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Started by Bastard Mami, July 15, 2006, 01:23:47 AM
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molebox and mugen
#1  July 15, 2006, 01:23:47 AM
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judging by some mugen games out there, you can use molebox to have your exe accept "patches" or extra resource files, in that case .pla and .sta , so i am asking if someone has the know how on how to do it, generate a mugen.exe that leaves the select.def out, amongst other system files and accepts .pla patches.

taht way whoever wants his stuff closed can release the .pla files, and open soruce kiddos can release the files as they are.


Re: molebox and mugen
#2  July 15, 2006, 03:33:13 AM
AFAIK the .pla or whatever (.dat for UG) are created at the same time the Mugen.exe is moleboxed = the moleboxed exe might require only its files created at the same time.
I'm not sure since I haven't tested.
Though, UG 's last private beta was moleboxed (and so I used molebox) and, well, it kinda asked the files to put in the custom extension (pla or else).

So I don't think adding files like that is possible (+ since to make those "pla" files, you NEED to molebox the EXE file again, AFAIK).

[size=5pt]Idea: next time I'll rename my chars data files to "". [/size] :P
Re: molebox and mugen
#3  July 15, 2006, 06:37:08 AM
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seems to be feasible.

Sharing data between two EXE files
Sometimes you may need to share packed data files between two different executables. For example, you have created a game which has main executable and launcher which uses some of the game graphics.

The following technique allows you to share packed data between two different applications. Let's assume that you have program1.exe and program2.exe.

Pack program1.exe and put the data files to share into a separated package, or into separated data section of the default package.
Copy the configuration file program1.exe.mbxcfg and save it as program2.exe.mbxcfg.
Change source file name and destination file name in the configuration file for the second application. Make sure that other options were not changed.
Pack the second application with MoleBox (you will only need to process the default package which contains executable).

or rather

Managing patches
In order to create a patch, update or an add-on, follow these steps:

Launch MoleBox Pro and open an existing project.
Create a new empty package. Since packages are applied in alphabethical order, name the new package with a string 'greater' then original package's name is. For example, to replace a file in the package named "sounds1.dat", you can create a new package named "sounds2.dat" (entire file names, including name extensions, are compared).
Add the files which are new or being replaced into this package. If you're replacing files, their names should match the previously used names.
MoleBox this package (click "Pack to box" and select this package in the list).
Such a package can be distributed as an update, for example, in zip archive.

This feature is available in Molebox Pro beginning with version 2.2.0. If you have a project packed with previous version (2.1.xx) of MoleBox, you will need to rebuild the target executable too.

If you need to replace the executable, you'll have to rebuild the default package with the options used before.

now, i am going to try and get molebox pro to use the second option.
Re: molebox and mugen
#4  July 15, 2006, 07:59:54 AM
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it works perfectly, here is what i did.

set up 3 clean mugens, molemugen1, molemugen2 and molemugen3. only difference is the chars folder.
molemugen1 has mika and mai
molemugen2 is empty.
molemugen3 has kfm.

1) in mm1 i made a new molebox project with only the exe on the main package.
2) packed it.
3) made a package for mika, added her files, and packed only her.
4) copyed the moleboxed.exe to mm2.
5) copyed mika.pla to mm2, added her in the select.def
6) ran mm2 using the new exe, which i call molemugen.exe
sucess, mika was loaded.

7) repeated steps 3 - 6 ,no need to remake the exe, neither did i overwrite it, i just opened the mm1 project, made a new package for mai and voila, she worked nice.

8) made a new project in mm3, only added the exe to the main package.

9) closed mole box, copyed the config file from mm1 to mm3 (the one with kfm), after the copy, i just opened the config file in notepad, and changed the app path to reflet the current one, meaning that i changed c:\mm1/mugen.exe to c:\mm3/mugen.exe

10) opened the mm3 project again, the old packages were there, but i am sure that's irrelevant.

11) made a new.pla package for kfm, added his files and packed only that package, so i got kfm.pla.

12) copyed kfm.pla to the mm2 folder, aka, steps 5 and 6, he loaded perfectly.

i did all of this with the molebox demo.
Re: molebox and mugen
#5  July 15, 2006, 10:12:59 AM
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why to convert file .pla or extract it to normal folder ?


Re: molebox and mugen
#6  July 15, 2006, 01:38:42 PM
[E]: I have only read half of what you wrote, and here are my thoughts:

Too complicated for everyone. :P
Of course if your first post meant to be for general Mugen and its releases.

Though there are other ways to keep stuff kinda private (that will only work against lazy ass peoples though).
Re: molebox and mugen
#7  July 15, 2006, 03:24:24 PM
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this is not for everyone, only for people creating stuff.

yup, the point of that is to have your own releases closed, in case you don't want people to modify them. you can keep individual files open, though.
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Re: molebox and mugen
New #8  July 17, 2006, 06:43:04 PM
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bump, and also, to addd a few points that might have been overlooked.

1) from the user's side, they just need to add the molemugen.exe to theyr normal mugen install, it will run anithing that normal mugen can, + the moleboxed chars.

2) form the creator side, he just needs molebox, and the config file form the molemugen.exe with that he can create moleboxed material.

3)it would be better if more people gets involved with what file extensions to use for the molebox packages, so they are differentiated.

ok, i will work on the tutorial today; now, about standars what about?

.chr has the char files.

.stg has the stage files.

.str has the story board files.

.scp for screenpacks

.hsp for hit sparks

.lfb for lifebars

the latest three, i think are too fragmented, though most guys will only use scp i guess.


test files are up, follow steps 6 + to pack an object, char or otherwise, i will make a tutorial later. I woudl rather solve any doubts, i suggest looking at the molebox help file, pm your email if you want a special version of molebox.
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