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Started by GTOAkira, June 30, 2017, 11:04:18 pm
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Re: Evo 2017
#201  July 17, 2017, 06:32:31 pm
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Tsunamidusher: So, Bayonetta, a little OP or too OP?
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Re: Evo 2017
#202  July 18, 2017, 05:06:59 am
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My thoughts on the streams I saw.

~Koihime Enbu - The Grand Finals was surprisingly exciting for me!  I was rooting for the Ryofu player all the way.

~Persona 4 Ultimax - Throughout the set, Grover somehow paused the game but the combo in it didn't wipe all of Aigis' HP, so that lead to some confusion resulting in Aigis winning by default and Grover lost everything else.  Harsh as he was the sole USA player in a ladder of JPNs.

~Aquapazza - It was like watching a slideshow.

~Arcana Heart 3 - Said stream thankfully went great for this one.  Fiona player brought hype.

~Hokuto No Ken -  :lfor:

~King of Fighters 14 - DON'T.  WAKE.  DADDY!!

~Xrd Revelator 2 - As a Leo main, it was satisfying seeing Ogawa lose with a double perfect, and heartbreaking when Tomo lost the Grand Finals.  Overall amazing.

~Injustice 2 - Flash hype.  SonicFox and Tekken Master losing in Top 8 without making to the Finals was a real surprise.  Awesome sets.

~Melee - I am glad this was a Saturday Late Night event so I was able to catch some sleep before it even started.  And the results of the sets made me glad I done it.  Thanks EVO.

~UMvC3 - What a road it has been.  Every Marvel God with one victory in their books.  Congrats to RyanLv for taking it.


~Tekken 7 - Knee  :mcry:

~Smash Bros Wii U - Amazing series of matches.  Watching it on TV made it even sweeter until a random commercial appeared in the middle of Grand Finals.  Imagine if there was a stock loss during that.

~Street Fighter 5 -  Give it a replay watch.  Awesome all around.  Hype everywhere.  And Murder Face became Handsome Face for a moment.