Boxing game in Mugen (Read 11193 times)

Started by freeko, February 07, 2018, 03:32:36 PM
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Boxing game in Mugen
#1  February 07, 2018, 03:32:36 PM
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Hello, I am new here and would like to know if an idea I have is a viable option for what Mugen may or may not be able to handle. Not much of a surprise here, but I have had the idea of making a boxing game for some time and feel that Mugen would be the best option for me after looking into a few other alternatives. However I have a few general questions about my idea and how compatible it would be with working within the Mugen framework.

My first question revolves around the lifebar and how it works in Mugen. Is it possible to have a dual stage lifebar, so that the first stage tracks the amount of energy that the character has before being knocked down and the second stage of the lifebar tracks how much overall stamina the character has. The second stage would dictate how difficult it would be for the character to get back up from a knockdown or possibly guarantee a knockout when it is depleted depending on how I code things.

The second question would be how exactly does the timer work in Mugen. Would it be possible to program "rounds" into a fight along with a break session inbetween rounds where characters recover some of their missing energy? As an example I would like to have a round be 60 seconds and then the break be 10 seconds. Lastly, would it be possible to have a section dedicated to having a decision segment in the chance that neither character knocks the other out within the time frame of the match? I have a arbitrary method in my design doc to decide who wins a round for the case of the judge's decision at the end of the match which is whomever caused the most knockdowns would win and in the case of a tie whoever did the most damage within the round would then win that round.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to take the time to reply to this inquiry.
Re: Boxing game in Mugen
#2  February 10, 2018, 01:29:16 PM
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Since this is intended to be a full game and not compatible with other existing mugen characters, the majority of the stuff in your wish list could be done, even if it involves heavy knowledge of the engine and advanced coding.

- Lifebars: The lifebars will have to be coded within the characters as helpers, so you could track and manage this dual state behavior. The original lifebars from mugen won't be used at all, other than just telling the engine if the character is alive or not.

- Timer: you can literally stop the timer via code and manage the whole duration of the match to your needs. However, it is not possible to alter the number of mugen rounds. You can only specify the amount of rounds you need to win, for example 8, but that means players could win 7 rounds each, and then go to round 15 to decide the winner. Obviously, this is not what you want for a boxing game.
The best workaround would be to set the game as a single round win, and then via internal code of the characters, simulate the internal 60 seconds boxing rounds with the 10 seconds break. For the judges' decision, this will have to be managed via variables that will track whatever values you want to track (for example attack hit rate/miss, overall damage, etc...)

As I said, it is doable, but it also requires a lot of advanced coding and working around the engine limitations. If you don't have much experience with the mugen engine and coding, maybe it would be best for you to simply learn another engine (such as Unreal) which would not have mugen's many limitations.
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