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Re: The Hypocrisy of the US.

 January 18, 2009, 02:37:30 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in The Hypocrisy of the US. (Started by Kamekaze January 18, 2009, 02:07:29 AM
 Board: All That's Left

I never said they were. I said they make a great base, I also said that regardless of religion they are common sense.

Re: The Hypocrisy of the US.

 January 18, 2009, 02:21:49 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in The Hypocrisy of the US. (Started by Kamekaze January 18, 2009, 02:07:29 AM
 Board: All That's Left

thx for correcting me  :sugoi:

The Hypocrisy of the US.

 January 18, 2009, 02:07:29 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in The Hypocrisy of the US. (Started by Kamekaze January 18, 2009, 02:07:29 AM
 Board: All That's Left

I've decided to take a good look at our country.

I'll start off on the HAPPY HOLIDAYS movement.

You see, because people started giving a shit about someone else religion, we ended up with Merry Christmas being removed. Instead, to not offend anyone they changed it to happy holidays. In reality this may still offend someone who doesn't celebrate anything at all. So truly there is no way to make everyone happy like they are trying to. This country was founded on christian beliefs and the bible.  I don't wanna sound like one of those "If you don't like America, leave it" people, but free speech is something that warrants us to put whatever we want on our stores even if it is blatant hate speech. Over all, clearly the hypocrisy of this movement is that not all speech is free if it offends someone who takes things too seriously. Yet if it bothers you that a country that mostly uses a particular religion has something that comes from said religion on a place in said country. You don't deserve free speech, you communist(this is a joke if this offends you, your a bigger dumbass then the happy holidays movement).

Moving along, I will now address non-believers in general.

Now I do have friends who don't believe in any religion what so ever. If they were to push how they don't have a religion and why they don't believe in one on me, they probably wouldn't be my friends. Just as I don't push my beliefs on them. Primarily because I believe your free to believe what you want, this is America <_<, but for some that isn't good enough. Now stupid doesn't have a religion, because there are idiots in all religions. Idiot's who are non-believers believe that this country shouldn't have things based on the bible, you know, like the 10 commandments. Regardless of religion those commandments are common sense and make a great base for building laws that ensures everyone's freedom. Now if we were to just throw those out the window. This country would most likely be a hell hole with 1-2 states. Another thing that this country was based on is hope and faith. Faith being that we believe we have a higher power to trust in. There's a reason we have "In God We Trust". It's because he fits the bill of someone who isn't corrupt. If we were to say "In the president we trust", we wouldn't be trusting our money so much would we? The hypocrisy of non-believers vs believers is that they don't want US pushing our believes on THEM. Nowadays, THEY are pushing their beliefs on US. Which only goes back to my first paragraph on how they are offended by something that has never had a negative effect on anyone and has been around for as long as anyone could remember. I say negative because so has racism >_<.

I just remembered my next case. How we hate our selves.

You see one of the main reasons we were told we were at war is because terrorists hate what we stand for. That being the rights and freedom we have. Now this sounds like a valid reason, until you remember just how much America hates it self in terms of freedom. We hate freedom of speech when it is something we don't want to hear. We also hate the right to get married when it comes to gay people. We hate how one race isn't inferior to the other, thus we are to treat each other as equals. We hate how we don't go green, but we also hate people who take going green too seriously. We hate that we treat animals as pets(PETA), but at the same time we hate how animals are allowed to run rampant in the streets. We hate new ideas if it is too out of the "norm". We also hate "norm" ways of the past. Obviously we hate those who hate us because of what we stand for. All of this hate is thrown around to justify actions. Yet at the same time we exhibit the same hate given the right subject and would kill to stop what we hate. We also hate to kill our selves. So no matter what we do. We will never stop hating. Even if it is hating hate it self.

More to come as more points are brought up to me.

Re: Randomselect Awards of 2008

 January 16, 2009, 05:57:06 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Randomselect Awards of 2008 (Started by Cyanide January 04, 2009, 02:35:01 AM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

well you know where to find me. Ill be waiting now that i have some down time.  :sugoi:

Re: Randomselect Awards of 2008

 January 16, 2009, 09:21:20 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Randomselect Awards of 2008 (Started by Cyanide January 04, 2009, 02:35:01 AM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

well not too serious at all just not happy with
all the hate  that comes my way and i made clear and valid points that
no one responded to:

i asked for help only laxxe came to the call

you know the mugen docs explain alot when u wanna find out what does what. It's kinda how i learned.
Also, like many creators we have other things to do that are usually non-mugen related which leaves us with less time for
helping let alone making our own stuff. I tried to help when i made that AI for it. mainly cause in the process i had to fix some things
like that annoying broken parry system. However I found out that my changes/AI weren't used. Thus that was a sign to me that
you didn't want/need my help to begin with.
i wanted to fix stuff and i did

and i wanted to keep it in my style
and was hated for it.

I'm sure your style doesnt involve half the stuff i see in vids showing its problems that you have yet to fix. like his ability to
cancel out of being hit,(that's AI related so I'll let that slide, HOWEVER when i coded his AI that wasnt a problem) and the lack of
being polished all together.  

i just want people to put themselves in my place.

that can sit back and laugh
but in the end  like  somoene
reminded me that i am making this shit for myself

i just wanted to share it but sharing wasnt a smart idea
seeing as i made 3 POSH characters according to my haters
and youtube people.

My opinion: In actuality you do seem to pay more attention to people who bash your work than those who give feedback. I hope you actually fixed all the things i listed that was wrong with Dark Sean for I didn't put it in any offensive manner. I'm sure you know this but it makes more sense to fix whats wrong with your stuff if it is actually a problem and to ignore opinions unless they spark more ideas that will make the char better. Responding to being bashed only tells them to keep doing it unless you can cancel their argument out. Hell even Evilslayer gave me some ideas that weren't useless.

but you know that there is no way i deserved that
award no matter how bad yall hated me.

you got broken cheap and over powered DOS mugen stlye shit out
there and yall choose to come after me.

I agree that there are much worse things that came out last year than your stuff. The point being that you gouken was updated again and again and the same problems tended to show up. I have yet to play in depth with gouken since my AI patch that was unused. WHEN I HAVE TIME, I'll give you some more specific feedback.

Re: Randomselect Awards of 2008

 January 15, 2009, 05:08:08 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Randomselect Awards of 2008 (Started by Cyanide January 04, 2009, 02:35:01 AM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

well technically thats true. but from the way i saw it. people were constantly saying what was wrong with his gouken and with every update, little or nothing was done about them. Regardless of how people say whats wrong, feedback is still feedback.

Re: Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 14, 2009, 12:51:45 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

- when i say he goes into the ground a little mean he sorta goes below pos y =10 which kinda erked me when playing with him ;P

on kohou right?

- when i said missed, i mean when i missed Koho, i come down like a feather waiting to be blown away.
I actually got complaints on his lack of cool down time (which i dont really see any) so doing that would make him have less.

- Flying chop of madness; o don't know it lacks the impact man, it's not a big deal though, im just making it a big deal :devil:

would you like flames on that too? XD
-Shinpu Kyaku, did 185 damage points one time, i assure you, don't know how but i did notice that the damages weren't consistent; maybe it' possible you let it get that high by mistake.

could have possibly been a chain into it or something
- That randomization of animations just didn't happen for me during Zanretsuken, i mean what are the possibilities? Do you understand i mean, getting hit in the head and getting hit in the stomach animations.(if that explains it better)

I know, its there and it shows up every time for me  :sugoi:

- I didn't mean to say cvs, but i mean dodge roll and no dodge seems weird to me, maybe because i'm used to implementing both :P
    the sprites are cvs, so use JustNoPoint rips or your align will massively suck :deal2:

I couldn't find them at the time i started ryo. so its something ill live with for right now.
I hope you know how perfect axis works?
you put in the first sprite un-cropped, align it then insert the rest, since they all have the same canvas sie and wee ripped perfectly then it will align perfectly. if you idn't know. you can crop afterwards. It look like you aligned all of the sprites manually. :P

I know all about it. just never really used it. mainly cause on my older cvs works, they either didnt come that way or i just didnt know what it was back then(case and point being sagat and joe). I assure you any other cvs work or edit i may do will come perfect axis'd.

[size=3pt]btw u might as well get a msn or something, at least then we would respond faster lol.[/size]

Re: Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 13, 2009, 05:32:41 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen


- weird velocities during the roll forward, he starts slding at the end of it, which look unreasonable to me.

I thought i fixed that. but ill get to it.

- Some of the animation are still incomplete; giving Ryo a sorta choppy feeling

I never got the sprites for them
- The hitboxes should still be redone,IMO.
Due to me being back in college, i lack the time to do all that detailed work if its not really important.

- when Ryo hits the ground he's sorta too low in the ground, which look weird. =O try bring that animation up in the .air fle.
Not sure what you mean there. most of my alignments  were based on Mr. Fongs. I'll check it out after class.
- the Ko'ouken gives almost no push back; i think that removes some of the fluency that it could be brough to Ryo

I never really saw that as a problem, but as with the other stuff ill check it out
- i think the y.accel given to the opponent could be a bit faster, the same for Ryo himself; just something i want to suggest again since when playing as him that really annoyed me, especially when i missed.

Missed whatt?
- How about adding the trip flag for he hittime during mouko saishin, i mean it's a chop form above that hit's you don't, something that i implemented in my ryo for obvious issues of looking more correct; so you don't have o follow it.

It's a over head, what else do you want from it XD. It hits crouching opponents regardless of guarding.
- I can understand the random damage and hits on the Super specials, but on the normal ones it seems so un-assuring. I was doing his flying kick where he does the sweep kick into the air then kicks you down. I was sure i was going to kill the opponent with it since the last time i connected it during that match i did 185 damage(with the low version =O), i think leaving that for the supers is a good enough range for the implementation of that feature.

i dont recall any version of hien shimpuu kyakku taking 185. infact i just checked. then again im not sure what your talking about with this one. could you be more specific?

-when i said random animation for Zanretsuken, i meant from, from high and lo get hit animations, just another visual issue i am tinkered by.

It randomizes from High get hits to low gethits. 
- maybe the damage could be increased on Koho, it's currently essentially equal in damage with his Hard standing punch, he low version is even weaker than the standing high punch. I believe in general that the specials should deal a significant amount more than the normals due to them having to be done by more difficult command

weak version = 65. medium =81 strong = 95. strong punch = 75. I see what you mean. ill tweak it in future installments
- i see you have a roll, bu you have no dodge, i think you would have been better off using JNP rips for this, alot of Ryo's animations just don't feel right, you might even consider redoing the sff with JNP rips; that way you'd have everything and everything aligned. For any future characters; check to see if JNP ripped them first, especially if it's Cvs2 characters.

dodge,as in Joe, is not included as well as parry. only roll. I have the sprites to it I just am not using it. I never said he was cvs2.
As for the anims that i am using that are missing sprites. I'll look into it.

I know most of my comments are nothing that will effect any gameplay, but i think that with something looking correct it could make you style of creating more fluent as an art.

I have many styles lol. This is just one i havent done since 07', so i didnt expect it to be perfect.

anywho feedback noted and appreciated.


Re: Nega Ryo updated, Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 11, 2009, 09:27:43 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

Nega Ryo updated, check first post

Re: Nega Ryo released, Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 11, 2009, 07:51:59 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

Just because i'm new doesn't mean anything. I learn(ed) fast, so saying that doesn't make my suggestions any less considerable :deal2:

Never said it wasn't considerable.

- Strangely, when I try to perform Zanretsu Ken with my gamepad, I often pull out Haoh Shikouken. I think you used too many $ in your commands. Something like ~F,D,B,F should be enough to make Haoh Shikouken simple to perform.

I will address that immediately.
- Zanretsu Ken can be comboed twice in the corner.

That also was something i thought i addressed, ill get on that too.
- The portrait for Haoh Shikouken doesn't appear every time I perform the move, is this intended ?

It's part of the lucky lucky system. the portrait appears when it hits the strongest version
- Nega Mode is quite unbalanced, unless there's a typo in the readme. I believe the power shouldn't build up alone in this mode.

The power build is meant to be there, as seen in nega joe. It is a bit unbalanced, but at the same time. your life slowly drains as well.

- Personal preference, but I don't like the music displayed after the fatal KO. Idea is nice though.

I you can switch the music out if u like.

- When Ryo went into Nega mode, the purple effect on the ground was misplaced is Ryo at times.

Will address

- When Ryo enters Nega mode, we can see some red squares around his effect.

Squares as in where?

Re: Nega Ryo released, Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 11, 2009, 04:40:30 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen


- the intro could use some helpers to keep the camera from moving, that way you don;t have to worry about it ever messing up or moving during the intro; i think it would add fluency to that intro

The camera shouldnt be moving at all. Well it never did while i tested on various stages, but ill look into it.

- The running animation is either aligned incorrectly or doesn't loop correctly.

I was told that i was missing some sprites here and there, that much i have nothing to do with because i didnt rip them.

- i think the standing collision box is too big. especially when compared to the walking animation.

will look into it

- the collision boxes on the running animations should stay consistent; usually three collision boxes is enough simple and dos the same job as the ones you have. Default clsn is all you need for that really
- the point above this one applies to The Jumping animations and the back dash animations.

- the collision boxes on the guarding animations are absolutely crazy, they don't look right.
        i. Here's what i will suggest, after correcting the standing animation clsn, copy & paste the clsn default from that into all of the standing guard animation and all of the standing get animations. the same should be said for copying the crouching clsn for the crouching animations(guard and hit). As can be said the air animations too.

- try and keep the clsn consistent on sprites that are the same, for example, animations 5030 & 5035, the first frames of the both animations change. just copy paste the clsn code; that's much faster than making them up again.

- you know what i'm going to end the clsn talk with this; i think you should redo most of them you should be able to tell which ones and make them simpler and consistent. As i mentioned before this is especially necessary for the get hit animations.

I dont really consider clsn's to be a big deal as long as they cover up the red when they should, but your attention to detail is a good thing coming from someone still new to the game(from my standards your still new XP ive been around 2.5 years)

- it's hard to combo any of the basics based off of the combo system you have set up &gt;_&gt;

- the light punch has more push-back than medium and hard =O

I thought i fixed that before this was even close to release, well its fixed now and i will update when i get more bug reports.

- the throw is not configured correctly i think. Holding back should make him throw back and fwd forward. It's kinda backwards now.

While checking that, I found another bug my self. So i guess a update will be out today.

- he crouching hard kick(sweep) doesn't fully complete it's animation; or at least it doesn't look like it does.

Blame the ripper.

- the jumping high punch doesn't look aligned correctly; neither does the jumping medium kick
High punch was off a pixel or so, again loving the attention to detail.  :sugoi:

- the rolling doesn't feel as fluent as i think it could be. :P
care to explain a bit more?

- the kouken looks like it comes out of no where while you do it standing and the collision boxes are too huge IMO.
On the projectile or ryo?

- when doing the lower and medium version of Koho, Ryo goes into the ground a little before landing.
        i. I think it's too slow when he goes up and goes down.
       ii. The vels he gives to the opponent during Koho contact doesn't feel natural. i think y.acell=.5 should make that feel a lot better.
      iii. You also have in the readme that this can be done in the air, that's incorrect from my testing. Maybe you meant to put that in the move above it.

I never noticed that but ill look into it.

i. i based it mostly on cvs vels
ii. the oppoent falls as fast as he does.
iii.that was ment to go on Kou' oh ken

- when ryo is being tripped it sorta jerks a little; just something  thought i would throw in the midst of special feedback =O
That really isn't that important but ill check it out XD

- i think Moko raijin is way to slow and has no feeling to it on move contact, add some power to it using envshake or more hitpausetime or something. I think it would also make more sense he sent the opponent strait into the ground.

cvs vels, thats about the only thing accurate on him. and envshake is used on it depending on the strength

- i think adding some random animations to the opponent during Zanretsuken would make it look better

There are random anims on it.

- i think the variation are cool; how about randomizing the power subtraction to make up for some of the damage they do in the stronger versions?

Well due to it being a guessing game, that would seem redundant. What this means is if you lucky you can pull off alot of damage.
- when the opponent is stunned from Tenchi Haou Ken, thy don't bounce, this makes it unappealing to me, you can just copy and paste the common states to get that effect by sending the opponent into the newly copied states. You cal look at my Miyako to see how i did it. fairly easy though, so you shouldn't need to.

Didn't really see that as a big deal, cause I was gonna do that. I changed my mind though.

- when i trow while in true evil mode, something funny happen, check it out it stops the battle due to faulty custom states.
Thats been fixed already, like i said update should be out later today.

- the instant kill is absolutely awesome.
- i think another normal special ko background could be used rather than p.o.t.s's

Lol I've had it for so long that it didn't strike me as much to change it. I remember when i asked for it back when sagat was first made.
Overall i think with a few tweaks and what not this ryo can be a very nice addition to anyone's roster. the system seems very familiar, like a mix of many different systems.  :P

Cheers,RajaaBoy :thumbsup:

Feedback noted and appreciated.

Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated.

 January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in Nega Ryoupdated Nega Joe updated, Boss sagat updated, Shin Vega Updated. (Started by Kamekaze January 11, 2009, 08:58:54 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

Whats been fixed:
Zanretsu ken bug fixed
Throw bug fixed
AI update.
other bugs fixed.
added spawn effect on kou' oh ken

Nega Ryo:
Well I guess I'll start with his tl:dr story.

My first char of 2009. Ryo encountered Nega Joe a year after Sagat was defeated by him. He saw Joe walking away from a completly destroyed village. Seeing the chaos he caused, Ryo was enraged and attempted to defeat Joe. It appeared as if he defeated him untill Joe used his nega power to reginerate as well as become twice as powerful. The fight then appeared to end in stalemate, but Joe then suprised ryo with his Raging Typhoon. The battle was over. Ryo awoke several days later and noticed his skin was pale and his eyes red. He also learned that he was losing control of his own body. With that in mind he chases after Joe for revenge and hope that it will stop this deity from taking his body completly.

What to expect:
-Barely any accuracy to any source game. It's a good thing trust me.
-Uses my Nega system 2.0, where as joe still uses the 1.0
-No super armor like Joe
-heh, just let your inhibitions run wild with this and have fun.
-He is a bit high-res but only to his N-gauge. so doubleres = 4 or just mugenplus for best results

Boss sagat:
Added intro against Nega Ryo
AI update.

Shin vega:

tweaked %100 shin AI
needed to be updated to work with updated Boss sagat

Nega Joe:
fixed super armor bug
Added intro against Nega Ryo
tweaked some visual only stuff, nothing that effects gameplay.


 January 01, 2009, 01:31:29 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in END OF THE YEAR UPDATE SPECTACULAR(6 chars to be exact)  (Started by Kamekaze January 01, 2009, 01:31:29 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

Boss sagat 1.5:
redone EX moves
gameplay update - nothing worth going into detail about
AI update - reduced spamming yet increased difficulty.
New intro against shin vega

Shin Vega:
stronger AI
minor bug fixes.
new intro with boss sagat
Updated %100 shin mode AI - doesnt spam as hypers as much.

Ryu MvC2:
AI update - no longer spams shoryukken
fixed voices.

MvC2 Juggernaut
guard hittime bug fixed.
more super armor bugs fixed
AI update

MvC2 Zangief
AI updates.
minor gameplay tweaks -namely the spinning lariat bug fix

Goku HD:
Fixed that bug in his despiration

Re: SVCR Bison-Beta

 December 28, 2008, 07:41:03 AM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by Kamekaze  in SVCR Bison-Beta (Started by titytity December 28, 2008, 05:37:30 AM
 Board: Your Releases, older Mugen

You don't know if he got this "permission" or not, it's probably better if you don't make accusation on what i believe to be a very lite situation. What happens if he doesn't mention Kamekaze at all? No one knows he goes on with his life, there is no big deal here, it's be nice to see it not made into one.

Yes i understand the "creators desire" but, well....... whats done is done, so yeah. At least he didn't make an edit of kamekaze character and then release it without mentioning. TityTity has never disrespected anyone on this site as fa as i remember, in fact he has only tried to provide for the community some resources that he came across(they may not be made correctly :P). I'm sure he isn't doing this just to make people mad, give him a chance.

It's not about desire my dear Rajaa, it's about respect. Sprites i really couldn't give a shit about but the one thing I am very proud of is my codes. It wont kill you to just ask to use something. It's not hard to contact me and I rarely say no. I ask for people to ask me so I know who's doing what. I'm happy I was credited for its better than nothing however, that's half-assing it. I'll sum it up like this, if you asked me to lock up your house after I leave it, I wouldn't leave one door unlocked. I'm not asking for much man.