[Request, sort of] Voice Actor Search - Details Inside (Read 596 times)

Started by Sean Altly, April 04, 2010, 08:58:01 PM
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[Request, sort of] Voice Actor Search - Details Inside
#1  April 04, 2010, 08:58:01 PM
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I am currently looking for voice actors for the following characters for the full-game SHADEs of Manhattan 2:

-The Specialist
-Exile (No portrait yet, but here's an animated gif of his in-game sprites):

Check out our child board in the Projects section for more details on the game.

If Shock Dingo hasn't given up on my hopeless procrastination, he will be the voice of Kane Kelly. I just keep putting off actually writing a script for the character because all I can think of for him to say sounds like generic villain type stuff. Anyway, this topic is for general voice acting discussion. Any suggestions for lines for the above characters? If you'd like to audition to be the voice of one of these characters, send me a PM, or send the sound files to

As for the characters listed above, if you would like to try to audition for them, here are some sample lines to try out, along with a description of what kind of voice I'm looking for:

-Sabotage: The main protagonist of SHADEs of Manhattan, so his voice is very important. I'm looking for a good, strong male voice, but nothing too low or high-pitched. His lines should exude confidence but not cockyness. In short, a standard male hero-type.

Sample lines:
"Seismic Hammer!" - The name of one of his Super moves. Should be a sort of shout, standard fighting-game "calling out the name of my move" type stuff.
"Are you ready?" Special intro with Snow, who responds "You know me too well, old friend."
"Your arrogance comes from our father." - Special intro with Maddigan, in response to Moses saying "Your weaknesses come from your mother." This should be angry but not a yell or shout.
"You're caught in the crossfire!" - Calmly stated after he connects with the first hit of his DM, All Apologies.
-Various attack sounds, grunts, and what not. As many variations as possible.

-Wyldestar: A young party girl who has an animalistic fighting style. She should sound cute, and young. Her voice acting has been criticized the most out of my characters, those criticisms ranging from "poor" to "god awful." I would like to rectify this, but female voice actors are hard to come by on the internet. Don't get me started on how hard it was to get a reliable actress for Fray. Most of my own female friends either are too nervous or silly to take it seriously, or don't want to voice a character that isn't based on them (most of my SHADEs characters are based on real-life friends and family).

Sample lines:
"Star Shine!" - The name of her QCF+P special. You know the drill with move names.
"Groove on this! - She says this before doing her DM, a shower of comet-like projectiles.
"Let's get wild!" - An intro quote for her. This is open to interpretation and ad-libbing, because the character is hard to write for.
"Hell yeah!" - What she says in one of her win poses. A triumphant exclamation.
-Various attack sounds, grunts, and what not. As many variations as possible.

-The Specialist: A hired gun with the power of invisibility. He has been hired on full-time as the new leader of The Collection Agency after Zenith quits and sides with the other SHADEs. Silent in SHADEs 1, I think he could use a few lines in SHADEs 2.

Sample lines:
"I'm finished here." - Spoken during his win pose. Should be monotone, and deep. He is a man of few and short words after all.
"I'll get the job done right." - Special intro with Zenith.
-Various attack sounds, grunts, and what not. As many variations as possible.

-Exile: A new character in SHADEs 2, a lonely man who, like Thirteen, was cursed by his abilities. He is constantly slowly draining the life force of all those around him. He isn't evil, so of course he stays as far away from people as possible. He fights alongside Maddicorp because they've promised to cure him when his job is done. Maddigan is immune to Exile's powers, but the others who are forced to be around him are given medicine that makes them resistant to it. He should have a slight middle-eastern accent, since the character is of that descent. I am flexible on that though, just talk to me about it.

Sample lines:
"Forgive me." - Said during his win pose. Should sound remorseful.
"Whiplash!" - Special move name.
"Do not resist!" - Said during his life-drain super move.
"Please, come peacefully. I beg you." - A plea to his opponent during his intro.
-Various attack sounds, grunts, and what not. As many variations as possible.

I hope I get a good response to this, and pending Iced's approval, I may post this in the Shared Sounds section as well, in the form of a sound request. Respond here, or in PMs, it's all good. Please let me know if you plan to send an audition or samples, so that I can keep an eye out for it. Thanks to any who wish to help, and who wish to be a part of SHADEs of Manhattan 2!

All my stuff is open source, you never need permission to use anything I make. Just have fun!
Re: [Request, sort of] Voice Actor Search - Details Inside
#2  April 17, 2010, 12:55:33 AM
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Well...maybe Rina Chan could do a few voices for you...she's lookin to do some mugen projects regarding voice acting...she's here on the guild too...
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Re: [Request, sort of] Voice Actor Search - Details Inside
#3  April 30, 2010, 11:59:46 PM
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