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Title: Martial Madness 2020 (AMA)
Post by: Joey S. on January 23, 2019, 01:24:01 AM
Hi everyone.

My name is Joey S., and I currently take a Computer Tech class in one of the schools I go to with some of my friends. A few weeks ago, I was influenced by Brergrsart's VHFSMACVUSMRRM game he made a while back to come up with a pretty good idea for a project: make a unique game using the MUGEN engine.
It'll be especially fun, since I've never made a MUGEN game before.

The game I had in mind will be entitled "Martial Madness 2020". And will consist of these things:

- 8 playable, made-from-scratch characters (7 original, 1 joke/guest character)
- However many stages there will be (4 in the demo)
- "Story Battle" and "Arcade Battle" modes
- Hand-drawn visuals/graphics (not entirely, though.)
- Unoriginal, but recognizable soundtrack (like "Spunky", Makoto's theme from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike!)

I've already started up on this project a little, but not enough to make it onto the "Projects" subforum.

Various things will be revealed about the game later, but I'll give you the backgrounds of two playable characters for the game in the link below! (

There are some things that I may or may not need help on in the future, but I'll try to figure things out.  :juggle:

For those interested, ask me anything about the game! I will be able to reply to a majority of the people who reply to this topic, so I'll be on the look-out. Until then, see ya soon!