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Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) (Glass-Cannon/Rushdown)

How to Unlock: Clear Boss Mode with 27 characters

Double Jump: Ryu can performs a cartwheel after a first jump, but he can only do that if no direction input is used, and it won't work during a High Jump.

Yama Arashi: Turns around with his opponent and does a seoi nage.

Kadanchi Otoshi: Elbows the opponent's back while holding their left arm, then toss them backwards with that arm.

Fumon and Urakaze: Basically dodges the opponent's attack. Fumon is backflip while Urakaze is a forward roll.

Sword Slash: A forward vertical slash from his katana, both standing or crouching. Based on his iconic basic attack from his NES days.

Air Slash: Same as Sword Slash, but in the air.

Onibishi: A outward back-turning roundhouse.

Reverse Wind Technique: A ninja slide that goes behind the opponent's back.

Furious Wind Technique: Similar to the above, except he can dodge it when blocking an attack from the air.

Shuriken: Throws his iconic quick projectile that deals low, but high stun damage. He can only use 8 of them at the start of the match. There's also three variations called Somersault Shuriken, Wall Shuriken and Four Rings, which are exactly what you think, but Four Rings allows him to throw four in four directions (up-forward, down-forward, up-back and down-back) at the cost of 4 uses.

Art of the Fire Wheel: Summons three floating fireballs that circles around him, damaging the opponent one by one.

Art of the Flying Fire Wheel: Summons the same fireballs as before, but he throws them diagonally down as they orbit.

Kikoku Shintei Kyaku: A leaping spin kick, followed by a another one before ending with a dropkick. Press the Kick button three times in a row.

Izuna Otoshi: Command grab. Launches the opponent mid-air with an uppercut, then reappears in a smoke by grabbing them and performing a spinning slam alongside them.

Smoking Technique: Strikes a pose, then counters the opponent by vanishing in smokes after attacking him. There are three variations of this based on the input: Far Away, Behind and Fudo Sanzu, which he reappears in the air to grab them by their shoulders and throws them forward.

Ongyoin: Changes his pose a bit. It is yet another stance that has different variations:

>Fudo Unryu: Reappears in the air via smoke and performs a hammerfist attack.
>Fudo Ryujo: Same as Unryu, except with a diving kick.
>Fudo Shinano Azusa: A small forward roll, followed by a jumping arc kick.
>Fudo Kaganui: A Raiden-style forward rush attack.

Art of the Inazuma: Unleashes a large discharge from his body that surrounds him, dealing multiple hits to the opponent when close.

Fudo Shokaku Izuna: Uses his Smoking technique, then appears with a spinning uppercut to his closest opponent before ending with a more stronger Izuna Drop.

Doppelganger: Ryu creates a Shadow Clone of himself using a scroll, which mimicks his moves for 11 seconds, though all of the clone's attacks deals less damage.

Art of the True Gaiden: Ryu uses Art of the Hurricane to surround himself in a twister, which tries to suck the opponent inside. If done, he will perform a flip kick that launches the opponent in the air, then uses Art of the True Inferno that launches a flaming asian dragon from his hand, which results in a huge fiery explosion upon contact. After that, it transitions into a very familiar scenery.....a field of grass in the middle of the night, with Ryu standing far away. They then run to each other to deliver a jumping strike, as the iconic opening song from the NES Ninja Gaiden briefly plays. After this strike, they both land on the ground, with Ryu shealting his katana that instantly cuts his opponent in half, ending the attack.

Minecraft Steve (Footsie/Unorthodox)

How to Unlock: Beat Solo Arcade as PAC-MAN on higher difficulty without using a continue.

Resource and Mine: Steve's unique mechanic allows him to carry resources to build blocks, use certain moves, or upgrade his tools, all of which can be obtain through mining via his axe, though what type of resource he can mine depends on the stages.

Craft and Durability: While next to the Crafting Table, Steve can restore the durability of his attacks, as well as upgrading it using enough resources he gathered with the most valuable material being prioritized. Like in Mnecraft, his tools will break after certain amount of use. Once is broken, Steve must get back to the Crafting Table in order to restore one.

Fishing Rod: Flings the opponent forward or backwards using his fishing rod.

Sword: Quickly swings the sword in front of himself. What's unqiue from other standing LPs is that Steve can repeatedly attack while walks or jump if you held the button down.

Sword Sweep: A strong inward swing. It is based on the sweep attack from the Java version of Minecraft.

Flint and Steel: Creates a multi-hitting flame via flint and steel in front of himself.

Axe: Swings his Axe downwards.

Pickaxe: Swings his pickaxe in front of himself.

Create Block: Using resources he gathered, Steve can create a block via placing it directly beneath himself. If the button is held as he walks or jump, he can continue to create blocks as he moves. The more value is used, the more he can create a block that breaks more slowly, though he can only place 4 blocks at a time.

Piston: Stands on a piston in front of himself to launch his opponent forward. Sticky Piston has him place it into the ground, which functions identically, except it is covered in leaves and launches the opponent in the air. Magma Block has him place that block in front of himself, which deals multiple fire hits if the opponent is close to it, or launches them in the air when landing on it. It will stay there before it disappear.

Elytra: Dons the elytra on his back and propels upward with a firework rocket. Knocks the opponent forward if close, and during the rocket part, the player can simply press right to allow Steve to glide forward.

Bow: Fires an arrow from his bow straight forward. For Medium Punch, the arrow receives higher speed and range, as well as leaving particles that deals very low damage. Heavy Punch uses Crossbow, which fires three arrows in three directions, forward, diagonal and upwards.

Monster Incoming: Steve will look left as he is like something is chasing him, and sure enough, a monster will appear and attack the opponent, LK summons a Zombie, who walks really slowly to latch on and bite repeatedly, MK has a Piglin running towards them with a slash, and HK has Steve looking upward as a Creeper lands from the air and explode in front of the opponent.

Anvil: Drops an anvil below himself as it falls super fast. After it landed, it can be used as a platform for a few seconds.

Minecart: Hops into a minecart and rides forward while doing multiple hits to his opponent before it explodes as Steve leaves.

TNT: Lays a TNT Block in front of him, then moonwalks as he drops a trail of redstone and ends by placing a pressure plate on it. The TNT explodes after either wait for 5 seconds, or when attacking, or manually step on the plate. The explosion has a huge amount of range.

House of Boom: Steve grabs the opponent using a fishing rod and traps them inside a building, then places 4 TNTs to multiple sides and activates the pressuring tape, resulting in multiple huge explosions that launches the opponent in the air.

Wrath of the Ender Dragon: Steve pushes a minecart with fire on it to ram the opponent. If done, they are taken to the The End via a portal, were they are damaged by multiple Endermen, one of them will grab the opponent and throw forward very high to a specific platform, in which the Ender Dragon resides. The opponent will try to run away from her, only to die from the Dragon Breath, Minecraft-style. After this, we cut back to Steve, who is celebrating his victory via eating his steak while accompanied by pigs and ducks.

SpongeBob SquarePants (All-Rounder)

How to Unlock: Clear 20 Events in Event Mode

Who put YOU on the planet?: One of the more unique taunts in the game. Normally, his default taunt will be his iconic laugh, but if you held both buttons, he will perform a different, but long taunt, which is of course the dance from the episode "I ♥ Dancing".

Jellyfish Ride: A horde of Jellyfish will appear below SpongeBob and fly forward in the air before they fly away as Spongebob jumps out of it.

Kah-Rah-Tay Chop: Dons his Karate Gear and makes a leaping chop.

Sponge Bath: Uses himself to wash the opponent, then launch them backwards.

Jellyfish Swing: A forward swing of his Jellyfish Net.

Chomp: Opens his mouth and bites forward.

Bubble Blow: Takes out his bubble blower and a blows a slow moving bubble projectile that travels in a mid-range, but it will trap the opponent inside before popping itself up. Hold the button down allows Spongebob to blow a different shap of the bubble with various functions. Quarter charge is a fast moving torpedo-like, mid-charged is a bubble version of himself that stands still for a few moments, and fully charged fires a super slow moving "giraffe" that deals mega damage if the opponent accidentally hit it.

Muscle Punch: Briefly equips his Anchor Arms to deliver a double punch to the opponent while in mid-air, knocking them down.

Running Slip: Launches himself in a short-range and slides his entire body along the ground, tripping the opponent.

Spin Technique: Dons his Karate Gear and performs a spinning attack that deals multiple hits, but Heavy Punch lasts longer, thus makes him dizzy for a few seconds.

Jellyfish Shield: A Jellyfish will appear orbiting Spongebob for a few seconds before homing on the opponent to shock them. Heavy Punch summons three of them and will home at them one by one.

Order Up!: Dons his Krusty Krab hat and Spatula, altering his moveset. If he's hit, then his stance will be cancelled. It can be cancelled using We're Closed! Here are his moves during this stance:

>Spatula Attack: A swing of his spatula.
>Spatula Flip: Grabs the opponent and cooks them up on a grill before flipping them upwards.
>Patty Throw: Throws a Krabby Patty forward using his spatula. It has a mechanic were he will start off with 3 patties he can throw, but once there all out, he will not throw them again, unless if you use Patty Fry that is.
>Floor Cleaner: Cleans the floor with a mop as he moves forward.
>Flying Spatula: Flies in the air with his hydrodynamic spatula, hitting the opponent multiple times if close.
>Patty Fry: A grill appears and Spongebob cooks some patties. This will reprenish the ammo of his Patty Throw up to 3.

License to Drive: Drives forward in his boat while spinning around, dealing high damage and launches the opponent in the air backwards.

Elastic Slam: Grows his size by "absorbing" water and starts bouncing around the entire stage for a few seconds, hitting the opponent multiple times before he turns back to normal.

Krabby Patty Eat: Only happens during Order Up! Eats a portion of his Krabby Patty, healing himself at 30%

Goofy Goober: SpongeBob leaps in the air and explodes into his wizard outfift, firing random purple lightning bolts by playing his guitar for a few seconds before landing on the ground.

Best Day Ever: SpongeBob will try trapping the opponent using his Jellyfish Net. If done, he will spin around multiple times to throw the opponent high in the air, which they then bump into King Jellyfish, who zapped them with one of his tentacles alongside his sons. After that, the opponent gets ran over by the sponge, who rides in his Patty Wagon before jumping out of and briefly transforming into Invincibubble to deliver a diving fist on them. SpongeBob then notices a huge tsunami coming nearby and uses himself like a surfboard while opponent gets engulfed by it and ending up washing on a stage show, where the crowd boos and throws tomatos at them while Squidward plays with his clarinet, with one fish throwing a huge piano above, instantly KOing them. With this attack finished, the curtains opens itself to reveal SpongeBob standing on a high platform alongside Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Sandy, Ms. Puff, Pearl, Plankton, Karen and Gary (who stands above his owner's head), accompanied by the flickering words "Best Day Ever" while Squidward was about to resume his play, only to have a tomato stuck inside his clarinet. During the tomato throw part, a silhouette of Nosferatu briefly appears as he joins the citizens to throw at Squidward.

PAC-MAN (Rushdown/Footsie)

How to Unlock: Clear Parry the Ball with 10 perfects.

Namco Roulette: PAC-MAN has a unique taunt like SpongeBob. Basically, he will summon a sprite as he holds it in his hand and an associated sound clip from one of Namco's other games will play. It is the only taunt with a random element. The sprites are: A Galaxship from Galaxian, A PAC-MAN ghost turned to Blue, King from King & Balloon, My Car from Rally-X, both Fighters from Galaga and Bosconian, Pooka and Taizo Hori from Dig Dug, Solvalou and Andor Genesis from Xevious, Mappy, Topcup from Libble Rabble, the Hypership from Gaplus, Gil from Tower of Druaga, Clovis from Dragon Buster, Albatross from Rolling Thunder, the Runner from Metro-Cross, Paccet from Baraduke, Taira no Kagekiyo from Genpei Tōma Den, the Red Baron from Sky Kid, Dr. Don and Dan from Point Blank, the Cybuster from Super Robot Wars, Don-Chan from Taiko no Tatsujin and the Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari.

Ghost-Group: One of the four ghosts will pop out from the ground to hit the opponent after PAC-MAN grabbed them.

Flip Kick: A solmersault kick that can knock the opponent in mid-air.

Pac-Stomp: Performs a series of stomps.

Pac-Dash Bite: Morphs into his Classic Form and chomps repeatedly while sliding forward.

Bonus Fruit: Raises his hand to cycle through the 8 different bonus items from his games by holdng the button down, all of them having different traveling speeds and launching angle:

>Cherry: Bounces once.
>Strawberry: Bounces twice.
>Orange: Travels in a straight line.
>Apple: Bounces across the floor twice in wide hops
>Melon: Travels slowly in a very slight arc.
>Galaxian: Does a quick shuttle loop before continuing to fly off straight ahead.
>Bell: Travels slowly in a high arc before suddenly stopping short and falling straight down. Deals high stun damage.
>Key: Travels at high speed in a straight line. Passes through enemy projectile and deals high damage.

Pac-Jump: Hops very high from the trampoline from Mappy while in his Classic Form. The trampoline changes color depending on a number of bounces left, with the red one breaking after PAC-MAN lands.

Rev Roll: Turns into his ball form and starts charging up speed before launching himself straight forward. You can charge the button down to build up speed. When colliding with the opponent, he will bounce backwards before morphing back to his original state.

Butt Bounce: Dives down really quickly using his rear to slam his opponent at great force. It can be done three times in a row.

Galaxian Beam: Holds his hand out to emit Boss Galaga's tractor beam and grab them. PAC-MAN can follow up with one of the moves afterwards:

>Pac-Headbutt: A quick series of headbutt before launching a harder one.
>Pac-Capture Cut: Reels back and then shoves the opponent away.
>Pac-Giant Swing: A giant swing. A tiger sfx will lay after this, referencing King from Tekken.
>Pac-Upper Throw: Throws the opponent in the air.
>Pac-Devour: Morphs into his Classic Form and chomps the opponent multiple times.

Fire Hydrant: Summons a Fire Hydrant underneath himself, which spurts water out of both sides twice, which pushes the opponent and PAC-MAN as well. If the Hydrant is attacked by a Heavy move, it will be launched forward to tumble the opponent.

Pac-Pellet: Summons a string of Power Pellets in front of himself, then dashes quickly in his Classic Form to chomp along the trail. The string differs depending on the determined button. LP travels in a straight line, MP and HP travels slightly upwards.

Pac-Rush: Performs his fully-charged up Rev Roll. If done, the opponent will be launched in the air as PAC-MAN overwhelms them with his roll attack in every direction before finishing up with a dive to the ground.

Galaxian Attack: Summons a Galaxian from his hand, which accompanies him behind for 10 seconds. When PAC-MAN attacks, the Galaxian will shoot three fast shots that deals really minimal damage, but will nonetheless able to be used during his combo.

Super PAC-MAN: PAC-MAN will eat both a Power Pellet and a Super Pellet simultaneously, turning him in his Classic Form, but grown in large size. He will then automatically move forward in a loop, which each loop increases speed, with the final dash creates afterimages behind him before turning back to normal. The opponent can block the attack easily, but if don't, a point value appears. The first chomp gives 200 points, then 400, then 800, then 1600, then 3200, then all ends with 7650.

Special Flag: PAC-MAN will hold the Special Flag in the air and become immobile for 3 seconds. If successful, his score will be doubled as well as healing him fully.

PAC-MANIA: A GunCon from Time Crisis will appear in the foreground, wandering around the screen until it found its target to shoot. If done, PAC-MAN will turn into Super PAC-MAN to chomp them multiple times while being chased by a horde of 8-bit ghosts before he chomps them as well for the final time before shrinking down and perform the Butt Bounce below the opponent, sending them to the iconic original maze, now trapped inside the enter box with the Ghosts, but much larger than its original size. The Ghosts then lunges at the opponent while the screen switches to black, with the only sound it produced is the loss of a life. After that, it then cuts to PAC-MAN making a pose with his thumb up as the ghosts jump up and down.
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Here 4 Anime challengers that are needed to be unlocked, the ones that are mainstream to the general audience.

Goku (Dragon Ball) (Rushdown/Zoner)

How to Unlock: Perform 25 Clash Combos in Vs.

Float: Goku can float in the air and move left or right.

Air Dash: Goku can dash in the air.

Super Dash: Goku will automatically home on his opponent and can perform an aerial or a ground combo if the opponent is either both.

Solar Flare: A chest-aimed uppercut, then conjures a flash of light to knock the opponent forward.

Dragonthrow: A giant swing.

Air Dragonthrow: Basically the same thing, except he throws them diagonally down.

Rock, Scissors N' Paper: Performs the Rock, Paper, Scissors technique: Rock for a quick jab, Scissors with the eye poke, and finally Paper with a strong palm strike.

Elbow Smash: A elbow attack.

Double Scissors: A double hitting scissors kick.

Blast Fist: A Shoryuken-type uppercut that produces an explosion when hitting the opponent.

Arrow Knee: A leaping knee attack.

Double Axe Handle: A dual hammerfist.

Feet Kamehameha: Shoots downwards fists-first using Kamehameha from his feet.

Ki Blast: Fires two quick blue projectiles from each hand. You can tap the button down to fire more and more blasts.

Kamehameha: Cups both hands and shouts "Kamehameha!" to fire a large blue beam of ki forward. Its range and charging part differs based on the determined button.

Instant Transmission: Goku will teleport to any location based on the determined button.

Rapid Kick Rush: A triple spin kick attack as he ascends.

Spirit Shot: Counter. Goes into an alternate defense stance. Anyone attacking Goku will be counterattacked by a shockwave of air that knock them forward.

Ki Charge / Kaio-Ken: Goku charges up his ki. A small bar that resembles Shenron will appear above the Super Combo Gauge as you hold the button down. Once its full, press the input again to have Goku transform into his Kaioken form, tinting himself with a crimson tone. For 6 seconds, his strength and speed will be increased, though he will take damage overtime.

Kaio-Ken Attack: Only appears during Kaio-Ken mode. Goku makes a brief stop before dashing forward. If the opponent get hit by it, Goku will do a flipkick, then does a roundhouse kick and a hammer fist while teleporting, then quickly lands on the ground with the opponent on his hand before throwing them forward, instantly reverting him to normal. Basically a suit-up Super Combo if you will.

Meteor Combination: Goku rushes against the opponent as he does a elbow attack to stun them. If done, he will perform a barrage of kicks before ending with a stomach-aimed punch, crumpling the opponent down.

Super Kamehameha: Briefly turns into his Super Saiyan form and fires a more stronger Kamehameha that deals 20 hits in total.

Spirit Bomb: Goku raises both of his arms as he exclaims "Share your energy with me!". For 10 seconds, Goku will stay in this state as he charges up to increase the size of the sphere, giving the opponent the chance to attack him and cancel the move. After the countdown, Goku will throw the now gigantic ball to the opponent, creating a huge explosion.

Dragon Fist: Only appears during Kaio-Ken mode. Goku teleports towards his opponent and flipkicks them in the air. If done, he will transform into his Super Saiyan 3 form and homes on them with a straight fist that pierces behind the opponent, resulting in an explosion in the form of a large dragon.

Dramatic Finish!: Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan form and rushes towards with the opponent. If done, the background changes into a rocky evoriment as Goku performs a series of quick attacks while switching between his forms: SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJG and SSJB before doing a chest-aimed fist as SSJ4. After this, he reverts to his Base form and teleports in the air above the opponent, charging up an even bigger Spirit Bomb called Super Ultra Spirit Bomb before throwing towards the opponent. As the opponent managed to resist, Goku turns into his Perfected Ultra Instinct and rushes behind them, making the opponent hit by multiple invisible strikes, allowing the Spirit Bomb to land on the ground and explode as seen in outer space, disintegrating the opponent. As Goku managed to teleport in time, he reverts back to his Base form and lies down in exhaustion, ending with a thumbs up to the camera.

Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) (Glass-Cannon/All-Rounder)

How to Unlock: Perform 10 Tag Attacks in Arcade Mode

Rabbit Evade: Sailor Moon will simply ran away in the left direction to dodge the opponent's melee attack.

Harebutt: A headbutt attack that make her head hurt. Thankfully, she doesn't lose her health.

Rabbit Flip: A leaping tomoe nage.

Moon Stick Strike: Swings her Moon Stick outwards.

Sailor Slide: A modified baseball slide.

Moon Tiara Action: Grabs her own tiara and throws it forward, creating a small spark when hitting the opponent. In the air, she throws it diagonally, and the Heavy Punch version has a boomerang effect.

Rainbow Heart Kick: Leaps forward with a rainbow aura-like side kick that drags the opponent into a wall before doing a backward roll jump to land.

Sonic Cry: Kneels down and begins to cry, releasing a short-ranged supersonic wave that can push the opponent away, or deflect projectile attacks. It's power increases based on her remaining health left.

Moon Princess Halation: Fires a mid-ranged spread of moonlight-based blasts from her Moon Stick. It's number of blasts increases based on the determined button.

Moon Power Field: Counter. Strikes a ready pose with her Moon Stick that produces a small shine. After being attacked, she counterattacks by raising her stick upward to create a shining spark, knocking the opponent forward.

Silver Crystal Operation: Leaps in the air and moves slightly forward while enveloping herself in energy, hitting the opponent closely.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Spins around a bit before launching a huge heart-like projectile forward that hits 7 times.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss: Sailor Moon turns her Moon Stick into the Eternal Tiare, and after making various poses, she fires golden beams of light that hits the opponent multiple times before the beams turns into angelic feathers. Hitting the opponent heals Sailor Moon's health at 30%.

Silver Moon Prism Power Stars: Sailor Moon turns into her Eternal Form and launches a series of moon beams from the ground one by one. If done, she will use the Moon Kaleido Scope to fire a Moon Gorgeous Meditation, creating a flashing background similar to a mirror as she hits the opponent. As she and Chibiusa spin around, they gather their weapons together to create a shining pink of light to cage-up the opponent, trapping them. After this, Usagi transforms into Neo Queen Serenity as she and entire Sailor Guardians gather up to charge up a rainbow-colored energy from Serenity's Eternal Tiare before firing a gigantic white beam, which drags the opponent with glass-like blasts that disintegrates them into moondust.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura!) (Unorthodox)

How to Unlock: Beat 15 Opponents in Vs. while being Online

Float: Not much to say. Lum can simply float after she jumps, unlike Goku's though, she has very limited movement.

Goka Ben: Grabs the opponent and makes a small loop before throwing them forward.

Myojo (Morning Star): Spins around with her arm outstretched.

Hinotama (Fireball): Dives down head-fist while surrounded by flames, hence resembling a fireball.

Darin! (Darling!): Dashes forward as she tries to hug her opponent. If done, she generates electricity as she hugs them before letting go.

Mitsuketa! (I found you!): Flies upwards as she hits them with her knee. If that knee hits the opponent, she will slam them into the ground with one hand.

Kyodai Ten! (Big Ten!): Lum calls her cousin Ten, who breathes a big fire from his mouth that deals multiple hits on the opponent before leaving.

Denka (Electrify): Charges up electricity from her body. You can keep holding the button down to charge more. After releasing the button, she will release a large discharge, with its size grows depending on the charging.

Stormtroopers, Ike! (Stormtroopers, go!): Lum calls upon her Stormtroopers (Megane, Perm, Chibi and Kakugari) to protect her from the opponent, but they fight each other for Lum's attention via dusting clouds, which also led to the opponent getting dragged and beat up by them.

Anata wa dokoni ita?! (Where have you been!?): Basically an advanced version of Mitsuketa! where she first does a rushing punch, followed up by the knee before ending with a double slam, the last produces an electric pillar after hitting the ground.

Anata wa watashi o okora seta! (You made me angry!): Lum begans to feel angry and picks up her own spaceship to use it as a hammer and swings it down against her opponent, squashing them like a cartoon.

Itsudatte Mai Darin! (Always my darling!): Lum will perform a move similar to Darin!, except instead of electrifying them, she will instead fly very high in the sky with them, so high that she reaches the vast emptines of space and performs a progressivly large loop before throwing them at the half-moon. She then ends by squashing them with her own spaceship, creating a comedic explosion.

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia) (Footsie)

How to Unlock: Defeat 7 opponents with an Install Super Combo (like Zero's Sougenmu and X's Armor of Light) during Vs.

San Diego Smash: Punches the opponent twice, alternating between left and right before ending with a side kick.

St. Louis Smash: A spinning roundhouse kick.

Detroit Smash: Dashes forward as he performs an uppercut, creating an air pressured blast that directly knocks the opponent in to the air.

Maryland Dash: Dashes forward while leaving a green trail of afterimages. It is very slow, but it allows him to dodge the opponent's attack. It can be followed with one of the two moves.

>Delaware Smash Air Force: Fires a short-ranged blast of compressed air while leaping backwards.
>Manhattan Kick: A leaping side kick.

Manchester Smash: Leaps in the air and flips downwards, bringing his axe kick into the ground to hit the opponent.

One For All: Full Cowl: Activates 10-15% of his One For All quirk while leaping forward. Like Maryland Dash, it can be followed with one of the two moves:

>Shoot-Style: An inward kick, knocking the opponent forward.
>Strength-Style: A right swing punch that causes the opponent to spin in the air.

Chicago Smash: A Rising Rocket-type uppercut that deals 1 or 2 hits. Heavy Punch follows up with Wyoming Smash, spiking the opponent's head with a downward punch that produces a large shockwave.

Texas Smash: A powerful punch that creates wind pressure, knocking the opponent forward.

Delaware Smash: Flicks his finger to wallbounce his opponent via creating a large shockwave, then follows up with One For All: Full Cowl while leaping.

One For All 30%: Izuku uses 30% of One For All's power to increase 30% of his punching moves for 8 seconds.

1,000,000% United States of World Smash: It is executed while in his One For All 30% state. Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl - 100% and performs a hard, gut-aiming punch. If done, he will perform the move Transmission, punching the opponent several times, with each punch increases speed before sending them flying in the air, followed up with a jumping Chicago Smash that transitions into him performing a volley of punches to the opponent's chest. He then lands and hops on a wall to end with a powerful side kick to the opponent's face, destroying their entire body. After the attack, Izuku reverts to his base form and crumples to the ground, then gives the camera a thumbs up.
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Here they are, the last 6 unlockable fighters.

Hero (Dragon Quest) (All-Rounder/Unorthodox)

How to Unlock: Beat 20 opponents in Survival Mode on Normal difficulty.

MP Gauge: Hero's unique mechanic will deplete his MP whenever he uses a Special Attack (except Command Selection), with the amount varies depending on the determined button. The MP Gauge starts at 100%, and its restored overtime (at a rate of 1 point per second) or damaging the opponent with normal attacks, which restores MP equal to 0.8x of the damage output.

Fling: A tomoe nage.

Critical Slash: A two-handed downward slash. There's a low chance that he will deal a critical hit, which double the damage of it, as indicated by the Dragon Quest Critical Hit sfx.

Brockenspiel: A shield bash attack that also nullifies projectiles.

Leg Sweep: A baseball slide.

Frizz: A small fireball that travels a bit slowly, Frizzle is two intertwined fireballs, Kafrizz is a larger fireball that hits multiple times via explosion when caming into contact, and Kafrizzle is a even larger fireball that first floats in the air, then lands on the ground, exploding into a pillar of flames.

Zap: A burst of electricity emit from his sword in front of himself, Zapple is a bigger version of with larger range, Kazap sees Hero raise his sword to be struck by and perform a spinning attack with it, the initial attack will paralyze the opponent, and Kazapple is the same as Kazap, except instead of the spinning attack, he summons a rain of lighting bolts in mid range.

Bang: Fires a small, spark-like projectile diagonally downwards, which generates a small explosion after hitting the ground or the opponent, Boom and Kaboom generates large and even larger explosions, while Kaboomle has him generate a gigantic explosion from his body, though it doesn't reach the entire screen.

Woosh: Summons a small wind tornado in front of himself, while Swoosh and Kaswoosh has him launched in the air from a larger tornado and larger twin tornados, Kawooshle on the other hand has him summon a huge twister that surrounds him, launching his opponent in the air if he is close.

Rubblerouser: Summons a stalactite spire erupting from the ground in front of him, Boulderbringer is a larger spire, Mountainmover is a series of three Boulderbringers that are summoned one by one, and Ridgeraiser summons a mountain-like stalactite spear.

Crack: Shoots a small snow projectile from his sword that falls to the ground afterwards, Crackle is a series of fallen icicles from the air, Kacrack is a huge round icicle, and Kacrackle is three Kacracks in a row.

Zam: A sphere of dark energy that moves in a snail pace, Zammle is a series of Zams that appear and dissapear quickly one by one, Kazam is a large black sphere of crushing bolt, and Kazammle is an expanding dark sphere after hitting the ground.

Command Selection: Goes to a thinking pose and can choose a variety of four randomly-selected spells from a pop-up menu, with all of them requiring MP. Pressing Three Kicks cancels the move.

>Snooze: A spherical, pulse-like projectile that instantly puts the opponent into a crumpling state, though it does zero damage to them.
>Heal: Heals himself by 7%.
>Zoom: Jumps off-screen, then lands behind his opponent while being far away from them.
>Buff: Increases 5% of his normal attacks for 4 seconds.
>Kaclang: Encases himself in metal and makes him impervious to damage for a long time, though he cannot move or attack during this state.
>Hocus Pocus: A spell with random effects, either positive or negative, such as MP being replenished to 100%, damage himself at 20%, inflicts poison to himself at 5% overtime, or turns him invisible.
>Drain Magic: Absorbs the opponent's small portion of their Super Combo Gauge and applies that to himself.
>Poison Attack: An upward slash that inflicts poison to his opponent, which drains overtime for 6 seconds.
>Hatchet Man: A delayed downward slash similar to Critical Slash, except it causes instant Stun to his opponent.
>Kacrackle Slash: A slash infused with ice that freezes the opponent for 2 seconds.
>Flame Slash: Similar to Kacrackle Slash, but infused with fire and deals higher damage.
>Pincushion: Summons a spiky armor that damages his opponent when they try to attack or comes close of him, though he can't move.
>Sage's Breath: Refills 5% of Super Combo Gauge for every seconds until the 6th one.

Maelstrom: Casts a huge twister of water that slowly moves forward to engulf its opponent. If done, it will shoot them in the air as it vanish.

Morph: Transforms himself into his opponent, mimicking their movement and attacks for a long time until the Super Combo Gauge runs out. Pretty much identically to Twelve's X.C.O.P.Y. from Street Fighter III.

Magic Burst: Hero generates an enormous, spherical explosion that grows in size, hitting the opponent multiple times after they got caught over by it.

Ultimate Gigaslash: Hero's sword suddenly turns electric as he performs an upward slash. If done, the stage will change into a yellow-ish, mountanous dimension as the opponent gets launched in the air before landing. Hero then runs towards them with continuous slashes, while every single Dragon Quest Heroes show up to cheer him, then the heroes themselves lands their own additional hits to the opponent one by one. After that, they gather their weapons together to shoot up an energy that charges not just Hero's sword, but also the heroes from Dragon Quest 3, 4 and 8, who then use their own colored Gigaslashes to the opponent one by one before combining their forces together to perform multiple hard slashes, electrifying the opponent to death. Afterwards, all heroes gather their weapons together to show their victory.

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles) (Grappler/Footsie)

How to Unlock: Summon Inuyasha, Naruto, or Chrono 6 times in Vs. during any time limit.

Incredible Punch: Sends the opponent forward with a power punch.

Red Suplex: A belly-to-belly suplex.

Hammer Attack: A double axe handle.

Red Steel: A diving punch.

Lift Up: Grabs the opponent and lifts them upwards above his head. Bob can move left or right during this, but after 3 seconds, the opponent will shake off from the attack, but the player can throw them forward by pressing punch.

Red Swing: Dashes forward with one arm, trying to grab the opponent. If done, he will spin once to throw them to the left.

Shoulder Bash: Briefly charges up before delivering a strong shoulder tackle.

Safe Roll: Simply rolls forwards. It can be cancelled from any of his Normal, Command or Special attacks.

Earthquake: Performs a small leap into the air to violently smash the ground with his powerful arms, producing a big shockwave that trips the opponent down.

Meteor Drop: Basically an aerial version of Earthquake, except it launches opponent in ìnto the air when not jumping.

Family Help: Bob summons one member of his family to help him. LP has Violet creating a force field around her and her father, protecting him from attacks and absorbing projectiles. MP has Dash running past his opponent with his speed, then does it twice to knock them down to the ground as he leaves. HP has his wife Elastigirl grabbing the opponent and spin slams them using her stretching arms, and 2 Kicks summons his baby son Jack-Jack. What's unique about him is that no matter what attack he will use as he morphs, they are always at random:

>Water Form: A type of counter that pops him into a water wave if the opponent tries to attack Bob.
>Flame Form: Fires a beam of intense heat from his eyes after combusting his skin.
>Sparkler Form: Releases a shockwave from his body to paralyze his opponent.
>Giant Form: Turns giant and slams his hands twice.
>Demon Form: Turns into a demon-like creature and lunges towards the opponent
>Teleport: Simply teleports both him and his father to another location. It is the only attack that does not cause Jack-Jack to morph.

Superpower Uppercut: Rushes towards the opponent as he builds up power from his arm to perform a super uppercut, launching the opponent into the air.

Red Piledriver: Grabs the opponent and makes a massive leap to perform a strong spinning piledriver.

Super Lift Slam: Bob grabs a large broken car off-screen from above his head and throws directly at his opponent, creating an explosion.

Family of Superheroes: Bob performs a straight shockwave punch, then grabs the opponent and throws them in the air, transitioning into Jack-Jack (in Metal Form) crashing them down with his massive weight. As the opponent gets up, Dash grabs them as he runs at incredible speed to confuse them, then punches them to a empty building, leading to the invisible strikes done by Violet, followed up by Elastigirl using her elastic arms to grab and lift them forward to allow Bob to perform a lariat. After this, Bob and his family come together and performs a series of unseen attacks as the screen blacks out for a second (indicated by the POW! speech bubbles), sending the opponent inside a car. It ends with Frozone arrving late to freeze the car.

Optimus Prime (Transformers) (Big Body/Footsie)

How to Unlock: Clear Event 60: Giant Fight!! without using a continue.

Autobot / Decepticon Armor: Both Optimus and Megatron share the exact same mechanic of absorbing one hit of the attack via Super Armor.

Energon Fist: Grabs the opponent with one arm and does an overhead punch.

Autobot Sweep: A sweep kick with large range.

Ion Blaster: Fires a blasting projectile from his weapon. Its angle different based on the determined button; LP is diagonally down, MP is forward, and HP is diagonally upwards.

Energon Axe Swing: Spins once and swins his axe down to knock the opponent.

Roller: Summons a roller, which fires a quick cannon projectile twice before leaving.

Roll Out!: Transforms into his truck form. For 10 seconds, Prime gains indefinite Super Armor, but he can only move left and right and perform two attacks, one is Truck Ram, which is simply a dash attack, while Crashing Hop makes jump in the air to land on his opponent. The form can be cancelled by pressing the input again.

Autobot Upper: A dashing uppercut of his right arm. Heavy Punch makes him throw a left uppercut.

Combat Deck: Turns into his truck form and opens the trailer of it to let the gun fire three cannon blasts one by one before Prime quickly retrieves it back.

Axe Combo: Swings his Energon Axe four times before ending with an upward one.

Triple Rush: Prime turns into his truck form and does three Truck Rams on both directions as he rams the opponent.

War of Autobots: Prime uses the Energon chain to try wrapping the opponent. If done, the scene changes into a rocky evoriment (much like Goku) as he summons Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, Arcee and Hot Rod to bombard the opponent with shots and blasts, then he turns into his truck form to ram them into a mountain formation. After this, Optimus opens up his Creation Matrix and fires a huge blue beam to disintigrate his opponent, destroying the formation as well. It ends with Prime saving himself in his Truck form, and after reverting back to his normal form, he and the Autobots raises their arms in victory.

Megatron (Transformers) (Big Body/Zoner)

How to Unlock: Beat Solo Arcade with Optimus Prime on Normal difficulty or higher.

Mega Throw: Grabs the opponent with one arm and throws them into the ground.

Autobot Sweep: A lifting knee attack.

Megatron Fist: Steps forward to perform a swing punch with purple aura effect.

Energon Mace Swing: Swings his mace down to knock the opponent. It has a large range.

Fusion Cannon: Fires a big purple blast from his weapon. Unlike Prime's Ion Blaster, he can shoot more than once based on the determined button.

Gun Mode: Transforms into his gun form. For 10 seconds, Megatron can move in any direction he desires, but he can only perform two attacks and doesn't have the indefinite Super Armor unlike his nemesis, one is Fire, which is simply a projectile attack, while Twirling makes him twirl forward to hurt his opponent. The form can be cancelled by pressing the input again.

Decepticon Kick: A leaping side kick. Heavy Kick version follows up with a sweep kick.

Megatron's Dread: Grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground like Mega Throw, except he follows up with 4 blasts to their face before kicking away.

Power Hammer Rush: Swings his Energon Mace twice (both left and right), then upwards and ends by bringing it down.

Triple Fire: Megatron turns into his gun form and fires three more stronger blasts forward.

Rise of Galvatron: Megatron uses the Energon chain to try wrapping the opponent. If done, the scene changes into a city evoriment as he summons Soundwave, Starscream and Shockwave to bombard the opponent with shots and blasts as he transforms into Galvatron, firing his blaster at the opponent while running towards them. After that, he then leaps high in the air as he summons the ancient Lord of Chaos Unicron (appearing as a living planet), who then fires a massive beam to destroy a portion of the city as the Decepticons quickly retreats. After the attack, Galvatron laughs as he watches the disintigrated ashes of his former opponent before Unicron reveals his true form.

Knack (Big Body/Unorthodox)

How to Unlock: Collect 150 Cards

Relic Collection: Emulating the gameplay of his series, Knack can collect items knows as Relics. By hitting the opponent enough times, these Relics will scatter throughout the stage and Knack has to collect them in order to fill up the requirements seen above his Super Combo Gauge as shown in this image. His default small form is the weakest, Human form is the balanced one, and his Gorilla form is the strongest. When the requirement is completed, Knack will automatically transform into a new form, with each one having exclusive moves to them, some are carried over into his next form.

Knack Dodge: Turns into a floating collection of Relics as he moves left or right, capable of dodging the opponent's attacks and past through them behind.

Relic Double Claw: A double claw swipe, with its strength varies depending on what forms he takes.

Relic Spike: A double spike punch aimed down.

Knack Spin: Performs a spin attack as his Relics briefly splits. It is similar to Crash's Spin, the only difference is that he doesn't have any options with it, so the only thing that sets it apart is its range, which increases with each form.

Knack Roll: Curls into a ball and launches himself against his opponent. Air Knack Roll is different , as instead of launching himself, he will do a jumping dive kick that deals high stun damage.

Knack Blast: Available only in his Human form. Picks up his own portion of the Relics and throws it against his opponent. The attack deals multiple hits and costs 4 Relics per use, so you might save it for a few occassions.

Knack Crystal Swords: Available only in his Human form. His hands morphs into crystal swords and dashes slashes his opponent, then followed with an upward slash.

Knack Foot Slam: Leaps in the air and performs a quick falling double foot stomp, creating a shockwave. The shockwave itself's range will increase with each form.

Knack Body Slam: The only exclusive move that is carried to his next one. Leaps in the air and performs a strong splash, instantly crumbling him into a pile of Relics before reassembles himself. In his Gorilla form, he makes a small bounce before he crumbles to deal extra damage.

Knack Tackle: Available only in his Gorilla form. A powerful shoulder tackle with shockwave effects. If he hits a wall, he will crumble into a pile of Relics before reassembles himself. It will also lose 11 of them, so be careful with that.

Knack Shockwave: Makes a small leap and brings his fists down, creating a large shockwave that covers almost the entire floor if he is in his Gorilla form.

Knack Storm: Uses his own Relics to create a large twister that willl drag the opponent inside before shooting them upwards. The range will be increased with each form, with his Gorilla form being the biggest.

Knack Skyscraper Attack: Knack summons many Relics to become as large as a skycraper to perform a double foot stomp at his opponent before reverting back to his small form. Knack must collect at least 150 Relics to activate this move and must be in his Gorilla form as well.

It's Knacking Time!: Automatically transforms into his Gorilla form and performs his Knack Tackle to drag them inside a building. If done, he appears in giant form as he beats up the entire building containing the opponent inside, then stomps them repeatedly before he reverts to his small form, using the Relics to form it into one giant ball (bigger than his giant form) before throwing at the opponent, crushing them. Videogamedunkey makes a small cameo during the entire attack.

Sans (Undertale) (Zoner)

How to Unlock: Beat him in Volley Mode at the highest difficulty.

Bone Up: Summons a bone from the ground to knock the opponent in the air.

Finger Clap: A snapback attack that sends the opponent forward.

Bone Down: Throws a bone downwards with both hands.

Gaster Blaster: Summons a Gaster Blaster, who will fire a white beam forward or diagonally up depending on the determined button.

Gaster Union: Summons three Gaster Blasters above or below the opponent to fire their beams simultaneously.

Rising Bones: Summons a large bone rising from the ground similar to Bone Up, except it will always hit the opponent below and knock them to the left, allowing Sans to combo them.

Gravity Lift: Uses his psychic powers to lift himself in the air, flying him forward, in an arc, or backwards depending on the determined button.

Bone Dunk: Leaps in the air and chucks a large bone downwards like a basketball, which bounces twice before dissapearing.

Gravity Slam: Uses his psychic powers to lift the opponent at mid-range in the air, which will stay in this state for 2 or 3 seconds. In the air, he will slam them into the ground after lifting.

Bone Stabbing: Summons multiple small bones to do very quick stabs to the opponent, dealing 17 hits before ending with a larger one.

Bone Slides: Summons a trail of blue bones that rolls along the ground until it changes direction before dissapearing. Much like in Undertale, it will deal large poison damage if the opponent moves, but it will do nothing when standing still.

Spiraling Blasters: Sans summons a circling union of Gaster Blasters as they slowly spiral around shooting white beams for 7 seconds while Sans kicks it to make it roll.

Megalovania's Revenge: The only Counter Final Strike. Sans will simply snooze like its nothing. If the opponent tries to attack him, he will simply dodge it and slams them into a wall with his psychic powers, which transitions into a Battle Screen from Undertale. The opponent will be bombarded with multiple rising, falling, and faster moving bones and spinning rings of Gaster Blasters while the screen starts flickering. Sans will then slam them continously, eventually breaking the Bullet Board, leading to the opponent falling into an endless hole with no escape, which ends with Sans making a pun.

And. Here. It. Is. It is now finally completed! This is the final roster of DoubleClash, so does this mean it's over? No, because there are alot of stuff that i need to talk about, like modes in more detail, the rest of the assists (which are unlockable btw) and so much more, but i need to take a rest first. Anyway, see you in another round folks. Toodles.
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Hey, everyone. It's me, Vic2000. It's been a year since my last post, and in my absence, personal stuff happened. But during this time, i was able to update my DoubleClash project by polishing all of the characters' movesets, as well as changing stuff here and there, so what you seen in the previous posts are a bit outdated. Yeah, life can be tough, but enough about that, let's go with every single movesets of all 80 fighters. Yup, 80 fighters, cause we know have an additional one that will complete the entire roster for reals, since the initial version was going to be 79 of them. This may take a while, but here we go with the moves first before we move on with the new fighter!

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Part 2

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Third and Final Part

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I have uploaded almost all of the images containing their movesets. You can read all of them via right click all you want. As for me? Well.....the final fighter of DoubleClash will be uhm...interesting to say the least. Stay tuned.
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Hello, i'm back. After a time has passed, it's finally the moment you've all be waiting for!

Who is this new fighter!?
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That's right! The pink slime girl is going to join DoubleClash as the legit last fighter in the roster! I know this may be scandalous and controversial, but i needed someone to fill up the number from 79 to 80. I could write a full moveset for her like the rest, but this time, it's a bit different, cuz i did not have the time to wrote one, so i'll compromise with her only.

Melona is basically the Mokujin of this game, as she will morph into a random fighter for each round, sometimes will stay at the initial form for the next round. It doesn't mean she can't have her own unique intro and victory poses, because she can do that! She can be unlocked by highlighting the "?" at the character select screen and play as a random fighter to beat Arcade Mode (either solo or a team) 30 times. Once unlocked, Melona will initially morph the starters, but every time you unlock a fighter, it will be added to her morph.
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And there you have it, folks! The actual finalized roster. I hope you will enjoy them if this becomes real. Much like the post i made a year ago, it's not done. The assists, modes and other stuff needed to be talked about, so i'll say this. Thank you for currently enjoying my weird hypothetical fighting game crossover idea. It's something i wanted to do for a while. But don't worry, i'll talk about the rest of the assists much later. I'll see you next time.
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Oh boy... That's kinda huge... I think I like this idea.

But some more fighters would not or supposed for this, this one that would not be fitted for this game:
-Micheal Jackson (R.I.P; with this appearance from the 1988 film Moonwalker)
-Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
-Charlie Brown (Peanuts)
-Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
-Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)
-The Tick
-Danny Phantom

And some assists that are not to be for this game but should not be in this:
-Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.)
-Wreck-It Ralph
-Dick Tracy
-Dash (PBS Kids)
M.U.G.E.N's got nothing on me!
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I like your suggestions, MarioMarioGuyFan11, but the roster for the fighters, stages and assists were already finalized.
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M.U.G.E.N's got nothing on me!