Chun-li from Street Fi--Master has beeen released!! (Read 1386 times)

Started by Basara Lapis, April 20, 2024, 05:36:41 pm
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Chun-li from Street Fi--Master has beeen released!!
New #1  April 20, 2024, 05:36:41 pm
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What?? Do you expected the one from Street Fighter series?? Hahahahahaha!!
Oh yes, another character from that 90s SFI bootleg for MSX and an unexpected character for a copycat of the first game. Expect a simplistic gameplay as Ken and Joe but fun anyway XD also confirming I'll make the other 3 (Gen, Ninja/Geki and Mike/Balrog) and even a fullgame based on them... mostly to finally say I can make a complete fullgame without getting it on Development Hell (AGP) of being C&D's (CF:IC), hahahahaha

Spoiler: Screenshots (click to see content)

I hope you like this mini release, this was made in part to reignite me to make my other projects apart of ClayFighter ones, including some WIPs I must finish as well some updates I must make, wish me luck about that ;)

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