination in the future into some sort of feasible project.
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Hey, I applaud your wide imagination. The feasibility of this project, unless you are willing to do it yourself, is very low. There's not gonna be any interest in helping you with all these elaborate characters and their movesets unless you are willing to pay for sprite work and coding. Considering the sheer breadth of ideas you've posted, the manpower needed would probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for art assets alone. I don't know if you ever intend to learn coding at all, but that also will take a lot of time (and money if you can't do it yourself.) This is the reality behind game development. I think its cool if you had fun brainstorming all of this,  and I hope you can channel that imagination in the future into some sort of feasible project.

I know about it fam, but thanks anyway.
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Now i'm gonna reveal the Arcade Mini-Boss: EX Sigma, who is just a more powerful version of Sigma, a result of a fusion of him, Icy and Tricky the Clown because of a distortion. That distortion happens to be the main boss of Arcade Mode, SMG0, who manipulated all three of them to destroy the world. The following wall of text is a list of attacks he uses

*Demonic Geyser: (Fires a dark beam from his eye that creates a pillar of energy against the opponent)

*Hellfire Claw: (A powerful slash of his claw that deals fire damage)

*Dark Manifestation (He always starts the match by creating a dark version of your chosen character, with low health and weaker attacks)

*Snapback (Flicks his finger forward, causing the player to be launched off-screen, automatically switching with another)

*Plasmatic Spike (Leaves the screen for a few seconds, then a earthquake is heard as he lunges himself using his horns with plasma effects)

*Super Combo 1: Hellish Beam (A stronger version of Demonic Geyser that is fired all over the floor)

*Super Combo 2: Physical Illusion (Summons a holographic version of himself as he dissapears. If the player attacks it, he reappears with two slashes of both hands and slam both arms into the ground, creating a quake effect)

*Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Zero Countdown (It automatically happens when he is at 25% of health. Makes a roar as the screen goes black, then his eye illuminates as the screen returns to normal. For the remainder of the match, there will be a timer of 40 seconds to beat him, because if you don't, you and your partner will be automatically KOed)

As for EX Sigma, he will use normal Sigma as a basis, while also using Icy and Tricky's moves like Ice Beam and  Hole to the Blow.

Defeating SMG0 will resulting him screaming in pain while exploding in dark smog. After that, whoever used your current character to deliver the final blow will get their ending.

Arcade Mode (as i mentioned before) will use Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a basis; 8 matches to beat, which has 5 normals, a one-on-one rival fight, the sub-boss and the final boss. But, if you managed to achieve 4 Final Strikes without losing a match, then SMG0 will be replaced with Shin Akuma, who chops him in half. Shin Akuma is a more powerful version of Akuma that uses his appearance from the Capcom vs. SNK games. The rivaling system will ovbiously being based on SSA3, using a specific combined song when choosing the desired character first, King for Another Day Tournament style. Here's the list:

Mario vs. Captain Falcon

Frollo vs. Hades

Bloom vs. Iris

Panty and Stocking vs. Scanty and Kneesocks

Bulk Bogan vs. Liquid Bulk

Pikachu vs. Agumon

Ryu vs. Kazuya

Terry vs. Akira Yuki

Mulan vs. Scorpion

Kenshiro vs. Jotaro

TMNT vs Spider-Man

Morrigan vs Meggy Spletzer

CD-I Link vs Banjo & Kazooie

Gawr Gura vs Morshu

Melony vs Tricky the Clown

Abobo vs Scrooge McDuck

X vs Shantotto

Sigma vs Geese

Matt McMuscles vs Bulk

Metagross vs Kiryu Coco

Sora vs Marisa

Heavy vs Tracer

Pichu vs Heavy

There's only one exception, Akuma. Since he doesn't have a rival in this game, it will be replaced with a sixth normal fight instead.

As for the rest of the modes, i really don't have anything to say, except one. Remember Bio mode, the one where you can check the character's profiles? Well, that is actually one of the three modes that is under the Extras menu, the other two are Visual Novel and Minigame. Minigame just have the usual tons of ones (Basketball, Parry the Ball, Break the Targets and many more), while the Visual Novel mode is a fusion of both the the gameplay of that genre and Street Fighter V's Character Story, where you can play one of the characters prior to the events of Arcade Mode, represented by multiple still images with dialogue inspired by Project X Zone.
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That's it. That's all i have. I have explained (almost) all of everything about DoubleClash.
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(Open one of the images in another tab to see it at full)

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Is been 9 days since my last post, and that's because i wrote an idea of an updated version of DoubleClash, called DoubleClash: EX Edition, which not only features some balance changes to the fighters, but adding additional 6 fighters (1 unplayable), 5 stages, and 10 assists. Let's start with the characters:

Johnathan (Zoner) and Charlotte (Footsie) (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)


Rampage (LP,  MP, MK, HP) (A 4 hit combo consisting of a jab, a hard punch, a knee strike and a backfist)

Axe Throw (Z + Punch) (Throws an axe in an upward arc)

Flaming Whip (HCF + Punch) (Whips the Vampire Killer forward while it is surrounded by fire. It has a ridiculous non-projectile reach. In the air, he whips down)

Cross (QCB + Punch) (Throws a cross boomerang that pierces its opponent in a straight path)

Holy Water (HCB + Kick) (Throws in a flask of Holy Water in a downward arc, colliding with the ground to create a burst of fire that travels along the ground in a very short range)

Shuriken (QCF + Kick) (As the name implies, he throws two blades in a downward arc)

Jump Kick (QCF + Kick, while in the air) (A fast diving kick that bounces Johnathan if hit)

Uppercut (Z + Kick) (A jumping flaming uppercut that deals 6 hits while holding the Vampire Killer)


Note: Like in Portrait of Ruin, all of her Special Attacks can be charged.

Raging Fire (QCF + Punch) (Casts a burst of fire forward. If held up, she will create more larger bursts)

Gale Force (QCB + Kick) (Fires a wind projectile that curves backwards before dissapearing. If held up, she will shoot five of them upwards before homing on the opponent one by one)

Tempest (Z + Kick) (Briefly surrounds herself in a blue whirlwind, not only dealing damage if hit, but absorbs projectiles as well. The downside is that she can't move during this. If held up, the whirlwind will be bigger and will fire a wind wave if the projectile is absorbed)

Thunderbolt (Reverse Z + Punch) (Casts a lightning bolt in front of her. If held up, the bolt will be much bigger and homes on the opponent above them)

Summon Crow (Down x2 + Punch) (As the name implies, she summons two crows that hovers around her and swoop forward. If held up, she summons four of them)

Ice Needle (Z + Punch) (Casts two rotating icicles in front of her before they are shot out horizontally one at a time. If held up, she casts four of them)


Charlotte! / Johnathan! (Down x2 + Kick) (Switches with one another very quickly)

Rush (Right, Left and Right + Punch, press three times) (A rushing attack that quickly takes turns to attack. Press the Punch button three times for followups)

Super Combo 1: 1,000 Blades (QCB x2 + Punch) (Johnathan throws very quick knives straight while Charlotte uses magic to speed him up)

Super Combo 2: Holy Lightning (QCF x2 + Kick) (Both hold her their hands up together to form a cross-shaped lighting bolt, dealing 8 hits)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Grand Cruz (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Johnathan rises very slowly while surrounded by holy light that was casted by Charlotte, vaccuming his opponent. If done, he will summon a pillar of giant crosses circling around him to hit the opponent multiple times before the last cross knocks them to the wall)

Final Strike: The Greatest Seven (A large coffin appears behind its opponent summoned by Charlotte, trapping them within in. If done, both Johnathan and Charlotte will use 4 of their Dual Crushes: Axe Bomber, Volcano, Divine Storm and Meteor, the last one breaks the coffin. They then finish off by summoning the spirits of the Belmont family to do a whiplash for each one. In chronological order of the Belmonts are: Leon, Trevor (in either his 8-bit or his Netflix appearance), Christopher, Simon (in either his 8-bit or his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appearance), Juste, Richter (in his Rondo of Blood or Symphony of the Night appearance), and Julius. When the animation ends, the opponent will explode in holy magic)

Zero (Mega Man X) (Footsie/Rushdown)

Buster Blow (Right + LP and LK) (Jams the buster into the opponent's chest and fires a burst shot)

Transfer Shot (Left + LP and LK) (Dashes past his opponent and fires a buster shot behind them)

Command Normals
Three-slash Combo (LP x3 while close) (Does a very quick double horizontal slash left and right, then a launching-lift slash)

Crystal Breaker (LP x2, MP, Down + Punch) (Does a very quick double horizontal slash left and right, then a overhead one before punches the ground to create a row of crystals around him)

Youdantotsu (Close Right + LP) (A wood-elemental thrust attack that deals high block damage)

Shippuga (Close Right + HP) (Swings his pink saber in a half circular motion while dashing)

Kuuenzan (Air Right + HP) (Spirals himself with his saber)

Shoenzan (Down Right + HP) (Swings his saber upwards that releases a trail of fire, dealing 3-hits)

Reshoukyaku (Close Right + HK) (A somersault kick with both legs, launching the opponent in the air)

Rasenkyaku (Air Right + HK) (A forward inwards-spinning kick)

Rising Shredder (Z + Punch after a Dash) (Uses W-Shredder to let the hologram do Shippuga, transitioning into a multi-hitting Rising before dissapearing)

Special Attacks

Hyper Zero Blaster (Z + Punch) (Charges his buster by holding the button. Then release to fire the projectile. The strength depends on how long the button is held: Standard fires three rapid small shots, Level 1 is a small charge shot, Level 2 is a bigger shot, Level 3 fires a Level 2 shot before firing a even larger one, and Fully Charged fires 2 Level 3 shots before swinging his Z-Saber down to shoot a fhoming crescent wave slash. Like in MMX3, he can store the shot as along as the button is released. The full charged version allows Zero to perform followups of all of his Special Attacks when released, for example, he will fire the shot while moving or jumping)

Hadangeki (QCF + Punch) (Slashes his Z-Saber down to release a yellow wave of energy in front of him. LP is the slowest while HP creates another wave. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with Rakuhouha, releasing nine slow bolts in a fan motion after punching the ground)

Raikousen (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Shadow dashes forward to produce a trail of thunder-bolts when he reappears. HP travels in a farther distance. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with Fire Wave, lauching a fireball from his right horizontal slash)

Air Raikousen (QCF + Punch while in the air) (A lighting thrust attack while moving forward. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with C. Sword, spiraling himself with his saber that creates a large, yellow energy crescent)

Suishozan (QCF + Kick) (Swings his saber upward to create a row of pink crystals forward. The crystals reflects projectiles. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with Jikugeki where he teleports behind the opponent in a yellow hologram to do a forward slash. Both of these techniques originates from the fan game Mega Man X Corrupted, both obtained after defeating Crystal Rafflar and Warp Vulpex)

Sentsuizan (QCF + Kick while in the air) (A diving attack where he charges forward with his sword downwards in a falling reap. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with F. Splasher, generating an ice barrier while dashing forward)

Hienkyaku (QCB + Punch) (Dashes forward while leaving a red silhouettes behind. This allows him to dash past his opponent. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with W-Shredder, releasing a red hologram to do Shippuga that causes a wallbounce)

Ryuenjin (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type attack with his flaming saber. If HZB is released while inputing the command, he followups with Hyouretsuzan, a down thrust that turns his saber into ice)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: Rekkoha (QCF x2 + Punch) (Punches the ground with a charged up Z-Buster, bringing down a salvo of rainbow-colored pillars of energy onto the opponent from the sky.)

Super Combo 2: Raijinshou (QCB x2 + Punch) (A Shinryuken-type attack that makes him spiral in the air while surrounded by an electric tornado)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Sougenmu (Kick x2 + Punch x2) (Assumes a pose to create a red copy of himself that mimics his actions and doubles his hits from attacks similar to an afterimage for a few seconds)

Final Strike: Final Zero (Performs the Zero Final technique from Mega Man Extreme. If done, he transitions into Shippuzan (an ability got from Hurrican Hoatzin), followed by the Ultimate Saber Dash technique from SVC Chaos before cancelling the final hit with Earth Gaizer to bury them. He jumps backwards and performs Genmu Zero, creating a massive green Hadangeki before dashing behind them to stop time with Dark Hold. As his saber transforms into a larger sword very similar to the one from the Mega Man Zero series, he performs one final dash stab behind them while leaving his helmet behind to reveal his full set of hair from the Rockman X Mangas as time resumes. During the final attack, a red image of Iris appears in the background, a reference to Zero's final moments in Mega Man X5)

Marco Rossi (Metal Slug) (Unorthodox/Stance)

Thunder Shot (Right + LP and LK) (Tosses the opponent upwards, then fires an electric beam at them)

Enemy Line (Left + LP and LK) (A backwards seoi nage)

Command Normals

Pistol Shot (LP while far away) (Fires a small shot from his pistol that has a short range. While holding the button, he can walk or jump as he continues to fire)

Knife Slash (LP while close) (Lunges his knife forward towards his opponent)

Secret Blow (Down Right + HP) (Sends out a forward boxing glove from his backpack)

Special Attacks

Heavy Machine Gun (HCF + Punch) (Fires many shots from his weapon. Heavy Punch deals 11 hits)

Iron Lizard (HCF + Kick) (Fires a remote controlled robot that wheels very fast to the opponent, after a brief delay of course)

Rocket Pack (QCB + Punch) (A rocket pack appears on his back as he launches himself forward. In the air, he will ascend down)

Bomb Throw (QCB+ Kick) (Throws a bomb that explodes on the ground. Its move varies depending on the button. LK throws a Stone that travels in a forward arc, MK throws a Grenade that bounces once before exploding, and HK throws a Fire Bomb that explodes into a small trail of fire)

Combat Shift (Down x2 +Kick) (Brings out his combat knife and assumes a ready pose. It is very similar to Mulan' Disguise, except it will instantly gets canceled when hit by an opponent and doesn't have a wake up attack)

Metal Sliding (Down Right + Kick during Combat Shift) (A slide kick)

C.C. KKF or KKB (Left or Right + Kick during Combat Shift) (Roll dodges forward or backward)

C.C. STK (Punch during Combat Shift) (An overhead slash)

C.C. UKE (Punch x2 during Combat Shift) (An upward slash)

C.C. JAE / DSB (QCF or QCB + Punch during Combat Shift) (A dashing or a horizontal slash)

C.C. JUW (Z + Punch) (A Shoryuken-type attack using his combat knife)

Breakfast (Down x2 + Punch) (Throws food upwards and eats, briefly turning him into fat before regaining his shape, healing 20% of his health. It can be canceled by hitting him)

Combat Style Cancel (Right x2) (Puts his combat knife down and returns to his idle stance)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: Metal Slug Attack (HCF x2 + Punch) (Briefly crouches and shouts "Come on!", as the SV-001 runs forward to ram the opponent. If HK is pressed, the slug will run behind the opponent. If QCF + Kick is pressed during either both will cause the slug to fire a cannon, dealing weaker damage. There's a chance that SV-Alice or the SV-001 Gold will appear to take its place)

Super Combo 2: Two Machine Guns (QCB x2 + Punch) (Brings out Two Machine Guns and fires upward and forward at the same time, which is very good as an anti-air attack)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Emergency Mission (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Transforms into a zombie all the sudden by a zombie hand and vomits a giant clockwise wave of blood from his mouth before curing himself with the medkit)

Final Strike: Rising Golden Phoenix (Summons a self-destructive SV-001 to ram against the opponent. If done, the vehicle will explode, launching them very high in the air. Tarma, Fio and Eri then bombards the opponent with shots and cannons and missiles in their respective vehicles (Slug Gunner for Tarma, Drill Slug for Eri and Slug Copter for Fio) before a shot of Midori pushing a button is seen, ascending the Golden Slug. Marco and the crew jumps inside and fires an array of missiles and a slow energy ball that erupts into a explosive geyser at the opponent, before charging up power and firing a large beam at them. When its done, the crew exit out and perform their respective victory poses from the Metal Slug games)

Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth) (All-Rounder/Footsie)

Flame Arrow (QCF + Punch) (Shoots a fireball from her sword, who takes a form of a flaming bow. In the air, she fires downwards for LP, straight for MP and upwards for HP)

Phoenix Kick (QCB + Kick) (A double side kick with both feet on fire)

Rising Igniton (Z + Punch) (Throws her sword upwards and jumps to catch it, then slams down while leaving a brief trail of fire. For the duration of the move, the opponent will be hit by it)

Buster Sphere (Reverse Z + Punch) (An overhead slash that sends a crescent fire wave in a short range)

Phoenix Dash (HCF + Kick) (Dashes forward while her feet produces a small trail of fire before stopping. During this, Hikaru can followup with one of the moves depending on the determinted button)

Sliding (LK during Phoenix Dash) (A sliding kick)

Bullet Geyser (MK during Phoenix Dash) (Makes a small hop and  stabs her sword to the ground, erupting a forward fire geyser)

Rolling Fire (HK during Phoenix Dash) (Rolls herself multiple times with her sword as she ascends upwards. As the name implies, she creates a flaming circle during the move)

Flying Sword (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Throws her sword straight quick to stab the opponent before running towards them to grab her weapon. By pressing Punch after stabbing, will cause her to jump into their head and does a down thrust with her sword)

Super Combo

Super Combo 1: Twisting Fire Sword (Charge Back, then Right, Back, Right + Punch) (An advanced version of Flying Sword, where after stabbing them, she performs multiple slashes as the weapon grows fire, dealing 12 hits)

Super Combo 2: Ruby Lightning (QCB x2 + Kick) (Charges up her hands to form an electric ruby sphere and fires a large, pink-ish beam forward. Tap the button for additional hits)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Rune God Rayearth (QCBHCF + Punch x2) (Raises her sword upwards as it grows fire before swinging downwards. If done, the opponent will be launched away from the battle as Rayearth comes in and becomes a giant mecha for Hikaru to get inside. Rayearth will then draw his flaming sword and perform a high speed slash, causing an explosion. After that, Reyearth defuses with Hikaru and runs off-screen)

Final Strike: Magic Knights Unite! (Jumps in the air and plunges her sword into the ground to create and advanced version of Bullet Geyser in front of her. If done, both Umi and Fuu comes in and the girls fuses with their respective rune gods to deliver their respective attacks (Emerald Typhoon, Icicle Blades and Ruby Lightning),then the rune gods fuse with each to become the Combined Rayearth and deliver the opponent with a powerful stab of the flaming sword of light, causing the opponent to explode. After that, the Combined Rayearth lands on a rocky formation of the sea as they look at the sky)

Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 (My Life as a Teenage Robot) (Rushdown)

Energy Beam (QCF + Punch or Kick) (Fires a beam of energy from her palm of her hand, dealing 3-hits if Heavy Punch is pressed. If Kick is pressed, she will briefly crouch and fire one from one of her knees. If used in the air, the player can control the beam in 3 directions.)

Dino Drill (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (One of her arms morphs into a drill and performs a rushing dash quickly. You can hold the button to increase damage)

Flying Asteroid (CDU + Punch) (Jumps high off-screen, then reappears, diving fist-first straight down to the opponent while aiming)

Float (CDU + Kick) (Rockets herself in the air before transitioning into floating with her hands. You can hold the button to keep hovering)

Fists of Fury (Down x2 + Punch) (Morphs her hands into big spiky ones,  which makes all of her regular punch attacks do more damage. She will use it for only three hits before morphing back.)

Flying Scissors (Z + Kick) (Performs a flip kick, sending the opponent in the air, then jumps to do a scissor kick)

Poppin' Shield (HCB + Kick) (Morphs her hand into a umbrella and spins multiple times, dealing multiple hits)

Limb Kick (Down xx2 + Kick) (Extends one of her limbs of her legs to perform a kick. It angle differs based on the determined button, LK goes straight, LM at diagonally upwards and HK at almost upwards.)

Iron Crash (360 + Punch) (Dashes forward to grab her opponent. If done, she flies up and toss them down before firing an Energy Beam from her chest)

Super Combo 1: Flaming Meteor (Charge Down Back, Delta + Punch) (An advanced version of Flying Asteroid, creating a huge meteoric explosion upon hitting the ground)

Super Combo 2: Photon Beam (QCF x2 + Punch) (Brings a large cannon from one of her arms and fires a green-ish beam forward, dealing multiple hits. She can anctually aim the cannon diagonally up)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Overlimit Laser (HCB x2 + Punch x2) (Rushes in while holding her left arm to push the opponent into a wall. If done, she brings out 6 big laser cannons from all over her body and fires all of them that combines into one gigantic beam, dealing 20 hits. This is the only Lvl. 3 Super Combo that gives her 30% recoil damage)

Final Strike: Maxinum Overheat Power (Dashes towards her opponent to grab them. If done, she will fly in outer space with them and perform multiple punches and kicks, then dropkicks them away. She then brings out 6 big cannons from her entire body as she calls all of her sisters to team up, using their own cannons as well (except XJ-1, who justs vomits oil) to fire a combined beam together, sending the opponent to a unknown planet that is exploded by the beam's power)


*Mumbo Mountain
*Transcontinental Railroad
*Portraits of Ruin
*A Wish For a Morning Glow (aka Mission 2 of the original Metal Slug)


Gru (Despicable Me)

(Support Attack 1: Freeze Ray) (Brings out his Freeze Ray and fires towards the opponent to freeze them)

(Support Attack 2: Rocket Launcher) (The Minions gives the Rocket Launcher to Gru as he fires several missiles against the opponent before falling on his back after the last shot)

Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends)

(Support Attack 1: Servbot Takeout) (Fires a laser to her closest opponent. If done, all 41 Servbots will barrage them on the ground while holding their lunch above them)

(Support Attack 2: Servbot Surprise) (The Servbot that follows Tron grows huge as Tron jumps into his head. He then smacks the opponent repeatedly with his mallet before spinning away)

Best Hercules (Storybook Classics: Hercules/The Best Hercules Movie Ever)

(Support Attack 1: Best Bow) (Fires an arrow forward after taking 3 seconds to aim. If the opponent is hit by it will have him celebrate for 2 seconds before leaving)

(Support Attack 2: Think!) (Best Iolaus appears besides Best Hercules. The first part is probably put best in dialogue:

Best Hercules: I... really don't have the time right now.

Best Iolaus: No... Think Hercules!

Hercules then pulls out a mirror, reflecting the opponent's projectile with 3x the power and speed. It can be canceled by hitting Hercules)

Sakura Shinguji (Sakura Wars)

(Support Attack 1: Ouka Hoshin) (Performs a forward slash to send a pink projectile that travels along the ground)

(Support Attack 2: Makiwara-Giri) (An upward or a horizontal slash if the opponent is either on the ground or in the air)

Allen O'Neil (Metal Slug)

(Support Attack 1: Come on, Baby!) (Fires his machine gun either forward or upwards, much like Makiwara-Giri)

(Support Attack 2: Go home to mommy!) (Slashes the closest opponent with his combat knife, then quickly throws his grenade at them)

Perche (Metal Slug Attack)

(Support Attack 1: Legion Gun) (Fires a volley of bullets from her gun)

(Support Attack 2: Gae Bulg Piercer) (An ammo pack flies in and attaches itself to her back, then she sends a missile forward before the ammo pack flies off)

Ro-Man (Robot Monster)

(Support Attack 1: Low-Budget Throw from Outer Space) (Runs towards the opponent to grab them. If done, he will throw them in back, where we see the opponent getting launched into outer space before crashing down. If they have low health, they will instantly froze and drove to the emptiness of space, K.Oing them)

(Support Attack 2: The Ice Cream Bunny's Ride) (The Bunny from Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny rides in Santa's sleigh t throw explosive gifts at the opponents while the martians from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians helps him before flying off by ramming at the opponent)

YoRHa 2b (Nier: Automata)

(Support Attack 1: Heavy Slash) (Performs multiple heavy slashes up to five)

(Support Attack 2: Pod Shot) (Fires a ranged weapon from her Pod)

Monkey Moses (Joshua and the Promised Land)

(Support Attack 1: Drowning in the tide) (MM will shout "No, NOOOOO!" as a tidal wave comes in to engulf the entire stage. For the short duration, both fighters can swim in any direction while perfoming air attacks)

(Support Attack 2: One Comandament) (Holds the unspecified comandament as a lighting bolt will struck against the opponent, temporarily disabling them for perfoming any Super Combo)

Makoto Nanaya (BlazBlue)

(Support Attack 1: Corona Upper to Meteor Dive) (A jumping uppercut, followed by a falling dunk punch)

(Support Attack 2: Space Counter) (Performs a parry stance. If the opponent attacks her, she counters with a rushing straight punch that causes a wallbounce. If she is in that stance for a bit long, she will perform the fist anyway)

Non-Playable Fighter:

Bonus-kun (Galaxy Fight and Waku Waku 7) (Unorthodox/All-Rounder)

Note: Bonus-kun acts as the mini-boss of stage 4's Arcade Mode, which only appears in the EX edition. He is the only fighter that doesn't have a Final Strike, but like in Waku Waku 7, he is very powerful.

Koushuutan (A Hadoken-type move shot from his mouth)

Boubouken (A Shoryuken-type move where he performs an arcing headbutt as he jumps)

Uzumaki Boufou Kyaku (A Tatsumaki-type move where he spins his entire body while attacking the opponent repeatedly with his "kick")

Chakuchi Heddo (It only works if the fighter is down. Lands to them in the chest, head-first before bouncing back)

Super Combo 1: Chou Shakunetsu Daisharin (Launches himself and spins like a wheel multiple times while in a red light aura)

Super Combo 2: Shoushin Bomber (Performs a high jump and crashes into the ground head-first like a meteor)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Metsuu Koushuutan (Fires a gigantic, multi-hitting beam from his mouth, dealing 30 hits)
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Hey folks, Vic here. So, is been a while huh? I would like to say that thanks for reading my thread on DoubleClash, because holy crap, i'm stunned by many views it got. My imagination was running wild at the time with these types of characters, both expected and unexpected. Anyway, i have finished the movelist for all of the characters to make it definitive. So without further ado, i'll send all of 50 images and i'll see you guys somewhere. Peace out, and have a wonderful time.
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I'll post the rest tommorrow. Geez, there beef as hell.
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