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Started by Sang Kalaza, July 26, 2020, 08:59:19 PM
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Project M.U.G.E.N Dragon's Rebirth (Online Version) [1280 x 720]
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Hi everyone,

IKEMEN engine as you know, there is already support for the Network Mode feature.
Because of this important feature, I decided to choose it instead of MUGEN to continue developing it later.
After a long time of researching on how to custom IKEMEN engine, I finally brought everyone a version with many new features,
which when comparing it with the MUGEN engine, I thought it had never appeared.
I think it will be a good experience when you explore them.

About the title of the project: because the old project was done on the MUGEN engine before, so I kept the title the same
(in addition, there is another reason that I think the name MUGEN has existed for a long time,
so it is possible it will be more popular and popular with the community).

About MUGEN Dragon's Rebirth with IKEMEN version:
This is a free game created with IKEMEN engine by Team MDR.
- Developed based on IKEMEN engine by SUEHIRO.
- Original screenpack by Sang Kalaza (EX) and KgohanT (KGT).
- Port MUGEN version to IKEMEN version and extra development features by Sang Kalaza (EX).
This version is still a beta version.
All characters, sounds and backgrounds in this game are ripped and programmed by others makers of the mugen community.
All they are listed in file "resources_credits.txt".

Extra Development Features:
1. The basic modes: Arcade, Training, Survival, Watch, Exit are added as MUGEN.
However, there will be a slight difference in the appearance of objects, namely Hiryu and Kenji, and boss characters (Example: Dragon Claw)
In addition, there are additional bonus stages corresponding to each stage.
Details as below:
※ ARCADE Mode: 15 stages
- the appearance of Hiryu or Kenji character (1st): stage No. 5
- the appearance of bonus stage (1st): stage No. 6
- the appearance of Hiryu or Kenji character (2st): stage No. 10
  ※ Note: If Kenji character appeared first on stage 1st, Hiryu will appear. The opposite is also the same
  Particularly for the case of Turn Mode, or Simul Mode: you will confront both characters Hiryu and Kenji at the same time.
- the appearance of bonus stage (2nd): stage No.11
- the appearance of boss character: stage No. 15

※ SURVIVAL Mode: 100 stages
- the appearance of boss character: The next 10 stages will repeat
- the appearance of Hiryu and Kenji character: before boss stage

2. About Potrait of character (file *.sff):
- Select Icon (9000, 0): when potrait exists (9000, 1000), it will be used (9000, 1000). Otherwise, use (9000, 1) as the default.
- Stand Potrait: when potrait exists (9000, 1001), it is used (9000, 1001). Otherwise, (0, 0) will be used as the default.
- Large Potrait (9000, 1): When potrait (9000, 1002) exists, it is used (9000, 1002). Otherwise, use (9000, 1) as the default.
※ Note: Stand Potrait for hires or hd character, you should use potrait (9000, 1001) and scale to smaller size (scale 0.5 for hires, 0.25 for hd)
In this regard, I think it would be better to develop the auto scale feature, but it is a bit difficult to adjust the x and y coordinates to make it reasonable, and it will be developed later.

3. Support random music on system and select screen.

4. Support random music on fighting screen. You can set it in your_file_stage.def file
- For example, the current status as below:
bgmusic = sound/your_file_music.mp3

- Do 2 more lines below to be able to random music in stage:
bgmusic1 = sound/your_file_music_1.mp3
bgmusic2 = sound/your_file_music_2.mp3

5. Support stage selection interface more intuitive with full arrow key Up, Down, Left, Right instead of as the default interface.
- In addition, stages will be divided by blocks, the number of blocks is unlimited (suitable for you to expand):
Block 1: includes random stage in the first position and 68 stages
Block 2: includes 69 stages
Block n: includes 69 stages
- How to add a stage image:
Open the file "~/config/stage/stage.sff" with soft Fighter Factory, add 3 images with Red, Green, Blue mode with corresponding stage No.
※ Note: If the stage has not yet added an image, the default image support already exists.

6. Support for the stage preview feature when selecting the stage
(note that for some computers with low configuration, it may not run at a smooth speed,
I am considering whether it is necessary to remove the feature in the next version).

7. Support extra characters with dynamic slot dedicated to player 1 or dedicated to player 2.
In addition, the number of dynamic slots is also unlimited, suitable for screen packs with a large number of characters.

8. Add the specified VS CPU mode that MUGEN system does not yet have.

9. Support character rating system:
- With this system, you can rate the character based on information such as Attack, Defense, Speed, Range, Special, thereby deciding the number of stars for the character.
- In case the set value is greater than 10 (for info), or greater than 5 (for stars), it will appear in red to know this information exceeds the threshold.
- For example (your_file_character.def file), the current status as below:
name ="Strider Hiryu"
displayname ="Strider Hiryu"
versiondate =04,14,2002
mugenversion =04,14,2002
author ="DivineWolf"
pal.defaults = 4,5,6,1,2,3,10,11,12,7,8,9

- Do add 6 lines (ex...) as below to show the character's info and star number:
name ="Strider Hiryu"
displayname ="Strider Hiryu"
versiondate =04,14,2002
mugenversion =04,14,2002
author ="DivineWolf"
pal.defaults = 4,5,6,1,2,3,10,11,12,7,8,9
exInfoStar    =4
exInfoAttack  =5
exInfoDefence =4
exInfoSpeed   =7
exInfoRange   =7
exInfoSpecial =8

10. Random Character feature has now been customized again:
- Specifically, you can only select the random character slot with a normal character (will not be able to randomly hit the boss character in the middle vertical row).
- In addition, random characters will also be divided into 2 armies.
- Matching the random slot on the left will randomize Hiryu's team characters, whereas the right slot will be Kenji's character on the right.
- One more thing, to be fair, random characters will be rated at 3 stars.

11. Now you can exit while selecting mode (single mode, simul mode, turn mode) to return to the main menu.
Done by pressing the Start key.

12. Additional feature to remember the position of the previous character turn mode after return character selection screen.
Note: not applicable for dynamic slot yet.

13. Fix bug pause time during guarding state of IKEMEN system.
This phenomenon occurs for some characters(ex: Choi Bounge by Falcon Rapper, ...) that are in the process of guarding,
at this point, the enemy using hyper skill(ex: "Shin! Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa" skill of Choi Bounge) will make your character lose guarding state.

14. Change to new Lifebar. This lifebar is different from the original MUGEN Dragon's Rebirth.
In the future, maybe I will update portrait for Turn mode and Simul mode.
Custom some system handling to get some of the same functionality as MUGEN.
In case you want to use a personal lifebar, you can set it at "\config\lifebar\lifebar.ini".

15. Add bonus menu (located in Extras Menu) in title screen for case you want to practice with them.

16. Add options for the case you want to display or not display character rating information,
confirm the use of Turn Star Mode, and related options
(for example, the number of stars initialized for 2 teams, using the Insert Kung Fu Man in before the final character).

17. To take advantage of the 2 left and right arrow keys, the UI has been changed to 2 columns for easy selection.

18. Add two player mode in Arcade menu, Surivival menu.
Note: there are some bugs and things that I haven't tweaked yet.

A few unresolved issues:
- Because it was originally developed from IKEMEN standard version, the features developed by IKEMEN plus version (developed by K4thos) are not included in this version.
I think in the future I will refer to IKEMEN plus to integrate some more necessary features (For example, adding options in options menu, ...)
- Do not stop music when change character in turn mode.
- Demo menu has not been tweaked yet.
- About Simul Mode:
  + Is affected by the number of Turn Mode (will be tweaked later).
  + Player 3, Player 4 is not controlled by the CPU, but instead is Player. Config is currently setting the same button as Player 1, Player 2. you should set to another button in file "ssz / config.ssz".
  In the future, I will add a switch between CPU and Player for Player 3, 4 in the Options menu of the main screen
- Some crash errors related to memory issue.
- Some stages and characters you need to run in VGA mode can be used to load normally
- Particularly character Kenji: I hope that someone can edit him into a more complete version of pots style.
I think you will edit him better than your predecessors.

New game mode based on the star rating system:
1. Turn mode: based on the number of stars you decide for the character will limit the next character you can choose.
Take the following example:
- The initial number of stars you set for the player is 12
- Each time selecting a character will consume the corresponding number of stars.
- If you choose a strong character (such as a boss), it will affect the next characters you will be selected,
and now you can only select characters with a lower number of stars (because the boss character cost the team stars).
This I think is more fair when the team (all characters are strong) versus the team (normal and weak characters)

2. Comes with this feature, there will be cases:
- For example, you are playing Turn Mode with the number of members is 4,
the number of stars you set initially is 12, the selected character consumes 3 stars,
the second character consumes 4 stars, this time the your curent number of stars is 5.
- At this point, you decide to choose a boss character, so that when your 2nd character is destroyed,
you can output a strong character to overwhelm the opponent with the amount of blood damage.
Just in time, so I added the ability to add Kung Fu Man before the last character appeared
(the difference is that this character has been modified to weaken to become a character).
Bonus for the opponent to regain the amount of health loss, if you're lucky,
you can use this character to finish off the opponent, or simply, just let the time run out,
then even if you have If you lose, your opponent's healing will be less due to time-dependent)

NETWORK Game Mode:
- Add interface to highlight two characters (Hiryu and Kenji).
- Add options for when you want to be a Host, or a player when you want to make a connection.
Note: when making the connection, because a dialog appears to input the ip address,
so you should let the application run with Windows. When connecting successfully,
if you want to play in Full Screen mode, you can press Alt + Enter to change,
and then you can play throughout in Full Screen mode.
- Other features developed in offline play mode will also be used in online play mode.

Template for potrait:
1. 9000,1000: Icon on select screen
2. 9000,1001: Stand on select screen
3. 9000,1002: Potrait on select screen
4. 9000,1005: Potrait on fighting scence
5. 9000,1006: Potrait (for simul mode) on fighting scence: WIP
6. 9000,1007: Potrait (for turn mode) on fighting scence: WIP

Currently, this is only a beta version and is being gradually improved, so there may still be many omissions, please disregard these omissions.
In the process of using, if you have a bug detected, hope you can notify me, or post to the forum.
If there is a mistake from me, hope you can feedback them, I will review and fix them.
If I have enough free time to continue, I will try to gradually improve it.
Finally, thank you for reading and playing MDR.


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Q: How to add my character to MDR Online?
A: Open "\config\select.lua", replace "Add_Your_Character.def" text with the path of the character you want to add.

Q: How to add my stage to MDR Online?
A: Open "\config\select.lua", replace "#Add_Your_Stage.def" text with the path of the stage you want to add.

Q: How to add select icon and preview stage image to MDR Online?
A: Open "\config\stage\stage.sff" with Fighter Factory Fighter Factory 3, Add an image of red green blue with the corresponding stage number.

Q: How to use my custom lifebar?
A: Config at "\config\lifebar\lifebar.ini" file.

Q: How to use character rating system?
A: Open "\chars\your_character\your_character.def" file, add 6 lines (ex...) as below to show the character's info and star number:
name ="Strider Hiryu"
displayname ="Strider Hiryu"
versiondate =04,14,2002
mugenversion =04,14,2002
author ="DivineWolf"
pal.defaults = 4,5,6,1,2,3,10,11,12,7,8,9
exInfoStar    =4
exInfoAttack  =5
exInfoDefence =4
exInfoSpeed   =7
exInfoRange   =7
exInfoSpecial =8

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Update MDR Online
Add Template Portrait for Select Screen, Lifebar
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Re: Project M.U.G.E.N Dragon's Rebirth (Online Version) [1280 x 720]
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Add Stage No.7