B-kun's ClayFighter Project: Intros and Endings (Read 548 times)

Started by Basara Starkiller, April 27, 2022, 06:16:32 PM
B-kun's ClayFighter Project: Intros and Endings
#1  April 27, 2022, 06:16:32 PM
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As you many may know, I'm not just with my ClayFighter characters for MUGEN, I'm also with a more ambitious project: a complete fullgame of this, but all of this is just planning by now, I don't have any concrete to make it public more than the characters, which in part was the reason why my Anti-Gouki Project went to (eternal) hiatus, since I still don't know how to make more than characters and stages.

So, making some stuff for this, I was planning intros and endings for my chars for this fullgame, I got some ideas for screenpack (a combination of CF2 and 63 1/3) and I got the 63 1/3 lifebars (which I've to convert or remake them in 1.0), but about storyboards, just yesterday I made this:

This is the planned version for Bad Mr. Frosty intro, the ending should be similar. For those ones who find it familiar, is because I was based on this:

I like the format of MK storyboards in general and I just use this one adapted to ClayFighter style, with the frames and background from CF2 and the fonts from 63 1/3. Tried to do this before, but it was too much copycat:

(MUGEN screenshot, that's why it looks cropped)

So I tried to make it more CF and less MK, but the idea is the same between the old one and the new ones, The reason why it was posted here is because I'll make the art of those images for all the images in MK style, like this one with Frosty going for Bungle Jungle (Nanaman's stage from CF2) going for Sumo Santa's head. Here's the original image:

I'm not new on this, I made similar editions for one of my past websites so it won't be hard to make for all my chars and the ones planned for the fullgame (30 in total), maybe I release some of them for the public if I know how to manage this, but the artworks probably will be posted here. I hope you like this, I'm putting a lot of effort to make this a proper fullgame and not repeat the same mistakes I made with AGP (and if I managed good enough, maybe revive that project in a future)
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Re: B-kun's ClayFighter Project: Intros and Endings
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I love it and it's in character with Bad Mr frosty for the intro., I hope the outro gets improved since well the MK stuff is out of place.