[ZolidSone's OHMSBY Edits Thread] Gunvolt Updated (1/31/2023) (Read 63724 times)

Started by ZolidSone, July 28, 2022, 11:02:47 PM
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Re: [ZolidSone's OHMSBY Edits Thread] Gunvolt Updated (1/31/2023)
#21  January 31, 2023, 10:03:08 PM
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Gunvolt has recieved another update. This is mostly to cover the recent feedback on OHMSBY's characters, custom palettes, more bug fixes and the addition of super text:
-Added new custom palettes by me (2-3), SegGel2009 (4), LazyBeatsDiego (5-6) and included the rest from Kater15 (7-12).
-Changed his size and velocity constants as certain ones were not accurate for the NOY/EXA updates and on OHMSBY's Blade Strangers characters.
-Fixed the Dead Angle Attack that was accidentally broken when updating to NOY/EXA and where it gained a small amount of meter after hitting the opponent with it.
-Fixed an error where his helper would trigger a debug error if he was put in a custom state when the NOY or Astral Heat indicator aura is active.
-Fixed an error where he would slide a little bit when performing a standing dodge after landing.
-Removed the velset on the 2C as there wasn't any in the source game.
-Fixed an error where Cerberus B wouldn't register the first 2 hits when used by itself.
-Adjusted the hitbox of Naga where it wouldn't hit certain opponents if they are too close to him.
-Adjusted EX Dragonsphere so it can only be used once until the projectile disappears.
-Fixed an error where the air version of Luxcalibur can reach farther than the ground version.
-Distortion Drives and Excced Accel now properly displays the respective super text during the finish animation.
-Slight pixel adjustments to the Awakening Cut In portrait.
-Slightly changed the visuals of Volatic Thunder so it doesn't recycle the same one as his intro and Astral Heat winpose.
-Fixed other miscellaneous errors.

As for progress on Shovel Knight, it's still in the works. But very slowly and didn't get much done on him for the past two months. So I have nothing to show for him right now.
I will still do detail and aesthetic feedback for the rest.
Re: [ZolidSone's OHMSBY Edits Thread] Gunvolt Updated (1/31/2023)
#22  February 01, 2023, 01:48:35 AM
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For Shovel Knight, are you going to use the same Astral as Orochi or make your own?
Re: [ZolidSone's OHMSBY Edits Thread] Gunvolt Updated (1/31/2023)
#23  February 01, 2023, 05:15:12 AM
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Excellent work, glad to see him updated to match current OHMSBY-style gameplay, I hope we'll see an AI too sometime.