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Title: New Character: Suwako Moriya
Post by: Ricepigeon on April 30, 2019, 08:05:52 PM
"Earthen Native God"
Suwako Moriya
Species: Goddess
Ability: Creating earth

Story: The original god of the Moriya Shrine, before she surrendered it to Kanako thousands of years ago. With the outbreak of the black fragment incident, both she and Kanako saw this as an opportunity to gather faith for their own shrine, and so they initially sent Sanae out to collect them. However, complications arose from this new incident, as the tengu of Youkai Mountain had acquired some of these black fragments for themselves, which threatened the already uneasy relationship between them and the residents of the Moriya Shrine, at least in Kanako's eyes. After understanding a bit more about the true nature of the fragments, the two agree that Suwako should go to warn Sanae of the threat that they pose. Suwako, however, has her own agenda: she knows that as a piece of technology, Kanako would do anything to get her hands on them, and taking them for herself would be a perfect opportunity to continue their long-standing rivalry.

Years ago, I originally started a Suwako character purely as an april fool's joke character, as it was just her hat given sentience (mixed with a bit of Devil May Cry influence). I always jokingly said I would get back to it, and now that I've made Sanae and Kanako several times, now was the opportunity to do so. Anyone who's ever played Hisoutensoku would know just how gimmicky Suwako is, and is often regarded as the bottom tier character in that game because of this.

My aim here, of course, is to remain as faithful to the source material as possible, while still ironing out the flaws that they had; Suwako's walk, for example, now keeps her in a grounded state. Although you're still committed to the hop, it no longer forces you to use your aerials nor does it force you to be unable to block. Her dashes have received similar treatment, in that they are now uniform with the rest of the cast, and just having better mobility overall as compared to source.




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Title: Re: New Character: Suwako Moriya
Post by: Ricepigeon on May 07, 2019, 07:57:21 PM

Staying true to the way she functions in Soku, her crouching state puts her in a "standing" state with her lilypad, and vice-versa with her true standing state. As a result of this, many of her standing Normals are now lows, while many of her crouching Normals now hit mid. Of course, some creative liberties had to be taken due to the limited number of actual ground Normals she had in the source game, but overall her only lows are s.LP, s.MP, and c.HP. Alot of these moves had a ton of range in the source game, so that remains true here, giving her somewhat slower yet far reaching pokes. Her Lily 6A from source was implemented her as her DF+HP command Normal, which acts as her grounded overhead, with the biggest difference being that it no longer forces her into a sliding underground state like it did in source.