[R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.30 from Inma no Ken (updated 12-27-2019) (Read 13370 times)

Started by Zzyzzyxx, June 24, 2019, 01:09:10 AM
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[R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.30 from Inma no Ken (updated 12-27-2019)
#1  June 24, 2019, 01:09:10 AM
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Make sure to look at the config file to check for new options that I made available for her.

Demo video (Lv8 new AI x Lv8 old AI):

The main reason for this new update is that I finally added the long-overdue ability to cancel supers into supers.

I had been working on my chars recently (taking off the rust from not having touched them for over 3 years), but she was the only one who received genuinely substantial additions.

I'm also making public some extra NSFW sffs, with various degrees of skin exposition, which I made back when I was working on her color separation. I had been keeping them private through all these years, but since this is a 2.0 version, I felt like finally sharing them.
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Re: [R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.0 from Inma no Ken
#2  June 24, 2019, 08:37:06 AM
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I saw some potential in the doll anatomy of the nekkid version

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Re: [R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.10 from Inma no Ken
#3  July 05, 2019, 01:16:41 AM
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Saki Mamiya updated to v 2.10.


Her best update so far.

* I added a new game mode in her config file in which her special moves don't cost power anymore. Her supers and D-CAN cost 1000, and MAX Mode, 2000.

The most common complaint about her gameplay so far was about her having a requirement of 250 power for every single special move.
That was how she played in Inma no Ken, and I brought that feeling to my Mugen conversion of her.

I had been afraid to touch the entire code I made for her, since there are lots of mechanics to take into consideration and whatnot. Turns out that giving this feature for her ended up being much more simple than I thought.

* Fixed a bug where the player couldn't perform her aerial tatsus during a Spinning-Bird-Kick-ripoff during MAX Mode.

* Fixed a bug where her Strong Aerial tatsu couldn't knock down a non-airborne opponent

* Fixed a bug where performing a Crouching Light Kick during D-CAN caused her to travel through the entire screen.

* Added an option in her config file that makes her Standing Heavy Punch not knock down an opponent after several consecutive light attacks. Since her Standing Heavy Kick doesn't have this feature and adding this option makes her gameplay flow nicely, why not?

Long story short. Now you can make her more powerful than ever by putting all the options you can toggle on into use:

Have fun.
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Re: [R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.10 from Inma no Ken
#4  July 05, 2019, 06:14:37 AM
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Re: [R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.20 from Inma no Ken
#5  August 18, 2019, 01:32:58 AM
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Version 2.20 released

* Reduced the power received from basics during MAX Mode if the Power Cost for Special Moves Toggle option is turned off (aka Unlimited Mode) in her config file.

* Damage from specials during MAX Mode depends on her current life value, starting at 70% when her life gauge is full, increasing up to 100% if her life is at 25% or less

* Inma no Ken Mode and Unlimited Mode now share the same AI codes. In the previous version, I made 2 copies of the same code for every attack, changing only one single line in each one of them to accomodate the new Unlimited Mode. The revised code makes her new cmd file much shorter, as it should be since the beginning.

* Some new palettes:


Dark Skin:

Dark Skin 2:
Re: [R-18] Saki Mamiya v2.30 from Inma no Ken (updated 12-27-2019)
#6  December 27, 2019, 03:02:03 PM
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Saki Mamiya has been updated to v 2.30.

New download link:

* Fixed a bug where performing a D-CAN, then activating MAX Mode, followed by performing a dash/backdash at any point while the time bar was active would end MAX Mode instantly.

* Fixed a bug where if the option "Chain Combo Toggle" was toggled on, performing rapid-fire punches to rapid-fire kicks, or vice-versa, twice in a row during the same combo, like the video below shows, was impossible.

* Fixed a bug where the last hit of her qcb+HK (ground version) would set the damage dampener to the minimum possible value.

* Fixed a bug where her normal attacks could have their power reduced by her damage dampener to a value lower than 25%, which was supposed to be the minimum possible value.
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