Touhou Incident Zero Dev progress thread. (Read 481 times)

Started by Ricepigeon, November 13, 2022, 06:21:06 AM
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Touhou Incident Zero Dev progress thread.
#1  November 13, 2022, 06:21:06 AM
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I've been putting this project on the backburner until recently. While I've been releasing the characters for a while, as far as the actual game goes, not much progress was made until fairly recently. This thread will showcase the progress that has been made.

The first order of business is, of course, the HUD. Since IZ is using Ikemen GO for its engine instead of the modified Ikemen engine used by Gensokyo Reloaded, pretty much everything is being done from scratch. The HUD is still a work in progress, and some of the characters have had to be reworked, namely the ones with their own gauges for their own mechanics, in order to fit in to new layout, as well as resolving some issues due to changes in the system mechanics over time, as not all characters have been updated with the recent changes yet. Due to this, the initial builds will not include all publicly released Incident Zero characters, as well as making balancing slightly easier by working in chunks rather than dumping in all 18 chars at once.

If the screenshot didn't make it apparent, the game will be running in a 16:9 aspect ratio with stage zoom.