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Started by Nep Heart, April 10, 2019, 05:00:38 AM
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Translation Request
#1  April 10, 2019, 05:00:38 AM
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 Seeing as Mizuumi has nothing on Nayuki's win quotes, I figured that I'd start a thread for this. May use this for more translation requests in the future whenever I am in need of them. If anyone is sufficiently knowledgeable in Japanese such as @Vans, I'd appreciate if someone can take a look at these and have them translated in English.

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Re: Translation Request
#2  April 19, 2019, 10:00:20 AM
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 Bump, also an update on my findings.

 I've managed to extract the sprites directly from the game so that I can see all the win quote Nayuki has. Would be appreciated if at least half of them could get a translation.

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Re: Translation Request
#3  April 19, 2019, 09:00:11 PM
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Have you tried dragging those rips on to the Yandex image translator?

It's definitely not perfect, but it can at least give you some sort of idea on what she's saying.
Re: Translation Request
#4  April 19, 2019, 10:54:21 PM
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 Hmmm, I did try it and it either gave me  "unable to translate" or translations that were too off to make anything out of. However, this inspired me to find an alternative image translator and I came across this site and it gave me more accurate results. Requires a Google account to use, but I already have that covered.

 Thanks for the help nonetheless, still gave me motivation for alternatives.

 I'll keep this thread open for future projects, so, it'll still be marked as solved temporarily.
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Re: Translation Request
#5  April 19, 2019, 11:53:49 PM
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Oh yeah, this one is WAY better.

This helps me out as well since I've been trying to find some more accurate translations for Kuroko's DBFC win quotes. Nice find.
Re: Translation Request
New #6  April 22, 2019, 01:43:42 AM
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Uunn... nebusoku da to, choushi ga denai kanaa...
Hmmm... it looks like not having enough sleep stops me from giving my best…
choushi ga denai = to be in a bad condition

負けた方がイチゴサンデーおごりの約束 忘れちゃ嫌だよ?
Maketa kata ga ichigo sandee ogori no yakusoku, wasurecha iya da yo?
Don’t forget the promise about the loser having to pay the winner a strawberry sundae, okay?

ん? なんだか今日は新記録が出せる気分だよ~
N? Nandaka kyou wa shin-kiroku ga daseu kibun da yo!
Huh? Somehow I feel like I can beat my own record today!

わ こんなところで寝たらダメだよ
Wa, konna tokoro de netara dame da yo!
Hey! You can’t sleep here!

うにゅぅ~ ちょっと顔がくらくらするよ─
Unyuuu... chotto kao ga kura-kura suru yo...
Ughh... I’m feeling a little light-headed...

う~ん もしかして私が勝ったのかな?
Uun... moshikashite watashi ga katta no kana?
Erm… I wonder if I won this match?

こう見えても 陸上部の部長さん 競争なら負けないよ
Kou mietemo, rikujoubu no buchou-san kyousou nara makenai yo!
I know it sounds like a lie, but I can compete even against the head of the track and field club!

凄いそっくりさん お母さんもびっくりするかな?
Sugoi, sokkuri-san! Okaasan mo bikkuri suru na?
Incredible, miss Look-alike! That’s gonna be quite the surprise for mom!

いいなぁ~ 私も羽が欲しいよ
Ii naa... watashi mo, hane ga hoshii yo...
You look so cool... I wanna have wings too...

さすが香里だね 今日は私の運がよかっただけだよ
Sasuga Kaori da ne! Kyou wa watashi no un ga yokatta dakedo yo!
Nice job, Kaori. But I guess luck was on my side today.

わ ゴメンお母さん い、急がないと 私遅刻しちゃうから そのパンは今度・・・
Wa, gomen, okaasan! I—isoganaito, watashi, chikoku shichau kara! Sono pan wa kondo...
Whoa...! I’m sorry, mom! I—I better hurry up or I’m gonna get late! I’ll take this bread with me…

ひどいよ~ 私そんなにねぼすけじゃない・・・
Hidoi yo! Watashi sonna nebosuke ja nai...
What a mean thing to say! I don’t sleep that much…

あ、こんなところに お母さんが心配してたよ~
A, konna tokoro ni, okaasan shinpai shiteta yo...
-- no idea what this one might mean, I need more context –

Nandaka, watashitachi, ki ga aisou-na yokan ga suru yo...
Somehow I have a feeling that we might end up getting along with each other…
yokan = premonition

Keep in mind that I'm not an English native speaker, therefore the wording might need some fixes.
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