[Help] CRT/Scanlines for Mugen 1.1 (Read 1280 times)

Started by WhiteHatGuy, February 13, 2022, 11:01:10 PM
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[Help] CRT/Scanlines for Mugen 1.1
#1  February 13, 2022, 11:01:10 PM
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Greetings! i'm a newbie with all this mugen stuff, but i was building my own mugen game when i saw a YouTube video where the person was showing how to add the CRT curvature + scanlines to his mugen using Reshader. I've followed every step of his tutorial and the Reshader menu popped in my mugen as intended. However, whenever i check the boxes in the Reshader menu to activate the filters, nothing seems to happen or change in my Mugen. I decided to read some forum posts about the subject and found another tutorial with different links and tools. Still, the menu pops up, i check to boxes with the CRT and scanlines effects and nothing changes. So, this post is a cry for help, i really want to give the 'Retro" feel to my mugen game.
I use the Mugen 1.1 provided by Mugen Archive