Projects that I would love to make, or be a part of. (Read 590 times)

Started by NDSilva, May 23, 2023, 12:31:01 AM
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Projects that I would love to make, or be a part of.
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If life ever decides that it doesn't need to suck that much all the time, perhaps I could actually manage to start some of these one day... :wall:

A remake of Capcom Fighting Jam / Evolution

A fullgame that looks and sounds nearly the same as the official game, only with more polishment, characters and gameplay mechanics around there. Most likely would use IKEMEN as the engine, since it has a native score system and allows for multiple characters in the same slot.

A full crossover between Sonic and Mega Man

Basically a interpretation of the awesome Worlds Collide saga by Archie comics, only with a few plot differences here and there to adjust for the gameplay and such. A 2D platform adventure where you can tag between Sonic and Mega Man, and have to master the synergy and exclusive abilities of both in order to fully blast through all the maps in all it's glory! (although you can theoretically beat the game with only one of them with no big worries as well)

Gameplay-wise, each character would have his own lifebar, and dedicated power bar - boost for Sonic, Rush and sub-weapons for Mega. Energy pick-ups would restore the current character's health, while rings across the map would increase the character's power bar.

Levels would have sections designed for both speed, and precision. In speed sections Sonic would pass through enemies with fair ease, while in precision sections Mega Man would benefit from his long range weapon and easier handling through platforms - as well as underwater sections.

The story campaing would consist of a starting/prologue stage where the boss is simply the other protagonist facing the character you chose to start with; followed by 8 stages selectable by a menu. Each stage would have 2 acts: at the end of the first act you fight a regular robot master from the Mega Man series, and at the end of the stage and second act, you face a roboticized version of a Sonic series character.

When beating one of these stages, you free the character from the robotization and mind control of the doctors, and then either Mega Man gets a new weapon from them, or Sonic learns a new ability/tweak/buff also related to them (wether both will get something new or just one per stage could be adjusted later on, as the game gets to the balancing phase).

Then after clearing the 8 selectable stages, you finally reach to the fortress made by the doctors where the final levels take place, and the rest is pretty much near to what a player of either series would expect.

Mechanics-wise, this one hack of Sonic 2 for the Genesis actually comes close to what I would imagine classic Mega Man could play like - just imagine it's a more tweaked slide instead of a dash, and perhaps a wall jump instead of a wall slide (since Mega can do that in the Power Battle games and in Marvel vs. Capcom)

In regards to graphics and style, Mega Man sprites could ideally be based around his MM11 animations, but with slightly taller proportions like he's commonly portrayed in the artworks and comics. As for Sonic, I would say the perfect design does already exists, actually - just look up the mods of the more recent 2D games that give him "the Modern" design... simply magnificent. :pleased:

A accurate recreation of Capcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holder


Reality :wacko::
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Something certainly time-consuming, although with today's free resources this could be doable. A 3D game with "retro" graphics that runs at 480p, that tries to achieve no more, and no less than what was initially planned to be on the official release of the game back in 2003. Obviously, I can never get 100% accuracy on this one; but it would still be something really fascinating to me, to see someone at least try to get a close feel of what playing the game back in the day would be like. :)

Figuring out a game engine would be the truly annoying part, though - I probably would have to learn how to code everything from scratch, using something like Unity maybe. If Project EF-12 could run properly in my lowend PC, I would have already tried to put up something for it...

But hey, did you know the pretty cool game Schwarzerblitz has a open source version and also allow for mods? This gives some room for thought... :rolleyes4:

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