MUGEN Match (POTS Style Compilation) - Version 9 Release! (Read 2336 times)

Started by 【MFG】gui0007, December 30, 2020, 04:24:30 AM
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MUGEN Match (POTS Style Compilation) - Version 9 Release!
#1  December 30, 2020, 04:24:30 AM
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Probably some of you know about my POTS Style compilation with the Mugen Match 2.1 screenpack by Shiyo Kakuge.
This is the Version 9 of it. Hope you all enjoy the game. ;)

Of course, all credits to these fellas!
- Jmorphman, PotS, RagingRowen, varo_hades, ReddBrink, KojiroBADNESS, Sennou-Room
- Charles_2011, Shiyo Kakuge, kenmasters2812, Falcon_Rapper, DivineWolf, Infinite, ShinSmoke
- Chazzanova, BahamianKing, Rhythmness, Testament, Buckus, Warusaki3, Mazemerald
- Beterhans, Jesuszilla, Nexus Games, Knuckles8864, KarmaCharmeleon, Davismaximus
- RageNeko, SirHyperClaw, RTrindade, Trololo, DJMouF, Prime SC, RACE AKIRA, Dampir
- Skeletor EX, Froz, DeathScythe, KoldSkool, BurningSoul, LESSARD, Akito, Chuchoryu
- Gus Saint, Agh07, Rajaa, Cruz, Jadeeye, NDSilva, Koopa901, Flowrellik, YugaCurry, Fausto
- 0megaturb0, Kirishima, AVPBoy, Devon, WizzyWhipitWonderful, KOFHERO77, MPC
Re: MUGEN Match (POTS Style Compilation) - Version 9 Release!
#2  December 30, 2020, 04:29:45 AM
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Re: MUGEN Match (POTS Style Compilation) - Version 9 Release!
New #3  January 01, 2021, 04:22:12 AM
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It's a pretty cool game so far, but I have a few suggestions;

* Some of the hidden characters seem out of place or even poorly drawn compared to the main roster. It feels weird being able to meet them in the arcade mode, with 3D, oldschool, and HD characters barely converted into CVS style with little effort fighting against characters who have had more effort put into making them fit into the style, and from there seeing a stiffly-animated TJ Combo and a Jago sprite with plenty of awkward jaggies. At the very least, I feel like these out-of-place characters should have "order=0", to make them more hidden and less jarring to see in action until/unless they get redrawn.
* Be sure to keep your eye out for updates on these characters! Maybe try balancing them a little bit?
* Training is misspelled "Taining".
* Rayne doesn't seem to have a standing medium punch. The Bleach characters also seem to have limited movesets.
* The game crashed when I selected Shermie in arcade and fought Guile. There wasn't anything weird in the mugen log, either.
Otherwise, what we have here is a solid game.
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