Character/bosses orders (Read 774 times)

Started by Necrith, October 04, 2007, 05:49:46 PM
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Character/bosses orders
#1  October 04, 2007, 05:49:46 PM
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I am new to this forum, and also to mugen.
I have now gotten the big packs of charrects, and am sucked into playing this game.
now I'm have a nice own selected group of chars and stages, and i am trying to keep it balanced (so far so good)
Aldo, I would like to add some numbers up for the epic boss battles.
Here is wear my problem comes in.
I have been looking all across the Internet to find a answer to my problem, but so far, nothing has worked.

The basic: "How do i set my arcade chars order"

Example of what my list is ATM
iceman, random
drdoom, random
marrow, order=1
gambit, order=1
wolverine, order=2
onslaught, order=3
mbison, order=2
pyrons, order=2
shaokahn, order=3

(at the end of the select.def file wear the exampel was)
arcade.maxmatches = 4,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

What am i doing wrong?
my game ends after 4 rounds against random chars.
And my game can also start off against "onslaught"
and i know I'm in the right Select.def, because wen i add a char i need to edit this one :S

I am using Winmugen and a Capcom Fighting evolution MAX plugin
and I also used the BrokeMUGEN for a while, and it had the same thing.

Hope to hear a answer to my "hopefully" dumb question soon.

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Re: Character/bosses orders
#2  October 04, 2007, 08:02:26 PM
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For what I can see mugen it's assigning the default value (1) to each char, that's why it ends in 4 random matches.
Also what's this iceman, random, I think that's incorrect, here's an example of my def with some capcom chars

cvsryu, stages/random, order=2
Piss Drunk Ryu, stages/random, order=4
GodRyu, stages/random, order=4
xEvilRyux, stages/random, order=8
C01KEN, stages/random, order=2
ViolentKen, stages/random, order=3
Hken, stages/random, order=8
evilken, stages/random, order=8
guile, stages/random, order=1
ChunLi, stages/random, order=1
Ath-Chunli, stages/random, order=1
Vega, stages/random, order=5
vega_god, stages/random, order=8
sf2_sagat, stages/random, order=7
MZ, stages/random, order=1
gouki, stages/random, order=2
Balrog_MvC, stages/random, order=1
ajuli, stages/random, order=2
rolento, stages/random, order=2
sodom, stages/random, order=1
capcom, stages/random, order=1
Q, stages/random, order=1
guycvs, stages/random, order=1
!so_mexican, stages/random, order=1
sakura_mvc, stages/random, order=1
hiryu, stages/random, order=3
Blanka_MvC, stages/random, order=1
dhalsim, stages/random, order=1
honda, stages/random, order=1
feilong, stages/random, order=1
megaman, stages/random, order=1
MegamanEXE, stages/random, order=1
xjill, stages/random, order=5
Dan, stages/random, order=2
EvilDan, stages/random, order=2
Dhalsims, stages/random, order=2
twelve, stages/random, order=2
cvscammy, stages/random, order=2
Dragon-ken, stages/random, order=2
Sagat Boss, stages/random, order=2
mvc2felicia, stages/random, order=2
ViolentRyu, stages/random, order=2
SenseiKen, stages/random, order=2
Lei-Lei, stages/random, order=2
00hugo, stages/random, order=2
ShadowLady, stages/random, order=2

arcade.maxmatches = 20,16,4,3,4,3,0,7,4,2

Try it that way :suttrox:
Re: Character/bosses orders
#3  October 04, 2007, 08:27:18 PM
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  • do it or i will kick you
put .def at the end of the random
like this
Re: Character/bosses orders
New #4  October 04, 2007, 09:45:51 PM
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K tnx for the replies, ill try it right away :)

I copy'd the random from a other select.def list that came whit a 800 pack, thats why its there.

yep, the "Ibuki, stages/random, order=1" seems to be working great, tnx :)
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