The Thorned Rose of Calcutta - Vidael Katdari (Read 813 times)

Started by Sean Altly, January 25, 2021, 03:58:31 AM
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The Thorned Rose of Calcutta - Vidael Katdari
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Vidael Katdari
  -Country of Origin: India
  -Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Doe
  -Nickname: The Thorned Rose of Calcutta
  -Bio: A young Indian woman who grew up obsessed with Bruce Lee movies. Her parents were split on her fighting dreams in that her mother supported her and her father wanted her to be a doctor. After her mom dies, her father decides to support her completely and enters her into the tournament.


-Waxing Moon - F+HK - A short-range overhead kick


-Rose's Thorn - QCF+P - A forward evasive dash into a back elbow strike
  -Hundred Needles - Press P rapidly - Multiple follow-up elbow strikes
    -Dragon Fist - LP or HP - A strong backfist finisher
  -Shin Slicer - LK - A follow-up low hitting slash kick for mix-ups
  -Wig Splitter - HK - A follow-up overhead slash kick that must be blocked high, for mix-ups

-Hundred Needles - Press P rapidly - Same move as above without the need to perform Rose's Thorn first
-Crescent Moon Slash - DP+K - A flash-kick type anti-air attack
-Waning Moon - QCB+K - Vidael does a backflip dodge that gets her out of sticky situations
  -Rose' Thorn - LP or HP - Can follow-up with Rose's Thorn upon landing, along with all of its follow-ups
  -Calcutter - HK - A forward moving overhead slash kick. Hold F with HK for longer distance
  -Shin Slicer - LK - Low hitting slash kick for mix-ups


- Defense Drive - Once Upon a Blood Moon - QCFx2+K - A series of flip kicks that ends with a huge overhead crescent kick

- Offense Drive - War of the Roses - QCFx2+P - A dashing elbow strike that leads into multiple Rose's Thorns, ending with a classic One Inch Punch

- Maximum Over Drive - Rage of the Dragon - QCBx2+P+K - A huge, single hit flying kick that causes massive damage

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