Mugen 1.0 looks better than 1.1 for some reason! (Read 1195 times)

Started by JoeStarX, October 25, 2019, 07:36:53 PM
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Mugen 1.0 looks better than 1.1 for some reason!
#1  October 25, 2019, 07:36:53 PM
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Hey guys I really want to know why mugen 1.0 appears way more crisp and less pixalated compared to Mugen 1.1 on my laptop my max resolution is 1600 x 900

here are two images to show my example -Mugen 1.1  -Mugen 1.0

I'm using lightworks 1.0 640x 480p screenpack

and these are my mugen CFG video  settings
 ;Set the game speed here. The default is 60 frames per second. The
 ;larger the number, the faster it goes. Don't use a value less than 10.
GameSpeed = 60

 ;Game native width and height.
 ;Recommended settings are:
 ;  640x480   Standard definition 4:3
 ; 1280x720   High definition 16:9
 ; 1920x1080  Full HD 16:9
GameWidth =640; 640 ;1280
GameHeight =480; 360 ;720

 ;Preferred language (ISO 639-1), e.g. en, es, ja, etc.
 ;Leave blank automatically detect the system language.
Language = "en"

 ;Set to 1 to draw shadows (default). Set to 0 if you have a slow
 ;machine, and want to improve speed by not drawing shadows.
DrawShadows = 1

 ;Number of simultaneous afterimage effects allowed.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 1).
AfterImageMax = 16

 ;Maximum number of layered sprites that can be drawn.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 32).
LayeredSpriteMax =256

 ;Size of sprite decompression buffer in KB. Increasing this number may help
 ;if you experience slow performance when there are many sprites and/or large
 ;sprites shown over a short period of time.
 ;Minimum 256 for acceptable performance.
 ;If you set this too large you may also experience performance degredation.
SpriteDecompressionBufferSize =19384
 ;Maximum number of explods allowed in total. Note that hitsparks
 ;also count as explods.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
ExplodMax =256

 ;Maximum number of system explods allowed.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
SysExplodMax = 128

 ;Maximum number of helpers allowed in total.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 4, maximum 56).
HelperMax =56

 ;Maximum number of projectiles allowed per player.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 5).
PlayerProjectileMax =32

 ;This is 1 the first time you run MUGEN.
FirstRun = 0

 ;Set to 0 to disable starting in debug mode by default.
Debug = 0

 ;Set to 0 to disallow switching to debug mode by pressing Ctrl-D.
 ;If Debug = 1, this will be ignored.
AllowDebugMode = 1

 ;Set to 1 to allow debug keys at all times. Otherwise debug keys
 ;allowed only in debug mode.
AllowDebugKeys = 1

 ;Set to 1 to run at maximum speed by default.
Speedup = 0

 ;Default starting stage for quick versus.
StartStage = stages/stage0.def

 ;Set to 1 to hide the development build banner that shows on startup.
HideDevelopmentBuildBanner = 0

 ;Screen rendering mode.
 ;OpenGL - Experimental OpenGL renderer (recommended)
 ;System - default SDL rendering mode (e.g. windib in Windows)
 ;DirectX - DirectX 5 renderer
 ;System and DirectX modes do not support advanced features
 ;such as RGB sprites and window resizing.

 ;Set to 1 to enable "safe" mode for older graphics cards.
 ;Many features will be disabled.
SafeMode =0

 ;The video resolution defaults to the same as the game resolution.
 ;In windowed mode, this specifies the window size.
 ;You can force an alternate resolution by uncommenting the lines
;Width  = 640
;Height = 480

 ;This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN.
 ;Ignored if RenderMode=System (forced to 16).
Depth = 16

 ;Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization.
 ;Only supported for RenderMode=OpenGL.
VRetrace = 0

 ;Set to 1 to start in fullscreen mode, 0 for windowed.
 ;This enables exclusive fullscreen, which may give better performance
 ;than windowed mode.

 ;Set to 1 to make the window resizable when in windowed mode.
 ;Only supported for RenderMode=OpenGL and OpenGLScreen.
Resizable = 1

 ;Set to 0 to stretch the video to fit the whole window.
 ;Set to 1 to keep a fixed aspect ratio.
KeepAspect = 0

 ;Drawing mode
 ;Choose from Normal (fast) and PageFlip (less image "tearing")
 ;BlitMode is ignored for RenderMode=OpenGL
BlitMode =Normal

 ;Stage fit mode.
 ;0 - stage drawn to width of screen (may crop stages with tall aspect)
 ;1 - stage shrunk to fit into screen
 ;Ignored if RenderMode=System (forced to 0)
StageFit = 1

 ;System fit mode.
 ;0 - system drawn to width of screen (may crop motifs with tall aspect)
 ;1 - system shrunk to fit into screen
 ;Ignored if RenderMode=System (forced to 0)
SystemFit = 1
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Re: Mugen 1.0 looks better than 1.1 for some reason!
#2  October 26, 2019, 07:38:02 AM
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Say no more, fam.

1) Don't use OpenGLScreen on Mugen 1.1.  That's a total waste of using 1.1.  If you can't use OpenGL mode, there's not much reason to even bother using 1.1.

2) On 1.1, you can uncomment the video resolution and set it to your laptop's screen size (1600x900).

3) You can change your gamewidth and gameheight to a higher multiple of the screenpack's localcoord.  For example, 1920x1440 (x3).  This was also possible on Mugen 1.0, but only if you could match that resolution with your monitor.  Now, you can use hardware scaling with the mismatching resolution that I mentioned in #2.

And...congrats.  Now Mugen 1.0 gets owned.
Re: Mugen 1.0 looks better than 1.1 for some reason!
#3  November 16, 2019, 04:45:44 PM
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Well the mugen 1.1 you see + pixelated because + + sharp while with 1.0 you see it blurred.
If you want advice, try the 1.1.0 Beta 1 with the reshade
You will get the best possible resolution, and set render mode = OpenGL
And in Window mode (No full screen)
Width = 800
Height = 480