Hyper Street Fighter Zero Character Creations (Read 3483 times)

Started by pating, December 22, 2020, 05:29:53 PM
Hyper Street Fighter Zero Character Creations
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Good day :)

I don't have the full idea of how to make MUGEN character but there is something in my head that wanted to really have the Hyper Street Fighter Zero in MUGEN with the following mechanics that was similar to the Street Fighter Zero: Fighters' Generation also known as Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.

I heard that N-Mario already have the template of Hyper Street Fighter Zero but when I check upon it, it lacks the guard power gauge which is essential in the game's uniqueness.

What I initially in mind to have a complete game mechanics such as the following...

ISM Gauges -> players can select Z-ism, V-ism, X-ism with these 3 players can select either Normal mode, Mazi mode and Saikyou mode. Classic mode technically by default X-ism without ISM Gauge and Guard Power Gauge.
S-ISM Gauges -> aside from the 3 ISM Gauges players can also choose from the 3 S-ISM that was feature in Street Fighter Zero: Fighters' Generation.
One of the S-ism doesn't have a gauge and only Street Fighter II': Championship Edition characters can access this mode. This one can be optional or be included for certain SF characters.
Guard Power Gauge -> visible just like in the SFZ3 and it also connected and decrease when using Zero Counter (only in Z-ism and V-ism) and when guard crushed. Guard gauges are different depends on the ISM gauge or S-ism gauge that is selected except on Classic mode which can guard anything infinitely without of worrying of being guard crush yet still vulnerable from cheap damages done by special and super moves.
Counter Hit -> Playing Street Fighter Zero 3 will know about this.
Breakfalls -> front, neutral, back and ground (only for Z-ism and V-ism).
Throw Escape -> also known features in every Street Fighter.
Timing Guard -> Zero 3 version of Just Defend on Garou: Mark of the Wolves but doesn't increase life bar, instead it does less guard power damage on the guard power gauge and it can be seen in effect when the character portrait flash a bit blue.
Damage Reduce -> can be done by pressing any directional button before getting hit to reduce that damage in-take of certain attack. When done correctly the character portrait flash a bit red.

In addition to this if I can create a MUGEN character of Hyper Street Fighter Zero, I might have included the following...

+Life Gauge or Vitality Gauge -> visible with the guard gauge
+Stun Gauge -> a visible stun gauge is good
+Additional sprites and some adjustment for some characters like when Ryu in Red Shadaloo-ism can do Joudan Sokutou Geri and SFV's Denjin Hadou Ken instead of the Shinkuu Hadou Ken. Red Shadaloo-ism Gouki can do Messatsu Gou Rasen and Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (SFIII:3S), Tenshou Kaireki Jin (SSFIV). Red Shadaloo-ism Chun-li can do Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku. Red Shadaloo-ism Ken can do his unique CVS2 moves which are the Geri moves and Ryusen Kyaku.

++I guess having a variable (tag) mode (2 on 2) that has a fixed super combo gauge (I guess the Red Shadaloo-ism) is good enough for a deal where all characters by default is set on the Red Shadaloo-ism and having a best match such as Ryu and Ken can do a unique Lv3 Variable combination such as Double Shinkuu Hadou-ken or Juli and Juni can do the Death Cross Dance. Unlike the SFZ3DU where the tag command is trigger by pressing MP+LK, it is better to do it like MSHvSF way so that MP+MK can be use by Juli and Juni to perform the Psycho Charge Gamma.

Having completed all 38 characters of SFZ3DU into HSFZ. It was a good time to include characters such as Sennou Ken (Violent Ken), Shadow and Shadow Lady, Mech-Zangief (with tone-down moves that matches the Zero series), inclusion of SNK characters from CVS2 (or Warusaki3's CVS characters and Kabao's Yoko) in HSFZ mechanics I believe will be a phenomenal in MUGEN history if this comes into fruition.

I know it sounds a huge thing to ask but if I can manage to create a MUGEN character that can match the popularity of Warusaki3's CVS characters I believe that doing HSFZ characters with certain added bonus features like the stun gauge will definitely be a hit in the MUGEN community.

This is all just my thoughts about HSFZ. I am not into forcing anyone to do it but I just wanna to share my thoughts about it and it been a long while since I played MUGEN. After Warusaki3 left the community I am also one of the many people that was being inactive in playing and supporting MUGEN. Still there's a part of me that still wanted MUGEN community to be as popular as those time when Warusaki3 was still around making MUGEN characters.

I hope this post didn't offend anyone here in the community. I don't have any gifts in creating a MUGEN character but all I can do is encourage or do some suggestions.

Have a great day guys and thank you :)
Re: Hyper Street Fighter Zero Character Creations
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I heard that N-Mario already have the template of Hyper Street Fighter Zero but when I check upon it, it lacks the guard power gauge which is essential in the game's uniqueness.

In addition to a proper V-ISM mode.

Street Fighter Zero 3 V-ISM is the last remaining major open problem in MUGEN. It requires a handful of very sophisticated techniques and tricks to work.

Producing one proper template character would take roughly the same amount of effort as making 20 improper ones using this template. These are most likely the hardest characters to make right now. Perfect for a younger generation.  :)
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