Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers (Fangame) (Read 2582 times)

Started by jazzpear94, October 05, 2020, 09:05:01 AM
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Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers (Fangame)
#1  October 05, 2020, 09:05:01 AM
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So guys, I wanna announce that I am now in development of a fanmade VS game!
The game itself COULD potentially be considered a MUGEN type concept without the actual MUGEN engine being used as a software.

The game will feature pretty much all the characters from street fighter and darkstalkers that I can possibly muster!
SF vs DS has been a game I've wanted to see happen for a long time now and not just in MUGEN but in a full developed game using another engine!

Welp since I finally am back into my old MUGEN playing self, and I recently learned Unity3D... I thought hey the heck with it my first game will be a fangame that I've wanted to see for years now. Anyhow here is a simple screenshot of ryu's development that has finally begun! His sprites are HD made using his CVS sprites plus a AI upscaler called ESRGAN. Which is not your typical emulator filter AT ALL! Quite the contrary. It legit is a AI super-resolution tool with models for legit almost any kind of image including pixel art! the model I'm using takes character sprites and legit makes the look nearly hand drawn! The process of editing the sprites takes maybe a day per character for me on my new PC! But developing the game itself will take a while. Anyhow enough of my nerd rant, lets take a breif summary of my initial roster goals shall we:

SF Side:

DS Side:
Bulleta/BB Hood

Let me know what you think of this fan game I'm now working on full throttle!
Would you play it if it comes out well? What more would you like to know about it?
Re: Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers (Fangame)
#2  October 05, 2020, 04:25:48 PM
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Well, we would have to see anything from it first.