UMVC3 Morrigan Version 1.5 (Read 1555 times)

Started by JJkoolaid, March 06, 2021, 09:17:23 AM
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UMVC3 Morrigan Version 1.5
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Morrigan Has a new update! She is more deadlier than ever. She has the new specials that include Harmonizing Spear,Air Vector Drain, Air Taunts, and Ai! She has special intro with Subzero that is coming out soon! This also includes a new patch update and fixes.

Version 1.5 Download Here

This is my all characters previously released thread if you like characters like this:

Update log:
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Re: UMVC3 Morrigan Version 1.5
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Everytime I see UMVC3, KOF XII, SVC or whatever, I always thought it's a character in that sprite style but no, it's just gameplay.