Captain Marvel MvC-ish edit for 1.0 (Read 1031 times)

Started by Swanky, January 24, 2021, 11:43:59 PM
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Captain Marvel MvC-ish edit for 1.0
New #1  January 24, 2021, 11:43:59 PM
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Captain Marvel

by ZVitor - ReSprite and Edit By Abnerrse4 - Palettes by Yolomate

original AI codes and Hyper Combo Finish sound by Mystik Blaze
Hyper Combo Finish BG sprites by Winane
Edits by Swanky

Phew, that's a load of creators right there. Captain Marvel was among the better original fighters released throughout the years, there was still a lot of potential left in her, especially after the AvX release which was solid, but a bit generic.
After a fantastic resprite with color separations I wanted to give her a Hyper Combo Finish BG and maybe some defensive options, but over the course of the coming days and weeks that escalated right quickly into a full edit of the characters offensive options. :D
I've basically touched every file sans the palettes of this character, hence the full release aside from my main thread (where it will be linked nonetheless).


The changelog:
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Changes to gameplay
Captain Marvel now has a lot more options to set up and chain combos. While the initial damage is about average, landing extended combos can put her far above average damage per combo.
As stated, her sHP and jHP now bounce opponents, and one of each can be used per combo, else the opponent will just fall down. Many of her attacks can leave her quite open, so beware.
To compensate, her defensive capabilities are less advanced compared to regular MvC fighters. For instance, she cannot guard push in the air and she has no recovery roll.
However, you can now use her QCB P orbs special to effectively break/reset enemy combos. Depending on hitstun, you may now have a chance to block / counter.

Her extended combo ability is the heart of this edit.
As mentioned she can wallbounce once and groundbounce once per combo. This puts her damage potential through the roof (although there is a damage dampener - I haven't extensively looked for infinites, though).
Here are *some* possible combo chains...

sWP, sMP, sHP
sWP, sMP, sHK, QCF K
sWP, sWK, sMP, sMK, sHK, QCF K -> Wall bounce -> sWP, sMP, sHK, 4,6 HP
sWP, sWK, sMP, sMK, sHK, QCF K -> Wall bounce -> cHP -> jWP, jWK, jMP, jMK, jHP -> Ground Bounce -> sWP, sMP, sHK -> QCF PP
cWK, cMK, cHK, 4,6 HP -> sWP, sMP, sHK, 236 K -> Wall bounce
You should be able to chain together differently as long as you are aware of what bounces you have already used and where the opponent is.

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

To Do:
- find and fix potential jank on the bounce code (if there is still any)

My general releases topic

MOAR screenshots:

€ updated Download link to moddb. File contains all of my full character edit releases so far.
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Re: Captain Marvel edit for 1.0
#2  January 26, 2021, 02:48:08 PM
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I've updated Captain Marvel. Download link in 1st Post. :)

Changes 1.05
- Fixed some triggers regarding her wall bounce checks in statedef 1110
- Deleted her bounce checks in Nova Super (QCF KK)
- Nerfed Damage of Nova Super
- fixed incorrect Hyper Beam sprpriority (was set at 99, now set at 5)
- Orbs (QCB P) are now activated on contact instead of hit, fixed secondary hitdef not using primary destroyself checks (resulting in incorrect hit & timeout behaviour)
- Her Energy Beam (QCF P), Orbs and Hyper Beam now hit/destroy projectiles; should work for most helper type projectiles as well (attr = SP)
- Fixed her AI not checking for floor bounce (still somewhat incompetent when it comes to wall bounce juggling). Still, she uses her set a lot smarter now.


Re: Captain Marvel edit for 1.0
#3  January 26, 2021, 05:19:58 PM
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good work! she's so fun.
Re: Captain Marvel edit for 1.0
#4  January 26, 2021, 05:55:11 PM
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Great work ill add to my mvc project