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Summary & Info
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This game is an edited version of ShinZankuro's Vs. Style Debuts: Revolutions of Heroes screenpack. What drove me to start making this screenpack into a full game project is his creations in said style. Using what I had learned and utilized from my MvC2 project, I figured this project was easier to deal with in terms of coding since it is very friendly and doesn't use as much vars. Also, I loved the Vs. Style because it's like MvC except the game is NOT limited to just Marvel and Capcom but anyone who has the potential to become a fighter in the Vs. Style. Thus, the project was born. I started working on this alone a few years back and recently a couple of months ago, people had been interested in helping me out with this project and despite being terrible at making templates and stuff, we spoke via Discord and from there, I taught them the code and everything and in just a few weeks they got it downpacked and since v3.0.0's release, I made an official announcement in that thread that TMC55, YourImagination, 087-B, SpiderYouth13 and I are officially a team and we have also testers who help spot any bugs or glitches prior to future release that we'll iron out. Thanks for taking a moment of the time to read this.

What this game has
- A diverse roster consisting of fighters from many universes and series, such as Street Fighter, X-Men, Rival Schools, Pokemon, Digimon, Star Fox, King of Fighters and even more within the game's future. This game also features OCs like Tsunamidusher and Akito.
- A 2v2 Tag Team system with assists and team attacks. There are also assists types determined by fighter's alt choice. (Alpha, Beta and Gamma)
- Rather than utilizing hyper portraits, this game uses an RPG-style-esque message on the top of the screen, showing what Hyper move the fighter's about to unleash. Hypers in blue are Lv 1 while red are Lv 3. Team Attack names are not shown.
- A majority of stages. Over 160+ stages from various authors, all super jump friendly and most stages have music that'll loop endlessly like in actual fighting games.

Is this game open-source?
The answer is YES. This game is completely open-source, meaning all fighters and stages can be taken from here and be put in regular MUGEN. However, due to materials used in this game, all fighters won't operate properly since the materials are found within the game's default fightfx.air file. You MUST make heavy edits to your MUGEN and the fighter yourself if you wish to use them in regular MUGEN.
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