Cyclops X-Men CoTA Projectile sprites (Read 3455 times)

Started by playermode, February 21, 2009, 09:27:04 AM
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Cyclops X-Men CoTA Projectile sprites
#1  February 21, 2009, 09:27:04 AM
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Here I have Cyke's projectile sprites from X-Men CoTA. Im sharing these in hopes that someone will use them for the greater good in their character, and replace the lesser animated projectile sprites the folks at Capcom slapped on him in the Vs. series. Of course, this offering isnt without flaws...

1. For the mega/regular optic blast sprites i didnt know how to extend them longer, so any spriting geniuses out there, i hope you can still work with them

2. His floor richochet sprites are cut off at the bottom, i actually used Kawaks to rip these, and from my limited knowledge, i didnt know how to resize the screen or anything to try to capture the entire sorry, once again, maybe these can be improvised with

...Other than that, they are already cut, modified into a .pcx format and original format, and i took the liberty of numbering them in animation order,  and classified them in their own folders ;D All the next person has to do is maybe resize them if needed or whatever and of course elongate the beams if needed as the "hard work" is already done. Im still learning how to create characters, so thats why i havent placed these in an existing character or a edit of my own. Another small contribution, but if its appreciated then thats all that matters...enjoy!
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